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When a client is accepted as someone we wish to deal with, our priority is to ensure his experiences with our exquisite courtesan models are superb every time. We never stop striving for ultra-high class excellence in all areas, and sincerely look forward to making your time with us very special.

Our provisions are 100% genuine, without question. We are so confident of our selection and tutoring of our companion models, we offer a no-obligation, no-cancellation-fee, 100% guarantee of quality and class. (NOT a 100% guarantee of satisfaction..this is between you and the model!) In a nutshell, if the model you select is not as charming and beautiful as described in the first 10-15 minute introduction period of your meeting, you may politely inform the model she is not what you were expecting, and would prefer to meet someone else/ cancel the appointment. (We can offer this because it rarely, if ever, happens!)

The model will graciously call the office co-ordinators to assist you. There is no obligation for either the gentleman or the model to go ahead with the appointment if he/ she is unwilling to. This is why we have an introduction period. There is also no cancellation fee for this situation.

  *The no cancellation fee policy applies only in the following circumstances;
- The model is not what you were expecting, in personality or look.
- The model has not been touched or undressed.
- The model refuses the appointment due to your lack of hygiene, unsuitable abode, or unsuitable behaviour/ attitude.

Any other circumstance, such as a business appointment has suddenly come up, a cancellation fee will be expected as a gentlemanly gesture to the model who has taken time to prepare herself and make her way to you. This cancellation fee may be used toward another appointment within the week.

Should you be dissatisfied with the arrival, and request to see a different model, this may only be taken advantage of once - if the second model is unsuitable for you also, we cannot assist you further. We consult carefully with our clientele, first to ensure the gentlemen are suitable for us to cater to, and secondly to ascertain exactly what he requires, so the most appropriate model can be provided, if indeed we can assist... We do not send a bubbly curvaceous brunette if an athletic romantic blonde has been requested.

Whilst we do tutor our models in service & entertainment, we do NOT tutor them in personality; they are encouraged to be themselves, at their very best. We provide support and encouragement to bring out their natural warmth and passion, coupled with talented, superb entertainment - our service is NOT a mechanical, cold or over-structured one; in the words of one client, the models provide a special experience that 'exudes relaxed professionalism', which is verified to us by our enormous return clientele, all of whom we value highly.

This is our guarantee that our selection of models is at the standard of quality we say - we do not promote one thing and provide another. Rest assured that we deliver. You will enjoy the finest quality the world has to offer by joining the premium agency, the choice of celebrities, VIP's and even royalty - Mona Lisa Models™.

Our models are 100% genuine. We do not promote what we cannot provide. In fact, we encourage our potential clientele to try elsewhere to compare the difference. We have been in business internationally since 1991, which has given us plenty of time to develop the excellent reputation worldwide that we now maintain. We know we have the finest selection, providing the finest service. Had we been operating with the under-handed practices other jealous parties accuse us of, it would no doubt have been discovered by now! :-) However we are still the first choice of refined and discerning celebrities, royalty, and vip's worldwide. Not all callers are accepted, which is why we have remained exclusive only to a suitable cultured clientele, and the target of envious competitors.

We have a large clientele, some of whom have systematically made their way through spending time with every model we have, simply to prove a point. They soon discover all the models do exist! We have clients who book the entire staff at once for their entourage, or VIP's who book the entire staff so they can make their selection in person - and again they are reassured of the selection, level differences and quality when all the models are together.

Many escort websites all over the world have text on their site which has been copied from Mona Lisa Models™ - although many of them have changed the wording since this piece was written and our legal team were involved! - we don't say they shouldn't open something with the same concepts and attempt to provide elite services, they should just use their own brain and alleged intelligence to write their own text! :-)

To copy or feel threatened by us shows a weakness in their own company. We're too busy concentrating on providing the finest quality experiences for our clientele and models! A confident company manager doesn't generally feel the need (nor have the time!) to write fake bad reviews or spread ridiculous, laughable rumours. Everybody knows where the original text and ideas came from, as it is always seen here first on our busy, internationally popular website. Everyone knows our excellent reputation and the high level of professionalism with which we operate. It is amusing to see, and further establishes us as the premium agency worldwide for elite model companionship and top level model escort entertainment.

Management quote 1996: - "I will work with only two models if I have to, but they will be the best in the world." - Obviously a highly selective establishment, measuring their success on quality, not quantity or money..


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