Apprentices to Courtesanship

Learn how to be a courtesan with an elite apprenticeship

elite-sydney-apprenticeshipsA high class Sydney Courtesan escort, or what we sometimes refer to as a high class courtesan or elite companion, is not something that is created overnight; an elite courtesan is trained up to an acceptable level of talent in many different areas, then invests in herself, continually improving herself along the way to add to her quality. Her talent is practiced and honed, her mind and body are polished and continually maintained/ improved. She is always learning, always progressing, always developing.

As such, all new Sydney models and Melbourne companions are started in an 'apprenticeship', an un-official assessment period that can range from 3 months to a year, depending on how much improvement or tutoring she needs to reach our set standards of minimum suitability. Some new 'apprentices' are available for their first two bookings, to learn from and assist a fully fledged courtesan escort to spoil you. You get to enjoy an extra model's company for a very low fee, and the new courtesan model is able to watch a geisha-escort in action, learning from her. In this instance, the new model is assisting only, not available for full service.

Some model escorts quickly understand and already possess the poise, class and talent, we simply assist them in expressing it. Others need more work on their image, articulation, etiquette or technique, and may take a little longer to be promoted. Some courtesan escorts will be promoted over the years to some of the top levels, others will never go past entry level or 'apprentice' stage. This usually has little to do with her looks, as all the elite models are attractive or beautiful to be accepted here. It usually has more to do with the abovementioned areas.

Whilst we do tutor our models in service, we do NOT tutor them in personality; they are encouraged to be themselves, at their very best. We provide support and encouragement to bring out their natural warmth and passion, coupled with talented, superb entertainment - our service is NOT a mechanical, cold or over-structured one, as verified by our enormous return clientele whom continually praise and compliment our efforts.

Whilst we do demand a high standard from our models, expecting them to represent the company as we represent them, we understand we are dealing with human beings, beautifully imperfect and flawed, so we do not offer robots who all provide exactly the same services or personality. As such, our consultation with you is important to ensure the most suitable model is arranged for you, and the most appropriate clientele matched with the models. This way, we ensure a mutually enjoyable time for both you and your chosen model, since there are two individuals contributing to this equation! Well-taken-care-of models will always be happier, providing a higher quality of companionship. A well-taken-care-of-clientele will always behave at their optimum level of consideration; result: sensational, mutually enjoyable experiences.

We find it laughable to hear of some providers promising "high class" service and "courtesans", when they have no training, no interest, and often are sent from a company that rarely (if ever) sees them to monitor their presentation, attire, attitude, poise, mood, articulation, equipment, etc etc.. At Mona Lisa Models™, you are guaranteed a quality experience with a quality courtesan model, who has been tutored in the art of intimate entertainment service as a geisha-escort model. Even if she is still at the entry level, or still working on achieving her potential, she is working hard to be the best she can, rather than working on how much she can get from you... One of the differences between a geisha-escort (or one striving to become one) and an escort. (Click here for more information on what separates a courtesan from an escort.)


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