Make Your South East Asia Trip Memorable With Our Hong Kong Escorts Guide

Many tourist websites pitch Hong Kong as a shopper’s paradise. While this is true, and you can spend days roaming the markets and shopping arcades, it is also true that there is so much more to Hong Kong than just shopping. Most of these delights of Hong Kong are given a miss by the usual tourists who are not aware. In case you are spending time in Hong Kong, you must make it a point to visit these attractions. If you are unwilling to travel alone, our Hong Kong escorts service will provide you with a very agreeable female company who will show you around.

The best thing about Hong Kong is that it becomes the destination you want to become. If you are looking for a family vacation, you have a plethora of parks and museums, plus the shopping of course. If you are a cultural aficionado, you will love the tasteful blend of the East and the West here. People from a huge number of countries work and stay here, and this amalgamation of different cultures find its reflection in the festivals, the art and the food of this amazing city-country. In case you are visiting alone, and want a bit of adventure, you will love the sizzling nightlife you get here.

The best thing about Hong Kong, if you have the time for a long vacation, is that it is the gateway to a lot of interesting countries in Eastern Asia and also China. You can plan to begin your vacation in Hong Kong, which can be just the right appetizer for an extended Asia trip. But let us focus on Hong Kong for now. These are few of the things you must do or the places we suggest you must visit while you are here :

- Temple Street Night Market

- The Kowloon waterfront, otherwise known as the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade

- Take a ride on the Ding Ding tram

- Macau and Lantau Island

- Ocean Park

- Ride the Star Ferry from Victoria Harbor

- Visit Victoria Peak

Find Company during Your Hong Kong Tour

Hong Kong Escorts for elite gentlemenThere is so much of Hong Kong for you to explore. But it is no fun doing it all alone. We can help you with our elite Hong Kong escorts so that you can roam around the city with a lovely host who will provide great company. This is very important because it helps you know the dos and don’ts while you are in a new place. You also don’t have the risk of missing out any must-see places. The happy company you get is just a fringe benefit!

When you visit a new country alone, it is important that you have a knowledgeable and pleasant company. But if you are seeking female company, your privacy would also be very important to you. Our service ensures that your visit will be enjoyable without compromising on your confidentiality. You get the pleasure of a sophisticated woman without the world knowing where you have been. Our models will be able to carry on an intelligent conversation while showing you the sights and sounds of this paradise. We will provide you the choice of selecting the company most compatible to your preference and taste. You can choose from a number of nationalities, which is a great benefit of visiting a multicultural country and using our services. In case you have any preferences for language, we would be able to cater to that as well. Of course, knowing to speak Cantonese or Mandarin is an absolute advantage, but if you don’t then all isn’t lost.

Some Tips for Organising and Inviting Hong Kong Escorts

Models from Hong Kong and International CompanionsYou should keep in mind that Hong Kong is not just about an urban jungle. There are several places to visit which would bring you close to nature. The main island is just one of the more than 300 islands that make up Hong Kong. So you can very easily slip away with your Hong Kong companion to an isolated beach, provided you know where to go. You can always hire a chauffeured car from our Agency and your companion will be able to guide anywhere you would like to go. Imagine holding her hand while enjoying the spray caress your face while you enjoy a ferry ride. If you are someone who enjoys his drink, you will be delighted to know that there is no law in Hong Kong that prohibits carrying an open bottle. But while guzzling your drink, do remember that romance dies on an empty stomach, and Hong Kong is a haven for foodies. You will find the classiest of restaurants here, and also the best of street food. The other advantage of being such a multicultural destination is that there is no international cuisine you won’t find here. Asia is home to a huge variety of unique food, all of which you will find here, but if you want to enjoy a French meal, for instance, you can have it here as well. Your date will be able to guide you about the best places to eat and drink in Hong Kong. You should remember to pack enough change of clothes even if you are taking your partner out for a day trip because Hong Kong can get really humid. That is the reason most places indoors do have air conditioning in Hong Kong, but if you want to explore the outdoors with your date, you should be prepared well. One surprising thing to remember on the elevators of Hong Kong is that if you are stationary, you should stand on the right instead of the left.

How to Treat Your Female Companion in Hong Kong

You might have heard horror stories of the materialistic and demanding women in Hong Kong, often referred to as gong nui in Cantonese. But we always screen our international models very carefully so that you have nothing but the best experience with them. But on your part, you should also behave in a certain manner to have an enjoyable time. Our women are well traveled and have sophisticated choices, and will expect you to be urbane and charming in your behavior. Spend time in getting to know her better and what better way than to have a few cups of coffee in a cozy restaurant while you understand each other well. You will find that if you show her the respect she deserves, she will take your hand and give you a trip you will find difficult to forget. Even if you are in Hong Kong on business, you will find that she is able to rid you of your stress if you allow her to lead the way. When you use our Hong Kong dating services, you will realize that if you treat your companion well, you will get much more than you give.

Luxury Hong Kong Dating Service is for Lasting Memories

When you sign up with us, you can be assured of getting to know Hong Kong well, and you will have wonderful company while you do it. Our services are guaranteed to provide complete satisfaction in discreet privacy. You get all the time you want to select just the right company for yourself, and we would ensure that you keep coming back to Mona Lisa Models© in Hong Kong.

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