A Threesome Couples Experience in Melbourne to Ignite Your Senses


If you’re looking for a different adventure in the lovely city of Melbourne, then a sensual encounter with our elegant and alluring bisexual models will surely create a dreamy couples experience. Mona Lisa Models® has the choicest selection of model courtesans who are genuinely bisexual and are ready to amuse you with their expertise in providing private entertainment to couples looking for a luxurious pampering free from judgment, just pure sensual pleasure and fun.

All our bisexual models have been thoroughly screened and selected before they become part of our team of skilled courtesans who are genuinely interested in entertaining couples. They possess the relevant experience and abilities to fulfill the desires of our couple clients. However, we highly encourage you to always be as specific with your needs and preferences as possible during the consultation phase so we can further tailor our matchmaking process to provide you with the most suitable models. Feel free to check our website first for all available packages and services, then you can discuss further with our friendly coordinators for a more customized appointment.

Let our bisexual models treat you to an erotic, sensual experience which will definitely indulge your senses - an inviting seduction, affectionate touch, a warmth that you never knew would be possible, passionate kisses and electrifying tickles and caresses -  all these and more for a romantic evening.


An Erotic Couples Experience Will Take Your Melbourne Adventure to the Next Level


Couples experience in Melbourne A sensual, healing couples experience would not be possible without the cooperation of our valued clients in Melbourne. Kindly keep in mind that our bisexual models do not provide a “porn party” type of service, only an affectionate, slow and sensual eroticism. They should not in any way be treated as sex slaves or regarded as mechanical blown-up dolls just waiting to be utilized the way you prefer. Please show her the same respect as you would a real-life partner. Moreover, needless to say, we expect our female clients to be heedful of her personal hygiene, so our model need not be uncomfortable to pleasure you in areas you want to.

All of our bisexual courtesans are aptly skilled in entertaining couples, and they will do their best to fulfill your desires. However, no illicit substances should be used during the entire engagement. That’s not the type of experience we offer our valued clients, unlike what other traditional escort agencies may tolerate. You may risk having our model terminate the appointment in such situations as it’s her right to do so. Please note that she will also not hesitate to report to the authorities if she sees any prohibited drugs in the area. Kindly reserve a different model elsewhere if you believe you really need these kinds of substances to add thrill and excitement to the experience.


Only an Unrushed, Sensually Enjoyable Couples Experience for the Most Elite Melbourne Clients


We are committed to always deliver a superb experience, not just a mediocre type of service for all our valued clients. Excellence and exquisiteness are our promise and that cannot be possible within just an hour of entertainment. Feel free to indulge in an interesting conversation for a few minutes with our model to discuss how you want to spend time or be specific with how you want to be touched or pleasured. It would also be an opportunity for the model to seduce you flirtatiously and establish a mental and emotional connection with you. Also, this way, she can anticipate her actions to best suit your needs and fulfill your desires. A soothing massage can also ease up the tension and set the mood for the sensual evening ahead.


A Relaxing and Healing Encounter with Elegant and Alluring Models


We leave it up to you on how you think you could make the best out of this one-of-a-kind sensual experience. We encourage you to take things slow - savor every moment and listen to your inner soul. Whatever you think will help you calm your mind or rejuvenate your senses, let your model know and she will be more than happy to treat you to a superb experience.


Passionate and Warm Courtesans Ready to Fulfill Your Sensual Desires


If all these enticed you to try our premium couples services, what are you waiting for? Please get in touch with us at your soonest convenience. We encourage you to book well in advance as our special models may not always be available at your preferred dates. Please note of a 30% premium on all couple engagements for the presence of the additional client, whether he or she will be entertained or not. We appreciate your understanding. Rest assured that all contact information will be kept with utmost discretion and confidentiality as we value our clients’ privacy.

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