Bisexual Escorts for Couples Will Treat You to An Erotic Couple Experience


A warm encounter to create lasting memories - that’s what our bisexual escorts for couples are bound to offer to take your erotic experience to new heights. Here at Mona Lisa Models, we pride ourselves with models who are genuinely bisexual who are aptly skilled to provide private entertainment to couples who are seeking a nurturing, safe and welcoming ambience free from judgment so they can indulge in a luxurious relaxation and pampering the way they wanted and very much deserve. We guarantee our clients who are couples or doubles that we only send out models who are truly bisexual and skilled in entertaining couples.

A truly erotic encounter cannot be achieved if the model you reserved with us does not possess the affection, warmth, passion and skill that are all imperative to make it possible. There won’t be a sensual experience as well if she is not able to pull off an inviting seduction early on in the engagement.

That being said, we carefully screen our bisexual models to make sure they are genuinely interested in entertaining couples. This is to assure our clients that the models they book are only the most skilled and have the most relevant experience to fulfill the special needs of couples or threesome clients, who can either take control of the encounter or allow you to set the pace at your liking. These models will see to it that your needs are met, and they will be all ears and give you full attention as her goal is to make the both of you feel special and pampered. When you speak to our coordinator during consultation, we encourage you to be as specific as you can, so we can recommend the finest model who can address your needs and who will be most suitable according to your preferences. They are accommodating and friendly so feel free to raise any concerns you may have regarding reservations and available services and fees. You can also check out our website for all services and packages we have available for couple clients, as most of the information will also be displayed there.


Passionate and Sensual Service Guaranteed by our Bisexual Escorts for Couples


Bisexual Escorts for CouplesWe take it that it is clear to our clients that the type of service our bisexual escorts for couples provide is far from being similar to a “porn party”, rather, we offer a sincere, affectionate, and sensual healing experience. Please do not treat our models as blown-up doll structures or sex slaves whom you can simply make use of as you wish to be pleasured. An indecent or rough kind of treatment will not create an atmosphere that is conducive to romance and eroticism. You may actually risk having the model terminate the appointment if she doesn’t feel the same respect that she gives her clients. Please keep in mind that she has the right to walk out if she feels mistreated in any way. Needless to say, we also request our clients to maintain a clean personal hygiene, as there have been some occasions when our model felt uncomfortable trying to entertain a female client who has not groomed herself in the proper areas. We would appreciate if our clients can consider this carefully especially if they want to share their body with our models, or other people in general.

Moreover, we do not tolerate use of illicit drugs and other prohibited substances and clients who expect our models to be the party-girl type. That’s not what we offer, unlike what other traditional agencies may have available. Please refrain from these actions as the model will not hesitate to report to the authorities if she makes sight of any drugs present in the actual engagement. We are stern in protecting our models from any involvement in such unfavorable conditions. If these substances are necessary for you to make the experience more extraordinary, then please reserve a model elsewhere.


A Leisurely and Mutually Delightful Rendezvous for Couples Seeking Bisexual Escorts


Unlike by-the-hour agencies who would normally offer short-term services, we believe in a more relaxed approach as we want our clients to relish an exquisite experience. Thus, we have set the minimum booking time to two hours as it would be impossible to deliver a sensually satisfying experience to two individuals in just an hour. We don’t want to rush things as our goal is positive customer satisfaction in every engagement. You may want to ease things up a bit through a casual conversation in the first few minutes over some drinks to establish a connection initially. Let our model know how you want the encounter to turn out and how she can best entertain you and your partner. Tell her to the point whom you want it focused more on, whether the female client is open to exploring new things, or is the male interested more on observing the model please the female partner, or if you want to be both entertained. Moreover, let the model know if there are specific areas you want or do not want to be touched, among other details. These will help her anticipate her actions while making sure she puts your requests in mind and also indulging herself in the experience. Our models specialize in entertaining elite couples and will be more than happy to spend adequate time to assess your needs to assure you that our services can be mutually enjoyable to returning clients or new ones who want to explore a different experience. She will utilize your initial conversation with her to set the mood with sensual flirting and seduction, so you can feel connected with her mentally, emotionally and later on physically during the actual engagement. You may raise suggestions, so she knows exactly how to indulge your senses. A warm bubble bath could be a treat she may do for the female client, while you observe at first, or perhaps she can perform a private show or treat you both to a soothing and calming massage.


Couples Can Look Forward to a Relaxing and Romantic Experience


Indeed, the options to make the encounter extraordinary are endless. The model will ensure that both of you will be treated to an unhurried, fulfilling pleasure and healing experience, which can only be attained by not rushing things, but rather taking it slow and sensually appealing. We believe that small details matter - from gentle touch, warm caresses, passionate kisses the way you deserve. Adequate time is of essence to build up the right anticipation and excitement and our models are experts in this field. They will not be in a hurry to provide you a satisfying and erotic pleasure as they understand it takes time.


An Extraordinary Encounter Awaits Special Couples


Kindly get in touch with our booking coordinators so they can assess your needs and assist in finding you your perfect model. Please allow an ample time to reserve as our special models who entertain couples may always not be available, especially on short notice. Kindly note as well that we set a 15% premium on all couple appointments for the presence of the additional gentleman or a lady, regardless if they are being entertained or not. We appreciate your kind consideration.

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