Superior Escort Services Await Distinguished and Influential Gentlemen

Mona Lisa Models is an introduction agency with valuable experience in providing premium escort services for more than 2 decades now, we pride ourselves with the reputation we have built and make known to our choicest clientele. They made us what we are now, and our commitment to high quality of service, discretion and utmost safety of our clients and our models will always be paramount.

We make sure that every engagement will earn us another happy and satisfied client, who will most likely return and avail of our excellent services again. This way, we don’t need to resort to hard selling our services because it is our clients who make us known to our target market and help us further grow our presence in the elite dating industry.

Over the years, we have collated a list of the most frequently-raised concerns by gentlemen and couples who are interested to try our elite services, so if you’re looking to take your dating experience to new heights, read on as we shed light on these queries and entice you to book an engagement with one of our stunningly beautiful and elegant models at your soonest convenience.


The Finest Models Guarantee You of High-class Escort Services

What are our courtesans like, you ask?

They are the epitome of beauty and class. We understand the refines taste of the wealthy and the elite, and that’s exactly what we cater to.


Q: How do you assure your clients are provided with only high-quality escort services?

 A: We have a stringent selection process in place. We know for a fact that we all have our own perception of an "ideal woman", but more than that, we are active listeners and detail-oriented matchmakers. As soon as we confirm your requirements and specific likings, we already can picture in our mind the perfect model we can introduce you to. If you feel uncertain because of past unpleasant experiences with traditional and cheap short-term dating service providers, we have 100% guarantee that will convince you to give us a try. You can also opt to avail of our membership program. We can organize your reservation via email communication with a few images of our models for your selection. As soon as you’re confident of the quality of our services, head to the gallery's area in our site and delight in the photos, videos, and other content related to the courtesans of your preference.


Q: How accurate are the photos and information about your models?

A: Irrefutably. All models who wish to be part of our team undergo a thorough screening and selection procedure. We are normally just able to pick an average of 1 out of 30 applicants.  Once she passes initial screening, she will need to abide by our recruitment process, which will give us ample time to know her deeper and build a good working relationship. We will then be able to acquire authentic images and other pertinent details about her and make them available on our website accordingly.


Q: Do all your models work full-time and available whenever I would like to reserve an appointment?

A: They aren’t, as they also live normal lives like other women who take pleasure in dating gentlemen, only that they do so in a discreet manner with you. Most of our models have regular jobs - some are into acting, being a flight attendant, modelling, other arts, or other high-end careers. Some are also continuing their education. You can be assured that all models you’ll meet through Mona Lisa Models® are authentic women. While we make them undergo training to hone their entertainment skills, her character is all unique.


Q: Why are the escorts’ faces hidden?

A: Confidentiality is the primary concern of most of the models and clients we transact with. Very rarely do we come across gentlemen and clients who wants to spend time with a woman whose face he has seen somewhere in the Internet. It is least likely that a model would be photographed alongside a prominent individual if her being an escort is publicly known. Moreover, these women have their own careers, families or a future that they want to keep private as well. They are far from regular escorts you can meet easily in other traditional agencies - they are classy and elegant women who know their worth. They also do not prefer for their personality to be known in dating websites or apps as the last thing they want to bear is unfitting judgement about the work they do. After all, Australia is a relatively small country and social connections are closely-knit in general. What more with the smaller cities like Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. The chances of them being recognized in these areas are even higher. Our models also travel Internationally and many foreign countries have started using facial recognition biometrics at their borders. Regular "Image Scan" checks have been reported in place for young and beautiful girls to match their faces with known internet escort websites. That being said, privacy and discretion are the top priorities for all models and clients. With this process in place, we can safeguard everyone’s privacy and protection and keep a transparent and truthful business endeavor. If you wish to see more photos of our models, reach out to us for inquiries and ask us about how to avail exclusive VIP membership. As a member of Mona Lisa Models® you will join an exclusive group of the most opulent and elite clients. In essence, our commitment to ensure the protection of our models roots from the preference of our high-profile clients who avail of our premium introduction and companionship services, so we hope for your understanding.


