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Adriana Hilton
Price $1200 1h
Age 21
Nationality Australian :: European
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eyes Color Hazel
Skin Tone Deep Tan
Height 5.7ft(170cm)
Cup Size C
Weight 53kg
Dress size 6
Services Extremely Naughty

About Adriana Hilton

Motivation and Education

I enjoy working with Mona Lisa Models because I love connecting with people on a deeper, more sensual level but I also have a very friendly and flirtatious personality so it suits me perfectly. I am very motivated by aspects of my life that I am passionate about, this is the same attitude in which I approach how I interact with my gentlemen. I am always interested, compassionate and excited to meet men that encompass the qualities of a true gentleman.

I consider myself to be quite intellectual, although I come across very cheeky and naughty a lot of the time. I have had a few little side qualifications, such as Poker Dealing, tutoring school kids and instructing Yoga classes. I am currently in the middle of a double degree in a Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery, it can be intense at times but I love continuously growing and learning.

I always carry a positive, enthusiastic attitude to all I do. I always like to present myself as a sophisticated, elegant and well-educated woman but I consider myself to be very down to earth and fun at heart. I enjoy learning about different cultures and languages through travel and experience. I am open-minded, non-judgmental and easy to talk to. I have a natural zest and love for life in general – specifically enjoying the opportunity to have meaningful, passionate and pleasurable sexual experiences.

Hobbies and Free time

In my free time I love travelling, listening to music, meeting new people and having lovely dinners with a drink or two. I characteristically possess traits that are adventurous and curious, I am always eager to try new things and visit new places. I like to think I have nice sense of humor and enjoy having a diverse range of interesting conversations with some company; whether it is a group of friends or that one special person. I have a passion for health, fitness and spiritual well-being. Enjoy watching and playing most sports but specifically athletics as I am a long distance runner and I love Yoga as I regularly teach classes at the park on weekends.

Dancing is another love of mine, I have had years of experience in both contemporary dance and exotic style dancing. All the regular and diverse range exercise keeps my body looking sexy, toned and as a bonus – very flexible! My seemingly normal hobbies such as love for outdoor activities provides a nice contrast to the side to my personality that has a lustrous desire for luxurious experiences usually entailing a deeply sensual experiences with gentlemen of equally high-class and respectable attitude.

Services and Satisfaction

Possessing an irrepressible cheeky nature, I have a very naughty side concealed beneath the respectable, elegant and sophisticated woman I always present myself as. This gives me a slight mysteriousness that is not concerning but more enticing and adds a sense of excitement to each intimate experience. I am incredibly passionate about what I do and I will always give myself with all I have to offer with complete attention and effort. I am a woman that holds herself with humility, self-assurance and confidence making connection/conversation with clients easy, comfortable and honest.

My easy-going and genuine personality enables a space that respects mutual boundaries but is also open for suggestions. My extremely charming and flirtatious nature and sense of humor will create an atmosphere of both a sensual and pampering experience with a flexible sexual intensity dependent on the desire of the client. As I have provided a range of services such as girl-friend experiences, fantasy roll-plays, threesomes and of course pure high-class sexual intimacy,  I strive to keep each appointment as unique, particular and fitting to the specific person as possible to make it a more memorable, satisfactory and enjoyable experience catering to one’s own desires.

Model's Services

Extremely Naughty
Bisexual Yes

Model's Rates

  • 1 hours: $1200
  • 2 hours: $2300
  • 3 hours: $3400
  • 4 hours: $4200
  • 6 hours: $5500
  • 12 hours/ overnight: $7500
  • 24 hours/ full day: $9000
  • 48 hours/ weekend: $17,500
  • 4 days/ &farc12; week: $23,000
  • 7 days/ full week: $27,000
  • 14 days/ 2 weeks: $37,000
  • 1 month: $74,000
Please contact our senior co-ordinator to discuss longer term appointments.

Payment Options

Visa Card
Master Card
American Express
Diners Club


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