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Celia Laurentis
Price $1500 1h
Age 22
Nationality Australian
Hair Color Strawberry Blond
Eyes Color Hazel
Skin Tone Fair
Height 5.6ft(168cm)
Cup Size C
Weight 52kg
Dress size 8
Services Very Naughty

About Celia Laurentis

Celia is the quintessential girl next door, and has a pretty face that you just can't help falling in love with. This petite beauty is a delight to be around, and is always bubbling with excitement as she draws you in and gets you excited as well. Talk to her about anything, and Celia will not only prove to be a great listener, but will also offer invaluable insights on the topic.

She loves to flirt, and will forever be teasing you playfully as you squirm a little in the public. When you are on a date with Celia, you will not be able to contain yourself and wait till the dinner is over before you take this Sydney escort by the hands and make a run for your hotel room. Words really do not do justice, and it only only when you meet Celia, will you realise just how incredible she looks, and how enchanting her smile is.

Her astounding body is perfectly proportioned, and the feel of her skin against yours will be a memory that will last forever. She loves spontaneity and will appreciate you for all that you do for her. Make her happy, enjoy a nice dinner with her, and act like a perfect gentleman, and you will be well rewarded for it.

Model's Services

Very Naughty
Bisexual Yes

Model's Rates

  • 1 hours: $1500
  • 2 hours: $2900
  • 3 hours: $4300
  • 4 hours: $5100
  • 6 hours: $6000
  • 12 hours/ overnight: $8800
  • 24 hours/ full day: $11,500
  • 48 hours/ weekend: $19,800
  • 4 days/ &farc12; week: $25,000
  • 7 days/ full week: $29,000
  • 14 days/ 2 weeks: $39,000
  • 1 month: $78,000
Please contact our senior co-ordinator to discuss longer term appointments.

Payment Options

Visa Card
Master Card
American Express
Diners Club


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Model Reviews

Jonathan 03.2017

I called this company a couple of days ago while I was in Sydney for a seminar and wanted some company. I had to call the office girl twice to get her to call me back, maybe she was busy (I suppose that's not a bad sign), but I did feel like she forgot me. But once the courtesan arrived I kind of forgave the agency I can see why their so busy. I met Celia and she was really cute, amazing body and skin. She was really confident and friendly, and she was everything I would expect from the office girl's description. We had a fantastic time, it turned out we had a lot in common, so the night went off without a hitch in the end. All those questions the office asked me paid off. I was very impressed with the service and apart from the overworked office receptionist, I would definitely call again. The attention to details by them was worth it. Thanks to Celia too.

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