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Complaints; how to avoid disappointments and get the best out of your courtesan escort model experience

Initially, PLEASE keep in mind we are not interested in promoting the most expensive model to you, we are interested in promoting the most suitable model for you, there is a big difference.

During our consultation with you, we are vigilantly trying to ensure we understand exactly what you are looking for, so we can recommend the most appropriate companion. We almost always recommend booking for the longest period within your budget and preferences, to experience the full geisha-escort model experience; eg if you have a budget of $6000, we will never recommend a $6000 model for an hour. We would suggest a $1000 level model overnight, or a $1200 model for 6 hours.

The most important thing when selecting a model is the match - choosing someone who matches your own level of sophistication is imperative when aiming for a mutually enjoyable encounter. Your booking co-ordinator is your best friend in this instance, as she knows all the models, but needs to know a little about your preferences too. Mona Lisa Models™ offers a 100% guarantee of quality, (click here) but it rarely comes into play, due to our consultation process.

However if either you or the booking co-ordinator is not active in the consultation, there may result dissatisfaction. A prudent selection process will mean the difference between an exceptional and an ordinary experience, so talk openly (and politely) with your co-ordinator, as she is there just for you, to make sure you are paired with the best possible companion for you. (See contact page for phone and email)

A gentleman may feel intimidated by a model on too high a level of sophistication, (and she bored or uncomfortable with him). He can always move up in levels as he feels more confident. Don't try to scrape together more money for a higher level model if you don't know what to do with her, how to appreciate her or how to communicate or respond to her. You will simply end up with a very disappointing result, a rather awkward time, and two very frustrated and uncomfortable individuals. This is not the kind of experience we wish to provide, which is why we separated the models into different categories to begin with.

Also keep in mind that this service is not for everyone. Some gentlemen are parlour punters and always will be. If you are only interested in lots of variety, no foreplay or seduction/ intimacy, and a quick, (or worse, hours-long) intercourse session, you've come to the wrong agency, please try elsewhere and save your money. If you're looking for some sexual education, you should attend an appointment with an open mind, and allow yourself to be taught, not grab and try to control things yourself - you will never learn, and the model may decline or terminate the booking if you are behaving inappropriately. And understand it will not happen in one appointment. In this instance you would be recommended to meet with someone at your comfort level several times, to build a rapport and intimacy with them, or referred to a professional sexual therapist.

A gentleman with high expectations in any area needs to understand that price is not the issue, quality is. A gentleman of this calibre understands the fee is only a gesture to gain the model's favour, and to separate the average man from more sophisticated, elite men like himself. If a man of this calibre is new to the service and wishes for an introduction, and against our advice based on his preferences, selects a lady from the deluxe level based only on her looks, he may find himself sorely disappointed in her ability to connect with him mentally, or to converse on his interests, or indeed to match his own sensual technique.

There are many different scenarios, but one needs to understand the models are in different categories for a reason. To scrimp and save on something as important as personal fulfillment, intimacy, relaxation and sensual healing is not only to cheat yourself and often end up with the opposite experience, but is also cheating the model who usually experiences just as miserable a time as you, should she choose to stay. If you are going to do something good for yourself, do it right.

When your selection is based only on your physical preferences, you are playing Russian Roulette. You must express to the booking co-ordinator your preferences in personality, sophistication/ education, life experience etc. Only then should you consider superficialities like looks; hair color, level of glamour and presentation, complexion, beauty/ features, height, measurements, bust size, torso-to-leg ratio etc etc. There is a lot more to finding the right 'click' than just pointing to a photo on the website saying 'I want her'... If you think this is all too much trouble for you, then you are not looking for an elite geisha-escort, you are better off going to a simple escort agency or parlour. If you do not have enough personal pride to take time in selecting quality for yourself, how can you ever expect to have the ability to provide for your partner? Creating a sensual, nurturing, passionate atmosphere takes two. A selfish or ambivalent partner is not conducive to a mutually satisfying or exciting encounter. That means you. You both work to make the encounter special, meaningful, memorable.

Consultations and Complaints:
Our co-ordinators are extensively trained and continually monitored to be expert in the field of assisting you to select the most appropriate companion/s. When you are asked 'what kind of experience are you looking to have?' or 'what kind of preferences do you have regarding looks?', be as specific as you can, so she can understand the person you are, and ensure you receive the best possible experience you can. Rarely (they are human, after all) there will be situations where explanations are misunderstood by the co-ordinator or yourself, and the experience may not be as you would expect. Whether you are a new or regular caller to our company, we encourage you to please inform us of your dissatisfaction, preferably as soon as you know you are unhappy. Do not ever say 'I'm too much of a gentleman to make the model feel uncomfortable' - that is not so much gentlemanly, as cheating the situation. When dealing with human beings and not products, the scope for variant outcomes is slightly higher, and your patience, understanding and tolerance is appreciated, just as we offer to you.

If the model has a flaw, she will never improve without your feedback, you are doing her a disservice by ignoring it. If it is a personality conflict, the co-ordinator needs to be informed so that a) she can arrange a replacement for you a.s.a.p, and b) the model does not suffer through an appointment, knowing you are unhappy and trying her best to fix it, then feeling rejected and upset about it thereafter. They can feel when you're not enjoying yourself just as you can feel when she is not genuinely enjoying your company. It is much kinder to not insult her intelligence, but to gently and politely tell her she is not what you were expecting, and you would prefer, for the sake of both of you, to cancel the appointment. It shouldn't be hard for a big boy like you :-) The models are always very gracious and understanding, and will never make you uncomfortable in your choice to re-select your companion. They would prefer to defer to a colleague and see you happy than to see you not 100% happy.

If you simply don't find the model appealing for some reason, there may have been crossed lines during the consultation, and for your own sake, you need to be assertive enough (not aggressive) to politely explain this is not what you were looking for, and we will re-consult with you, to provide you with the quality you are expecting. It is very important to us that, as a suitable and accepted client, your experiences with us are always positive, not occasionally. We strive to be exceptional, not just good, and we appreciate your feedback. We would rather hear about it when you are unhappy, and have the opportunity to correct the situation if warranted, than to not hear about it.

Whilst we do demand a high standard from our models, expecting them to represent the company as we represent them, we understand we are dealing with human beings, beautifully imperfect and flawed, so we do not offer robots who all provide exactly the same experiences or have the same personality. As such, our consultation with you is important to ensure the most suitable model is arranged for you, and the most appropriate clientele matched with the models. We ask you to also remember the models are human beings, they are all special, someone's daughter, sister, friend, and they are as deserving of respect and consideration as you are. We tutor our models in service, we do NOT tutor them in personality; they are encouraged to be themselves, at their very best. We provide support and encouragement to bring out their natural warmth and passion, coupled with talented, superb entertainment - our service is NOT a mechanical, cold or over-structured one, as verified by our enormous return clientele.

Your polite feedback, positive or negative, is always welcomed and appreciated.



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