Factors to Consider Prior to Availing our High-class Escort Services

After shedding light on the quality of service we provide, we bet you would like to know more about the details to consider before getting that precious chance to be introduced to one of our elegant models, so read on as we give you more relevant information to entice you further.


Q: How early should I request for an appointment?

A: In general, the sooner you book, the better options we will be able to present you. A day to a few days before your preferred date would suffice for local dating experiences. If a travel companion is what you need, we require 10-14 days for you to book ahead, (read here). Please consider that you would have to leave a minimum of 1 week before the scheduled flights, to give you enough time to choose from our models and finalize flight details, among other factors. If your choice of model is not residing locally, you also need time to arrange visa proceedings as well. No need to fret, though as all the lengthy planning will pay off when you’re finally together. We also need ample time to ensure the model’s availability, confer the plans for the encounter, agree on fund transfer arrangements, and secure flights. Once you have booked your accommodations, let us know and we’ll have your preferred model meet you in your residence of choice.


Q: How am I assured that all our transactions will be kept private?

A: We pride ourselves with the high level of discretion we maintain for our clients. All of our correspondences and communication are encrypted, protected, and kept with utmost confidentiality, every time. No records are kept and we immediately discard your information as soon as the appointment has been completed. We guarantee you that we will never share the details to any third-party agency outside our company. We make our staff and models sign a non-disclosure agreement, making her informed that she will face legal pursuit in the event she discloses any detail or information pertaining to any of her clients or our company. Indeed, we are reputable in terms of maintaining discretion and we expect our clients to abide by this golden rule, as the same legal implications will apply. (Please visit our disclaimer section on our website to understand the terms of agreement).


Q: Where can I locate the rates for the model escorts?

A: Please feel free to review the rates under each model's profile. Alternatively, you can contact us here directly and we will be more than happy to customize the booking fees for you. Please be reminded that there may be additional small charges for transport-related expenses and if you’re paying via credit card. Rest assured we will explain and confirm the total charges before the actual appointment. We pride ourselves with being transparent when it comes to relaying fees to our clients and we always strive to minimize travel charges the best way we can. Yes, we only provide services to the most opulent individuals, to whom we commit to provide quality over price, but we don’t intend to charge more than what’s right. We value integrity and honesty here at Mona Lisa Models®.


Q: Are there instances when I need to make payment in advance?

A: We would request payment ahead in cases when you require a travel companion or a special long-term engagement. This would allow us to secure the booking, block the model’s availability and arrange the necessary flights. You may opt to pay using credit card face-to-face, however, most of our clients prefer a discreet bank transfer more secure and convenient. Kindly take note that we will not be able to confirm any appointment, arrange any plans or book any flights unless we have received the funds from you. That’s why we require you to notify us well ahead. We will send you a professional billing document through our partner billing company - rest assured there will be no indication of adult entertainment services therein. We do have clients who prefer upfront payment to avoid any hassle of last-minute payment. He simply meets his date at his preferred location, similar to a regular date. This option is convenient as well for clients who travel a lot and rarely carries much cash with them and is hesitant to use credit card. Each of our payment methods are secure and safe, but we can be flexible in what works best for you for your ultimate convenience.


Q: Under what billing name shall I make payment for on my credit card, invoice or transfer statement?

A: We will disclose the actual name of the billing company during our conversation when you call us to make an appointment. As we want to maintain discretion for our clients, we do not want to make the billing company known publicly. We can guarantee you there will be no mention of "escort service", the agency name, models or any similar details on your statement of billing. We have partnered with a communications company to handle the billing for our clients.


Q: How will I hand over payment to the model?

