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About Annabelle and The High Class Eacort

The elegant Annabelle, now age 25, is as beautiful as ever. Standing at 5’7 with a C-cup bust, she definitely rocks a body that is made for modeling. At the runways, Annabelle dazzles everyone with her feminine blue eyes that seems to brighten up the world. It’s not hard to fall in love with Annabelle’s beauty and elegance which made her one of the most prominent high class escors in the country. She has a thick, straight, long chestnut brown hair that elegantly falls down past her shoulders which surrounds her beautiful face perfectly. 

Annabelle’s olive skin brings out her smooth, clear complexion which also highlights her cheekbones. She also has a set of beautiful chestnut brown eyebrows which are slightly arched. It’s quite easy to tell Annabelle’s emotions if you just look closely at her eyebrows which moves up and down as she reacts to the world around her.  

Annabelle is a sophisticated but poised girl. She has an oozing self-confidence which allowed her to become a successful high class companion. Being an elite Mona Lisa model is not easy but Annabelle loves it. Everyone around Annabelle is easily drawn to her thanks to her fun and warm personality. And, she loves them too!


Annabelle - Motivation and Education of the High Class Escort

What everyone loves the most about Annabelle though is probably her passion and dedication that she shows to something that’s important to her. Once she likes something, she will be all in on it. This is probably why Annabelle has gone up from being a simple commercial model into one of the most prominent high-class models in the country. She loves modeling very much, from which she owes her success today.

But Annabelle has also discovered a life outside of her modeling career as well. She has gotten herself into a number of business ventures. She is also an active philanthropist and is a member of numerous charitable causes that promote the welfare of the people living in third-world countries.  

Annabelle currently holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and is now looking to pursue her Ph.D. in the near future. It’s quite amazing how Annabelle was able to become a successful high class escort while trying to finish her degree. That goes to show how Annabelle can be passionate and dedicated to something that is of big importance to her.


Hobbies and Free Time of a High Class Companion

Annabelle always wants to have fun. She’s always keen on doing something that she has never done before. She loves to travel and is very adventurous. She also happens to love cooking! If there is something that Annabelle likes to do in her free time the most, that would be cooking different cuisines, especially Italian cuisine and some Eastern European dishes! 

Annabelle is extremely talented. She can sing, dance, and speaks 5 languages! She recently branched out into acting and spends a couple of her hours every week on an acting workshop with hopes of getting known as an actress as well.

Even though she is usually the life of the party thanks to her wittiness and fun personality, she also cares deeply for the people around her. She always knows if you have a problem. Once she notices that there’s something wrong, she will immediately turn her attention to you and try to help as much as she can. 

She cares for everyone around her so deeply that it can be really hard to decline her help. And, that’s what makes Annabelle so lovable. Aside from being incredibly beautiful, she has the unique ability to make you laugh and let you know that there is always hope. It’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to her not just because of her beauty but because of her wonderful and loving personality.

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Model's Services

  • Elite Dating Experience
  • VIP Business Meetings
  • GFE (Girlfriend Experience)
  • Social Dinner Companion
  • High Class Overnight Stays
  • Intimate Ski Vacations
  • Exotic Sunshine Getaways
  • Affectionate Travel Experience
  • Passionate Yacht Sailing Nights
  • Exotic Dancing & Satisfaction
  • Genuine Double Experience
  • Elite Couples Experience

Model's Rates

For privacy reasons and exclusivity Annabelle does not disclose her rates publicly.

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Model's Reviews

December 26, 2020

by Fred

I have never enjoyed myself as thoroughly as I did the other evening when I called Mona Lisa models to make my otherwise dreary evening more interesting. Annabelle arrived and was so fabulous that I was shaking after our session. Lots of fun and a very hot girlfriend experience.

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December 12, 2020

by Harper

I called Mona Lisa Models the other night and made an appointment to meet with Anna. The evening could not have gone better. Everything was well organised by a discreet and professional agency. Thank you

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March 9, 2020

by Mark

Hot as they come. Naughty and very playful. A perfect playmate after a busy week. Really knows how to make a man relax.

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