Girlfriend Experience Escort (GFE)

What is a 'Girlfriend Escort'?

Girlfriend experience escorts: high class GFE Sydney & model escort services. Exclusive female gfe. Luxury companion agency & Sydney escorts, a sophisticated experience.

The Girlfriend Escort provides sensual, uncomplicated, mainstream fun - she is an affectionate, beautiful and respoonsive companion, and is always excited by romance and flirtation. She may bring massage lotion, lingerie etc. to the appointment, however the pampering Girlfriend Experience is about your enjoyment of each other's company. If you are looking for a particularly exciting, dynamic experience with choreographed shows, fantasy exploration, erotic dancing, or special advanced pleasure techniques, such as Tantra etc, please book a Courtesan Experience. A Girlfriend Experience involves just beautiful, elite, sexy, fully inclusive company. A GFE is a more intimate connection.

Real girlfriend experienceThe traditional 'Girlfriend' escort would never make you feel like you are with a paid companion. Our Girlfriend escorts are warmer and more socially poised than a regular Sydney female escort, whilst remaining feminine and elegant. The girls provide a higher quality of elite companionship for the selective gentleman. These are well-bred, fresh and tasteful young ladies, who genuinely enjoy their work. The Sydney or Melbourne Girlfriend Escort is an elegant option for the gentleman seeking to share mutually beautiful memories.

Please be a Gentleman... If you need to ask "what do I get?", you have misunderstood the idea of the high class experience. You will be paying for a mutually enjoyable and special date experience. Treat your model as you would any other girlfriend or date. Do you ask your date or girlfriend "so what will I 'get' tonight?" ? No. So don't treat your Mona Lisa Models™ companion any differently, she will respond like any woman would to that question... By showing you a last view of her delectable derriere as she leaves..!

Whilst we do thoroughly tutor our exceptional Sydney Girlfriend models and Melbourne companions in erotic companionship and appropriate conduct, we do NOT tutor them in personality; they are encouraged to be themselves, at their very best, and they pride themselves on delivering a genuine, memorable experience. We carefully select models with much more substance than just beauty. Models representing us must have a natural elegance, a special sophisticated poise, and a heightened level of human warmth, whatever level of quality she is placed at. If she doesn't love to meet new people, and gain personal pleasure from making others happy, then she probably won't be working here. We bring quality people together for more tasteful, mutually enjoyable experiences. You will not feel as though you are being processed through a commercial encounter.

Mona Lisa Models™ staff never lose sight of the fact that if a gentleman is deemed an acceptable client, his pleasure and enjoyment is her highest priority, next to her own safety & enjoyment. We provide support, intensive girlfriend escort training and encouragement to bring out the models' natural warmth and passion for life. We encourage attention to detail within a talented, superb entertainment atmosphere. An experience with our models is a fresh, alluring and inventive one, as verified by our enormous return clientele. The models tailor the appointment to suit your needs, no two appointments are alike.

Sydney model escortsThe idea of our intended experience, apart from providing sophisticated company and emotional pleasure, is to slowly and erotically arouse, tease & seduce you, to induce a more fulfilling experience. Sex is not the core of our experience, nor solicited for. One can receive that simple service anywhere, if that is your goal. When you pay more for a high quality girlfriend-escort service, you do so to appreciate the quality incorporated. Mona Lisa Models™ companions can create a heightened sensual experience and fulfillment as opposed to just a pretty body. Mona Lisa Models™ is intended for clientele to whom quality is more important than price, and is a necessity rather than a little luxury.

The Girlfriend experience is fully inclusive. Your appointment will always include charming, intelligent conversation, flirtation and anticipation building, setting the mood. Enjoy your choice of dinner or cocktails, a social event such as an outing, a play, ballet or opera, a concert or dinner party etc. Your model may incorporate exotic music, candlelight, and genuine affection; you will experience a real connection with a woman who loves what she is doing, and is just as excited as you are.

