Elite Couples Service Provide Intimate Experiences

An elite couples service is ideal for modern open-minded partners who find they are in need of an adventurous experience in order to ignite the flame of desire. Maybe they find their intimate times are a bit dull, or they have unfulfilled fantasies. It is not always easy to manage life’s demands, and those demands can interfere with a couple’s ability to maintain a high level of intimacy. Sometimes, it takes new ideas or a different form of stimulation to put a full measure of pleasure back into intimate times. Our high class models offer a unique erotic experience that is focused on evoking pleasure in a way that satisfies both partners. Fulfilling a romantic fantasy is a dream come true when the experience is carefully designed to create a worry-free atmosphere where the couple can relax and be pampered by our carefully selected duo partners. Mona Lisa Models presents a truly bi-sexual couple involving a female model and an elite male escort who understand the special nature of the encounter.

Elite Couples ServiceOne of the most important things to keep in mind is that it takes the right kind of woman and a special male partner to provide a fantastic experience for couples. They must be non-judgmental and experienced because inexperience can lead to embarrassment or cumbersome moves. A high class couple with experience will take the time to understand the needs of each partner and the needs of the two people as a couple. Our duo partners our intelligent, sensitive, understanding, and sensual and know how to elicit the greatest response from each partner. They can guide the partners during the session with great skill in an unrushed and relaxing manner. Both escorts are also very discreet. Not every companion can successfully manage this type of experience, so it is very important that couples utilize an agency that has models who have the right kind of experience and does not simply claim to handle “swingers".

There are many reasons a couple decides to engage the services of a truly bi-sexual couples. Partners may need new stimulation to enliven their sexual experience. They may want to enrich their lovemaking, live out fantasies, or simply explore new activities that bring delight. An encounter with a high class couple offering other couples services is a very special event in which partners experience each other in entirely new ways. With the guidance of our agency model duo, it is a delightful experience that makes unforgettable memories. After the encounter, many couples say they continue to experience heightened passion, physical pleasure, and emotional closeness in their intimate experiences together. Sometimes people just need a reminder of what the body is capable of feeling, and exploring sexuality is one way of accomplishing that goal.

Elite Couples Service Offers a High-Class Experience to Other Couples

High class couplesThere are a lot of preconceived notions about the couple’s experience with another bi-sexual couple. It is important to understand that the models who work for our agency and offer couple services are professionals who have perfected their ability to deliver an affectionate experience. They are serious about giving other couples an experience that is honest, affectionate, and good for the spirit and body. It is not about porn or hard partying. There is no rough treatment given or allowed because the services are also about romance, sensuality, and feeling good about the sexual experience.

As a result, each model treats partners with respect and asks for respect in return. Partners or couples should make appointments for the right reasons. It is not a porn or drug party. In fact, drugs are forbidden. Should the models believe the encounter is not being treated with the right amount of respect, or if they are uncomfortable about the intent of the couples, our couple's duo will end the appointment. Showing respect means partners have excellent personal hygiene, are properly groomed, do not display crude behaviors, and take the engagement seriously. Clients may make requests such as asking a model to give sex lessons, but all special requests should be made at the time the appointment is made.

Making the Most of the Services for Couples

Each session is designed to allow time for the couple and the agency models to get comfortable with each other. The companions must understand what the partners hope to experience in order to meet their expectations. Each couple is different. Some enjoy slow encounters which are romantic and build to a crescendo. Others may enjoy steamy or naughty encounters where passion flows hot and heavy. One couple may decide the gentleman will watch while his lady and the models entertain each other in a thresome. Some couples prefer that all involved people participate. This is where experience is so important because the female model and the male escort can take the lead and utilize their repertoire of skills to please the partners. There will be intimate caresses, passionate kisses, gentle touches, massages, cuddling, and a build-up to arousal. If you wish to enjoy this type of service, you should make an appointment well in advance because only a few coupled models specialize in offering couples services. It is also important to allow enough time which is a minimum of 2-3 hours so the experience is not rushed. Please contact our agency for more details on pricing and booking.

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