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the-red-goddess-modelFemale empowerment is not about 'feminism' or about devaluing men. It is not about disparaging the family unit or encouraging aggression. Nor is it about being 'better' than others, or turning away from a traditional female role, necessarily. Female empowerment is about balance - about thoroughly enjoying being female, whatever your chosen path. Whereas in the past, females were encouraged to compete in a man's world by trying to be like men (large shoulder pads, sexual norms challenged, corporate aggression), women are now seeing the error of this, and embracing their own unique power - as women, not as women-behaving-like-men.

Societies have long devalued women and the female body because they are female (and misunderstood!). Birth, menses and menopause are all too often seen as negative things requiring medical attention and intervention. They are seen as disease, when they are miraculous, beautiful things that only women can achieve! Girls are conditioned to believe they are limited, less than men, and that putting herself and others down is OK. Often treated as nothing but a sexual object or less, women are conditioned to believe they are nothing. Women and girls are 'in competition', rather than celebrating the beauty of being female together, and encouraging each other to be successful.

Female empowerment is about challenging that view, valuing the female form and the things it can do, as well as the female instinct. It is about living joyfully and authentically. Women can look to strong females for inspiration and recognition. An 'empowered' woman is unlimited by her inner dialogue, she appreciates her positive qualities and accepts her fabulous flaws. Others' opinions of her are irrelevant, and do not affect her own confidence. She loves her curvy belly and knows that even as she strives to keep her body fit and healthy, a little extra weight doesn't change who she is - she is still the same wonderful soul, now living in a more curvaceous 'temple' (body). If her body has changed through birth or weight gain, those changes need to be a celebration of survival, not seen as a loss.

Menstruation is intended to be a time of rest, of nurturing oneself and introspection. Beginning menses is a rite of passage that women should be celebrating. It can be seen as 'disgusting' and shameful; some women simply want to avoid the subject altogether, having been conditioned that it is an unacceptable subject. Your female body is a beautiful and amazing gift that moves you through this world in strength and power.

woman-in-every-sensePerhaps the most magical of our bodies' gifts is our moon blood. Our 13 cycles that, in harmony with the moon, fortify, create and release the linings of our wombs. For some women this process can be spectacular. Instead of saying 'oh no, I have my period', we should be looking forward to it, so we can say 'oh, my cycle has started, now I have a few days/ a week of spoiling myself!' And if you are a woman who is planning a pregnancy, your cycle is a time to re-balance and prepare for ovulation, and potential impregnation!

Harnessing her emotional power whilst bleeding is a powerful way for women to reclaim her innate wisdom, live to her full potential as a woman, and guide other women to be self-confident and true to themselves. We want to help ourselves and our young females to build confidence, trust her inner guidance, promote self-care and creative expression - and to enjoy a Magical life! By referring to yourself as a 'goddess', you are subconsciously reinforcing your unique, powerful beauty. Self-talk is very powerful. Talking to yourself positively in the mirror can also be a powerful way to be 'on your own side'. To enjoy your own company and know that you are your own best friend is a wonderful and comforting feeling.

Inner dialogue has a snowball effect. It is a powerful tool for developing your personal power. A positive dialogue can allow you to be fortunate to experience the joy of positive living. Unfortunately, most people don't have a positive thinking habit; their inner dialogues are negative. Although they are working hard to improve their situations, they are literally pulling themselves back all the time, and wondering why there seems to be no progress. This is sabotaging yourself. The solution to any difficulties are rarely outside, but inside yourself. You have access to this HUGE power of the universe. When you have it, nothing is beyond your reach.

Too many women's inner dialogue is habitually negative, sometimes without them even realizing it. Talk with yourself as you would a friend. Would you speak to someone else that way? Would you tell a young girl she is hopeless or ugly or fat or has no talent? No! You would encourage her: 'No it wasn't perfect, but next time you can do it even better, its great that you tried!' or 'You look gorgeous! You're one of the prettiest girls I know'. Show yourself the same kindness and courtesy that you show others. What makes you think it is ok to treat yourself negatively? That's somebody's mother/ sister/ daughter you're talking to in the mirror! Learn to be your own best friend, to have yourself on your side.

Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say:
"You are an inspiration to me, I love your _____" (this could be eyes, strength, warmth, whatever)
"You are a beautiful person, there is nobody on the planet with your unique thoughts and talents!"
"Other people's opinions of me, good or bad, don't affect what I believe about myself"
"I am beneath no one" (nor is anyone below you)
"I am fearless in the face of all challenges"

Replace your negative thoughts and feelings with these positive, empowering thoughts, and watch your life automatically change. Become the goddess you deserve to be - every woman is a goddess, you just have to believe in her (yourself) and set her free!



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