Make the Most Out of the Experience by Making Escort Appointments Well in Advance


As with life in general, if you wish to meet or spend time with a person, you should reserve or book his or her time, and meeting one of our gorgeous models is no different; hence the need to make the appropriate escort appointments.


Reserving someone’s time is a sign of respect and consideration for the other person’s schedule and personal or business matters. And it does not mean just a plain, simple act of reservation - doing it well in advance or with as much time in between as possible is ideal in any situation. As such, you let the person know how much you value their time as you want to save the person the inconvenience of making abrupt adjustments in their schedule.

Similar to an earnest desire to meet a prospective client or investor - you would want to assure you can book a slot in his calendar so you can convey your sales pitch as effectively and as dynamic as possible to raise your chances of earning his trust and eventually closing a deal. Or when you would like to experience luxury dining in an upscale restaurant or a five-star hotel - you would always try to make a booking as far as possible to your preferred date of visit or stay, to ensure you can secure a seat or reserve the most comfortable room to make your stay as convenient as you want it to be. The same holds true when you wish to spend time with one of our Sydney model courtesans.


Appropriate Escort Appointments Make Room for a More Prepared and Organized Encounter


Escort appointmentsMajority of our Sydney models can make themselves available throughout the week, but definitely not on a daily basis, that’s why escort appointments are essential. This is no different from a professional career and our elegant models also have personal matters to attend to. For some, this is a secondary source of income, and they joined our elite agency for pure enjoyment.

We can accommodate short-notice reservations on some occasions, but this is totally dependent on the availability of our model courtesans in Melbourne and Sydney. Moreover, they are human beings (not mechanical dolls just waiting to be utilized) who can be susceptible to sickness or may have other prior family appointments which they have all the right to prioritize.


Your Escort Needs and Specifications Will Be Best Met With Proper Appointments


Here at Mona Lisa Models, we are committed to always deliver excellence in every engagement. We believe we can achieve this goal by making sure that our clients and models mutually benefit from the experience, and the first step to making that possible is a properly executed appointment. When you contact us, our amiable and ever accommodating coordinators will gather as much information as possible as to your specifications and requirements so we can introduce you to an elegant, high class courtesan who will best suit your needs.


Exude a Proper Etiquette at All Times


As with any business transaction, we expect our clients to treat our coordinators and models the same way you would a business partner. Unethical behavior will not be tolerated. If at the initial step you are unable to exude the proper demeanor, you’re giving us an impression that you might not be able to show respect to our models as well, so please don’t blame us to have second thoughts in pursuing business with you in such cases.


Elegant Models to Make the Experience Worthwhile


As much as we want to send the most suitable or your preferred model on the website, availability issues can sometimes get in the way. Kindly be patient in such unfortunate situations and rest assured we will offer alternative ways to give you an ultimate dating experience. Follow this guide here on how to select the perfect model.

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