You may decide to indulge in a sensual massage, perhaps a romantic candlelight spa together or the Geisha pampering bath package. The Mona Lisa Models™ girlfriend experience is provided by models who are very responsive participants with considerate gentlemen - the appointment is intended to be a mutually enjoyable experience. If the model is not feeling safe or comfortable, she will politely decline the appointment, so you can rest assured your model actually wants to be there with you, she is not pretending, or only there for money! This selection process is how the models remain fresh and exclusive only to the finest quality clientele.

Our models do not rush in & out, or behave with the nonchalant attitude that some other high priced escorts do. These are first class girlfriend escorts in every way. Our models are carefully tutored in creating a very sensual, refreshing atmosphere for you. We encourage a professional, well bred, high class attitude, with advanced deportment and etiquette.

We would encourage the rare clients who find they are not happy with the experience to please let us know. Occasionally, a new model will be unsure of herself, and we will not know until a client or another model lets us know. We never want disappointments to occur, and even though it is extremely rare, it is a slim possibility; we strive diligently for excellence, but never claim to be perfect. New models are usually reserved for several weeks for trusted regular clients only, before she will be available to new clients, so the chance of her performing inappropriately is almost impossible. However she may still be finding her feet with some appointments. When you let us know, we can compensate you, and show you the correct service. If you keep quiet, you miss out. We often place courtesy calls after new models have visited you, so please take advantage of that time to honestly and respectfully discuss any issues you feel need to be brought to our attention.

Bisexual-Doubles (or lesbian double threesomes) involve two Girlfriend Escorts, with genuine affection between the two models. You may watch, or allow them to include you for an erotic menáge-a-trois the likes of which you've never experienced. Be left breathless! All models permitted to provide double or couple services with Mona Lisa Models™ must be GENUINELY open-minded. Click here for more.

Models do not ask for extra money for any part of the experience, and do not provide 'extras' outside of the experience explained within. Everything provided and available is included in the price; if you want something extra, such as unsafe or unavailable services, please try elsewhere, you won't get it here. Our girlfriend-escorts are like female friends spending time with you - they do not compromise their own integrity by doing something they wouldn't ordinarily enjoy, for mere money. We are not offering prostitution.

Tips are certainly always appreciated, but never expected. Our models are entertainers, high level professionals who are not only confident in their work, but who thoroughly enjoy it too! Our exclusive image tends to attract fresh individuals who would not ordinarily enter into the adult work scene, therefore they are a different type of model to the typical 'working girl'. PleaseCLICK HERE for information on how we select our specialized group of exceptional models, and HERE for the difference between GFE escorts and Courtesan Escorts.

Very few models are chosen to work with us as girlfriends (GFE); We interview several applicants daily. The few accepted applicants of high enough quality are all individually tutored in providing passionate, attentive, exciting entertainment, incorporating advanced pleasure control techniques. Models are chosen for more than just their beauty. See our company profile  for our hiring policies. Many lovely models come through Mona Lisa Models'™ Offices, but unless she is the 'full package', she is not recruited.

Mona Lisa Models™ staff never just walk in, look pretty, 'service' you & leave. You don't need to ask, because she will consult with you, and tailor the booking to suit you, by assessing your answers to her questions in her introduction period, so you can sit back, relax, and trust that the experience will be everything you dream, and much more than you expect!

A phone call is always placed to the office initially to ensure the models' safety and comfort. Your Mona Lisa Models™ escort will generally spend a few minutes (the 'introduction period') getting to know you a little, discussing with you what your ultimate preferences & expectations are, so she knows how best to entertain you, knowing which of her many techniques and surprises she will bring out to spoil and excite you. Mona Lisa Models™' goal is to provide your ultimate dream woman.

Read the Gentlemen's Etiquette Guide, and your behaviour should prevent any awkwardness or reluctance on any female's part. The icing on top is that the models don't sit and talk about their problems the whole time! Our models are genuinely interested in you, and you will always see the charming, genuine warmth and elegance our models are well known for.

NOT included in our services are illegal activities (anything involving illicit drugs), or unsafe (unprotected) services. DO NOT ASK FOR THESE or your appointment will be terminated with no refund.



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