A: Payments made in cash, direct bank transfer, or credit card are all honored. We have some clients who are on a retainer agreement, as this gives them more room to request bookings even on short notice, to have companions meet them where they are. In such cases, we are able to book flights immediately, since there are available funds we can use conveniently. We will always send you a detailed billing document so you’re always on top of your remaining account balance with us. On the actual engagement, it is part of protocol for her to inform us that she has arrived at your preferred meeting location, and she will then want to ease the tension by making you feel comfortable via casual conversations. At the time she mentions about making payment, you may opt to arrange that with the model herself, then she will again contact us to let us know that payment has indeed been made accordingly. Afterwards, you can now enjoy her company for the rest of the encounter!


Q: What travel charges will I incur?

A: If your preferred model escort reside outside her hometown, you will be charged for her travel costs and deluxe hotel accommodation. We can explain this further when you contact us, but we commit to always keep travel expenses to a minimum. We know most of our clients could well afford the costs, but we don’t intend to overcharge anyone as well. To maintain discretion for our models, we will have her flight details settled from our agency. We would appreciate if you could be generous in not “cutting the corners” when you reserve our models as travel companions. To give specific examples, please do not expect your model date to take public transportation or to buy food for herself. Please bear in mind that she was invited as a special guest, so we expect you to treat her as such. Needless to say, if you think you will not be able to cover our elite model’s expenses, please do not proceed to make a booking with her. She is trained to be prudent, but she also does not deserve a “tight budget” experience. Please be a true gentleman.


A: Is there a maximum duration for my engagement with my desired model courtesan?

Q: Our model escorts who can be reserved for travel engagements delight in out-of-town trips. Our Sydney escorts may travel to Melbourne, or Melbourne escorts may take a trip to Perth, or perhaps to an international destination. Wherever you may be, she will be exhilarated to meet you and create a perfect dating experience. You call the shots when it comes to how long you want her to spend time with you – just choose from our available appointment options and packages. It would all just depend on the models’ availability, so we will confirm with her if she can make it to your desired meeting place and duration of the encounter. We gave her freewill to decide on her schedule, which in turn assures you that every moment she spends with you is out of her full enjoyment, not just because we told her so. Our models are often reserved for their services on week-long trips, weekend events, or even self-indulgent month-long engagements. You may also want to check our customized 6-month and 12-month temporary girlfriend agreements if desired. Most of our clients who choose these types of agreements find these as a great concept and provides them an avenue to stay accompanied to in social gatherings and occasions, until such time that they fully recover and meet a new real-life partner. Feel free to ask us for more details about these as not all our model escorts are available for these types of engagements, and there are underlying conditions as well. Our clients find this as an effective agreement and also efficient in terms of financial settlement, as compared to arranging bookings for varied women over the same time duration. 


Q: If I wish to cancel my appointment for some reason, what steps do I need to take?

A: Most importantly, as with any other reservation in general, we will appreciate if you can notify us as far ahead as possible, ideally as soon as you confirm that you will not be available on your initially confirmed date. The model escort you selected has saved your engagement in her calendar as well, and there are times when she needs to forego a modeling assignment for example, to make you her priority in her schedule (given that the schedule appointment has been funded accordingly). Kindly note that sudden cancellation notices would cause her inconvenience, lost opportunities, and would put her preparations to waste. If you booked a travel appointment, the required notice is at least 72 hours for cancellation. Any cancellation request that is less than 72 hours could also be equivalent to forfeited airfare, and again that’s a waste. In cases when you have settled prepayment, your funds will be in credit status for a period of 6 months, after which you can make an appointment with that model again. Alternatively, you can make use of the funds to be introduced to different models. Please bear in mind that if in case you were not able to utilize your funds within 6 months, they will be forfeited. The same applies for local bookings. Our models make adjustments on their schedules to make herself available for you at the date you requested, and she invests money and time to be the best version of herself in anticipation of your meeting. Indeed, it would be very inconvenient for her to know that you are cancelling your appointment with such short notice. We request our clients to give her the same treatment as you would to a real-life partner or girlfriend. Very few can appreciate and understand last-minute cancellation of bookings especially if you cannot make it up for her. For cancellation instances to be made on local engagements, and the model has already reached your agreed meeting place, we would appreciate if you would be gentleman enough to pay her a cancellation fee, in respect of her time and to cover her preparation and transport-related costs. (Note: As part of our 100% guarantee, the no-cancellation-fee will only apply if you think the model we sent you is not fit to provide your companionship needs. For all other reasons, a respectful amount of cancellation fee is expected from you. A minimum charge would be at $300. If you happen to be able to reserve the same model within the same week of your initial cancellation, the cancellation fee you paid can be utilized for the new appointment, less transport expenses. Just inform us if you intend to do so, so we can reserve the new date on your chosen model’s schedule for the week.


