Affluent Gentlemen and Business Individuals to be Treated to Elite Escort Services


Look no further if you are in need of elite escort services - you are exactly at the right place! Here at Mona Lisa Models®, we redefine beauty and elegance, as our classy women turn your dating experience into an exquisite, romantic encounter. Let their natural charm and wit captivate your senses as you spend time with them while touring Land Down Under or travel across the world. 

Elite escort services for gentlemen and couplesWe are confident they can pull off any occasion or event as seamlessly as you could ever imagine - like a real-life girlfriend would. Each encounter is bound to make any gentleman’s heart melt, as he enjoys her sweet company and bring on a sensual mood. Her lovely face and perfectly-sculpted figure are more than enough to make it hard for you to take your eyes off her, but wait ‘til you know her deeper. Her eloquence and high level of sophistication are definitely admirable and there will never be a dull moment all throughout the encounter. She knows how to carry herself well in any event - her class and elegance are plain as day. Heading to a five-star event in a luxury hotel? Perhaps having dinner with business comrades and constituents? Whatever occasion you need a beautiful and elegant companion for, we got your back with our choicest selection of models who will guarantee that you get only the finest dating experience you deserve. She has invested on herself to be the woman that she is now - and her aptitude is best shown when dealing with only the wealthy, renowned and high profile clients. Indeed, you can never go wrong with trusting us for all your companionship and dating needs. 

Moreover, not only do we have refined gentlemen as part of our clientele. We also have models who cater to couples and those looking for double fantasy dating experiences. Each encounter with our professional, versatile women will surely heighten the romantic mood and make your experience a truly memorable one. 


A Tantric Experience Guaranteed with Elite Escort Services from our Alluring Courtesans 


Tantra service and experienceGentlemen living the high life are most often preoccupied and could get strained by multiple appointments or find themselves drowning with so much to do. Once in a while, they deserve some relaxation and what better way to unwind than in the company of our glamorous, beautiful courtesans who offer elite escort services? Our courtesans who are skilled in tantric experiences will stimulate your senses and calm your mind and body in ways you might have never imagined. She is an expert when it comes to what we call sacred healing with an added option for erotic entertainment - a surefire way to reenergize your exhausted soul and bring about sacred pleasure physically and emotionally. 

Her mental and physical prowess are unbelievable, and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated just by speaking with her. A true, well-rounded woman with high intellect and a sense of caring and nurturing for her gentlemen and ladies, she would make sure you will adore her company in a more sensual and erotic atmosphere.


An Ultimate Girlfriend Experience and Elite Escort Services Await Distinguished Gentlemen


Elite companionship services worldwideHave you been dreaming of spending precious time with the woman of your preference but haven’t had the chance to really pursue one because of your full schedule? Well, no need to rush because you can set that aside for now, but still get to treat yourself to an ultimate girlfriend experience with no less than one of our high class models! Yes, you got that right - the affection and romance you have been longing for from a real-life partner could be yours when you spend time with our attractive and sophisticated models. Whatever mood you want to bring on - sensual, erotic, or just clean fun - you call the shots, and we will introduce you to the perfect date as seemingly close as possible to a real girlfriend. Let us know the length of time you want her to keep you company and feel free to make plans ahead on what to do and where to go. You’ll be amused with how even more exciting and mutually enjoyable the experience will be with an elegant and lovely companion by your side.


Chic and Sophisticated Models Who Can Make Couples’ Experience Extraordinary


As we extend our first-rate escort services to a wider set of clientele, we have also made models available to cater to couples seeking a healing, sensual experience. We have bisexual models who are experts on this field and can provide professional dating experiences for adventurous couples looking for an exquisite companion for their needs. Similarly, if you are looking for high class companionship services, but with twice the excitement and thrill, we got you covered as well. Perhaps you might want to invite a business colleague or an equally-refined comrade to spend some time to wind down, and you would want a lovely, alluring courtesan to add color to the engagement. We would be more than happy to introduce you to one of our bisexual models who can make the experience even more dynamic and memorable.


Classy and Well-rounded Women Make the Perfect Travel and Social Events Companions


So you’re headed for international travel and would like a gorgeous and interesting companion who can make every moment count? Your search is over as we bring you the finest travel company - no less than our choicest selection of models! Just let us know your preferences as our travel companionship services come on different categories: you can book a young and charming model who would find travelling amusing and is sure to melt your heart when you see her eyes glowing in excitement, or you can go for an experienced model whom you could exchange interesting and well-rounded conversations as she fascinates you with her eloquence and class. No matter your choice, you can rely on our promise of respect, discretion, and appropriate demeanor will always be paramount. Have a social event coming up and need a classy and elegant date to pull it off? All our models are well-trained to be comfortable in attending high class events and social occasions of the elite and wealthy, so you can rest assured that she will act with class and elegant gracefulness all throughout the event. She will be able to blend in perfectly with your colleagues and the way she dresses and carries herself is meant to impress. With all these elite services our models provide, the least we can expect from our clients is to always treat them as they would a real girlfriend or partner. These women are professional service providers who know their worth and not your average short-term escorts whom you can book by-the-hour. We would also not tolerate request for any illegal undertakings, use of prohibited drugs and any unsafe conditions in the duration of your encounter. Any similar act will result to termination of your appointment and we will include you in our blacklisted client list with no hesitation whatsoever. On the other hand, all our valued clients are assured of their privacy and security at all times, as their contact information are kept with utmost confidentiality.

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