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Canberra Escorts add Sophistication to the Holidays

Celebrate Christmas and New Year with Elite Canberra Escorts

In December, Canberra lights up with the world’s largest artificial Christmas tree made of lights and with fireworks on New Year’s Eve, but your world can light up with the shining beauty of one of the Canberra escorts accompanying you as you enjoy the sights.

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Travel with your Elite Escort to the World Cup in Russia

International Elite French ModelFrom today as we say "The World is Football". Talking about the event, we are extremely thrilled to announce that the tournament will be taking place in the biggest stadium in Russia. The opening ceremony, several matches including the final, will take place in Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow. This humongous stadium houses 81,000 vacancies which make it the largest stadium in Russia. The opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup in Russia will be held on 14th June at 2 p.m. BST. The entire ceremony will be streamed live so you will not miss a thing. The performers who will be adorning the opening ceremony have not been revealed yet. However, there is an estimate of over 50 VIP performers who will be dazzling the opening ceremony. Nobody can forget when Shakira lit the stage with her “Waka Waka” or when Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez took the stage with their football anthem to honor Brazil. This year’s football anthem is much celebrated too. We’re sure that you and your elite model will never forget this extravagant experience.

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Tips for Becoming Attractive to Elite Sydney Escorts

Elite Mona Lisa ModelElite Sydney escorts are special women from head to toe with their stunning beauty, intellect, and alluring style. Once a high class escort agrees to date a gentleman, he may be a bit intimidated at first, worrying about how to make a good impression and whether she will find him attractive. Will she enjoy her time with him? Will she be attracted to him? Does she think he is attractive and a true gentleman? These are the kinds of questions that men ask themselves when they are going to spend time with a woman of great quality in every way. There are gentlemen the escort will desire to meet, and gentlemen she will avoid. Some gentlemen seem to always have beautiful women, including escorts, who are frequently vying for their attention. All men can learn from these fortunate gentlemen and use some of the same strategies.

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Make a Beautiful Woman Laugh

Share Laughter with a Beautiful Woman

Beautiful woman relaxing on a leather couch Are you dating a beautiful woman or planning on dating one? She can be a little intimidating at first without meaning to be so. Beautiful women naturally attract attention and comments, meaning the man escorting her on a date must have plenty of self-confidence. He must be able to get and hold her attention for himself, so the couple can spend their time together enjoying each other's company without negative emotions like jealousy getting in the way. Making her smile and laugh is the key because it creates a relaxed mood and lets her know you find her company delightful and entertaining.

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Successfully Becoming an Elite Escort

Model playing with her hairThere are a lot of myths about the elite escort that have developed over the years. Some people believe she is merely an expensively dressed woman who is willing to "rent" herself out by the hour. It is not true. There is a myth that elite escorts are not very intelligent or only call themselves elite so they can charge more. The truth is far from the myths. A true elite escort is a companion who has worked very hard to develop her personal strengths, beauty and style. She is a courtesan who brings interesting companionship to her dates with gentlemen of influence and distinction.



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Charlotte Taylor exclusive to Mona Lisa Models

Model sitting on the wet warm sandMona Lisa Models welcomes Charlotte Taylor, an elite, intelligent and sophisticated courtesan.Charlotte has a raven black hair and sparkling brown eyes. Her skin is naturally olive with a soft caramel hue. She has a very exotic appearance with beautiful features and lips that replicate Angelina Jolie. She has an hourglass size 10 figure which she maintains with Pilates and strength training. Her body proportions are immaculate with a size DD bust, a tight waist and a booty that stops traffic. Charlotte is in her mid-20’s and maintains her appearance by leading a clean and healthy lifestyle.  She is always impeccably presented from head to toe and her skin is flawless as she likes to present herself with the highest standard of personal grooming.

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