A Deluxe Companionship with the Finest Model Courtesans

If you’ve read this far, then you would most likely be our next valued client! Further details are provided below to give you a clearer picture of what to expect in the actual engagement.


Q: Where would I meet my chosen model escort?

A: We always have our models meet her client in an upscale hotel for initial meeting and to enable discreet settlement of fees. After payment, it would be up to you how you want to spend time with your stunning companion. Perhaps you can invite her to an exquisite dinner, maybe enjoy stylish cocktails, or just share an interesting get-to-know conversation in your hotel room. Rest assured that all our models are comfortable in high-profile events and setting for the wealthy and elite. A deluxe hotel room or an affluent home is indispensable for a meeting place.


Q: Do you have models who are available for in-call requests?

A: Mona Lisa Models® is an elite outcall escorts agency only. Our ladies are exclusive models who only cater to exclusive clients through an appointment made well ahead. Alternatively, we can assist you on finding you a comfortable accommodation, reserve local shows or events, among others, to help make your visit to major cities of Australia as convenient and memorable as possible.


Q: Do you allow conversations with the model before the actual appointment?

A: Unfortunately not. All our models are supported by an agency who act as the middleman to avoid any unnecessary communication between them and the potential client. The opportunity to talk to them will be yours in the actual meeting. We can let her know of any concerns you have, though.


Q: What is expected from me during the actual engagement with my selected courtesan model?

A: Please do not over anticipate or become overwhelmed or too tense. She is an invited guest, who deserves to be respected and treated as you would do to a real-life girlfriend. Exude a gentlemanly character at all times to make the encounter mutually enjoyable. Your selected date has prepared well for her appointment with you so please be courteous, pleasant, and make sure you look your best as well. She will be more likely to show more affection if you also look appealing and presentable. At the time she makes mention about the payment, kindly hand over the cash or credit card and give her time to contact us to complete the confirmation procedure, except if you already settled in advance with at the agency. The payment option is always arranged prior to the meeting, so we do not encourage changing the agreed terms or modes of payment at the actual engagement so you can save time. Needless to say, please do not raise any questions that are too personal as she would not appreciate it and would cause her to feel uneasy and uncomfortable, thereby stealing her chance to make a deeper connection with you. Allow her to share things she’s willing to disclose. We also discourage you to make any requests to meet her outside the terms in the appointment you made with our agency.


Other Possible Concerns After the Encounter

We’re happy to share that we have such a great number of return clients who give us excellent customer reviews and five-star ratings. That’s why, our clients almost always ask for membership availment.


Q: How can I be part of your exclusive members group?

A: After meeting with at least 3 model courtesans as a non-member of our agency (with favorable feedback from our models, of course), you may already request for membership. Just click here to apply or call or email us to request for invitation for membership.


Your Valuable Feedback on our Services is Always Appreciated

We are always grateful for our clients’ feedback and comments. These allow us to maintain and continuously improve the high caliber of our services, and provide our models with valuable and helpful feedback so they can further develop their skills and improve in their art. Furthermore, your feedback gives us insight on how we can better cater to your needs so we can make your next dating experience even more outstanding. Please feel free to give us your opinions and comments via phone or email, or through our contact form. We hope we have addressed most of your concerns and queries here. Kindly fill out the form below to send us a booking inquiry or reach out to us via email by visiting the online bookings page.

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