Don’t doubt that facts. You are more than just a woman; You Are A Goddess!


Knowing you are a goddess is the first step in being one. A woman has to have a certain mindset in order to become more than just average and typical. To become a goddess, you have to encompass female empowerment, and a certain power that you can control. This isn’t the same as to being a feminist as there is a certain negative connotation and fact where which feminism brings upon. The kind of power that a goddess has does not devalue men nor does it allow aggression. Simply put - just because you are empowered does not mean you are better than everyone. A goddess is someone with such power over her own self with such grace and positive aura exuding in the most alluring way. She may have freckles or stretch marks, her weight may go up or go down, but she does and will not be hindered by the physical attributes which society continue to deem unflattering. She embraces all - her body, her soul, her flaws, mistakes - and celebrates with such genuineness and authenticity. She will make you wonder about how the world would go about if everyone had a mindset much like hers - how peace would be more possible, and how insecurities would cease to exist.

Becoming the personification of female empowerment requires a certain mindset and responsibility on the end of a woman. It means being able to enjoy your being a woman while not stepping on other people’s lives when doing it. It is about finding the beautiful balance between poise and power wherever and whatever profession or endeavor you choose to pursue. A goddess, in a way, is the personification of an entirely good person, pursuing her aspirations while being kind to the world and in an earthly manner. She pursues her goals without the pressure of society and is able to inspire others along the way. That certain mindset includes being your own unique self, claiming success wherever you go. This is founded upon self-reliance and preservation and naturally blooms from there like a beautiful flower exuding with power.

The world has gone a long way from men running the world and women stereotyped as either housewives or secretaries. Simply put, the world used to encourage women to be as mediocre, if not invisible, as possible without any rights, not even to vote and speak up for herself. More than that, the world is now being run by women, in heels, with power and much respect to those others around her in concern and in reflection of the woman that once was.


You are a goddess, but you are also human.


You are a goddessYou are a goddess, let that idea sink in your head. This is the only source of power you will need to form you into a Wonder Woman of sorts. You are more than just a female figure. What you value is self-respect and self-worth. Many people no matter their stature in life or society put up a front of being strong when inside they are spitting at themselves, or wallowing in self-pity. This is what sets a goddess apart. You are as authentic as you can be, living your life with an inner dialogue appreciating your whole self and being, with a beautiful ability to accept your flaws and more. What is interesting about you is your ability to process the negative noise of the world and re-purpose them into something more meaningful and impactful.

Aside from all the positive and uplifting aspects that a goddess is made of, what is admirable about a goddess is her understanding that despite her being metaphorically associated with an immortal and mystical being, is that she is still human. Being one, she is capable of being wrong and doing wrong. She has limitations and under pressure there still will be a chance for her to break. Despite so, as aforesaid, she can make something beautiful out of wrongs, whether it be as simple as a sincere apology, or as grandiose as a worldly act. She knows she has limitations and she accepts that. She works her way around them and finds ways to still be the best that she can. Her limitations and her restrictions do not hinder her from her initiatives, advocacies, and beliefs, but only encourages her to step up and find better ways to deliver. Any woman with such grace and passion towards making the most out of any situation, good or bad, is definitely a true epitome of heaven on earth.


Yes, you are a goddess. But what’s next?


Beautiful women goddesses You already understand what it means to be a goddess and the makings of being one. But what do you do after then. As mentioned, the first step towards becoming an amazingly empowered woman is affirming this to yourself. The next step is following through. But how? There is a misconception that women are automatically empowered when they are the ones having seats in executive positions or those who have political power, or really anything alike that allows them big responsibilities for big initiatives. Often there are thought to be mean, rude, and plain over-the-top reclusive. We can’t blame the public for thinking that way, because the truth is, the media, always in the form of movies or series, depict them to be so. While women seated in such positions, up to their neck in issues needing solutions, can look strong and be strong, it is admissible to say that they are but at their most fragile. Probably the reason as to why media shows their weakest trait is because it is the most disarming. This is where female empowerment can truly be a magical way to uplift anyone in their most fragile state and be a step forward and up in the game of life. What a strong and empowered woman can do is to share her wisdom and sometimes simply their energy with those who seek their own path to authenticity. It will be a challenge for both as they need to be open to the changes and the possible effects and influence can one have towards the other.


The wonder and the power of a woman with self-love.


It is in fact, the best weapon to yield in many situations, more than one. Self-love is the most effective way to unleash the power inside a woman for her to become the most empowered she will ever be. Through loving herself first, and prioritizing her needs and satisfaction, that she would be able to attain peace of mind and a distinct certainty within her with every step and move that she will make. By being a person who is able to identify and put her needs first, that she will have the capacity to outpour and prioritize the most important aspects of her life. Moreover, it is through that process that she will be able to unleash the woman that she is bound to be and be able to collaborate with the world in a better manner as she has already found the best assets that she can work with, and the weaknesses that she can work on. An honest and empowered woman is a goddess, yes. But more importantly, a goddess is a woman who knows how to love herself first.

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