Threesome Escort Services for Couples

Genuinely bi-sexual models providing healing, sensual experiences for you and your partner ♥

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Providing genuinely bi-sexual models for an erotic experience with couples

An intimate memory, enhancing your erotic experiences together ... We have several models who specialize in entertaining couples, providing a warm, safe, non-judgmental and friendly atmosphere for you both to relax and be pampered within; we do not send models to doubles or couples who are not genuinely bi-sexual, and experienced in providing superb couple experiences. One really cannot enjoy a truly erotic couple experience if the model you book is distant, unaffectionate, dispassionate or inexperienced. Nor can you enjoy the sensuality when there is no seduction period.

As such, we limit the models for couples to genuine ones. These are models who are experienced with couples and threesomes, who can take control and make the appointment very special, or let you set your own pace. They are sensitive to you and your partner's needs. Most packages and services available on the website are available for couples; just speak with our booking coordinators when you make your reservation.


Affectionate and sensual service only; No "Party Girl" appointments

** N.B - We trust you understand the service we provide is not a porn-party type, but a warm, sensual, mutually affectionate and healing experience; the models are not blow-up dolls or slaves to be ordered around. Hundreds of different demands or rough treatment is not conducive to a romantic, sensual entertainment atmosphere, and the model will terminate the appointment if she is not treated with the same respect and consideration as she gives. If you are 'saving up' your money to 'get your money's worth' with one of our models, please try elsewhere. She will walk out. Please also pay attention to PERSONAL HYGIENE - this should be common sense, but occasionally, (incredibly), the models are put into an awkward situation where the female is not 'groomed' where she should be :-) Please be considerate if you are going to share your body with others xx

We also DO NOT accept clients looking to take drugs or looking for a 'party girl', if drugs are involved in the booking or offered to our models, the police will be called. We are adamant about not exposing our models to this unsavory situation. If you need drugs to enjoy an experience, you are not suited to the experience...


Unrushed and mutually enjoyable experience

There is a two-hour minimum time set for couples, as there is no way, if the service is provided properly, that a model can entertain one or both of you in one rushed hour. Start with a 10 - 15 minute chat over a beverage to get to know each other, so the model can understand how best to entertain you, eg: who is the appointment more aimed for; is the female interested in experimenting, is the male wanting to watch his partner being entertained, or is it mutual enjoyment and indulgence you desire?

The couples specialist will always spend this time to discuss your needs, to ensure your experience is everything you imagine, and not threatening for those new to the experience. She will always set the mood with sophisticated conversation and flirtation, and create a comfortable connection with you both. Your options at this point will be at the discretion of the model, based on her chat with you. She may take the female into a warm bubble bath to massage and relax her, or maybe start by performing a private show for both of you, and massaging both of you together.


Slow, gentle and passionate healing pleasure

The different scenarios are endless. The aim is for slow, sensual arousal and fulfilling, healing pleasure. This does not come from jumping straight into things, as most women (and some men) know. It comes from intimate caresses, slow gentle arousal and warm, passionate kisses. It takes time to create a good quality ambiance, to build the right level of anticipation. This cannot be rushed through in an hour. We trust those looking for a special, quality experience understands this, as we cannot provide anything less.

Please call the booking coordinators to discuss your needs, and they will assist you in reserving the most suitable model for your needs. Please book ahead where possible, as models that specialize in entertaining couples are not available every day, and appreciate time to prepare for your engagement. There is a 30% premium on couple appointments for the additional person's presence, whether they are being actively entertained or not. We thank you for your understanding.


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