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Cooper Daniels
Price $1500 1h
Age 23
Location Sydney
Nationality Australian
Hair Color Light Blond
Eyes Color Light Blue
Height 5.8ft(173cm)
Cup Size D
Bust Enhanced
Weight 52kg
Dress size 8

About Cooper Daniels

This warm, beautiful, sensuous angel is a smart, gracious and affectionate companion. As a popular fashion model and frequently featured in high end men's magazines, Cooper's beauty is calming and ethereal. Her softly spoken words and warm sensitivity will ensure your time together is thoroughly tender and restorative.

A sensitive lover brings out the best in her, and she is extremely erotic with her entertainment. Always maintaining her exceptionally fit and busty physique, Cooper is drop dead delicious! Fluctuating from brunette to honey-blonde to brunette again throughout the year, you will never be bored with Cooper! Please ask our co-ordinators what her current look is if hair colour is important for you.

Model's Services

Extremely Naughty
Bisexual Yes

Model's Rates

  • 1 hours: $1500
  • 2 hours: $2900
  • 3 hours: $4300
  • 4 hours: $5100
  • 6 hours: $6000
  • 12 hours/ overnight: $8800
  • 24 hours/ full day: $11,500
  • 48 hours/ weekend: $19,800
  • 4 days/ &farc12; week: $25,000
  • 7 days/ full week: $29,000
  • 14 days/ 2 weeks: $39,000
  • 1 month: $78,000
Please contact our senior co-ordinator to discuss longer term appointments.

Payment Options

Visa Card
Master Card
American Express
Diners Club


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Model Reviews

Anton 03.2017

I've been a regular client of the Mona Lisa agency for about 6 years, and in the time that I've been calling them I've experienced ups and downs, but mostly ups. The downs would be when one of the girls calls in sick, which I guess the agency can't control, but they have always done their best to make it up to me, and I've met the other girl another time. I've always found the receptionists to be quite competent, honest and friendly. The models I've always found to be exceptional. Sometimes the girls (or 'models', as they call them) are way above others I've met, other times they are not necessarily better than anywhere else in how they look. The difference I've found here is that I never come across one of those girls who is out partying a lot or who has a casual personality like they don't care. They are all really nice good girls, friendly and interested in me, and they seem to be really happy with their work, not doing it to pay something. Like I never felt like they were watching the time, or like they were uncomfortable, they all seem to be well spoken, clean, great looking, smart, the whole nine yards. I sent back one girl once who was new and I didn't feel like she was really into it, I dont think she lasted there. And another one I sent back once because I just found her a little too shy and quiet, and I like someone I can click with mentally, who's confident. Incidentally I met the girl Cooper mentioned by someone else here, and while she was admittedly a bit more relaxed than some of the other girls I'd met, but she was still elegant and quite intelligent. I just think she was a more down to earth nature, but she was beautifully dressed in a posh suit and what she lacked in "social polish", she made up for in enthusiasm so I couldn't help but like and appreciate her. Thats a lot of girls in 6 years and I feel like I'm qualified to review them objectively as one of the best overall agencies in Sydney, if you're like me and you need more than just a pretty face. They seem to pick their staff pretty well.

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