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High Class Agency Introduces Elite International Escorts to Gentlemen

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but Elite International Escorts believes beautiful woman please all eyes. For this reason, we celebrate the beauty of women by offering attractive companions internationally to our gentlemen clientele who are looking for a high class, charming escort who is also beautiful in every sense of the word. The extraordinarily beautiful women bring a mystique to every experience that is formed by confidence, passion, energy, intelligence and breathtaking beauty.

What sets our bevvy of gorgeous and sensuous ladies apart is that they can graciously manage any occasion, offering our clientele enjoyable experiences from beginning to end. The occasion may be a formal evening at the theater or elite gala, an informal experience on a sailboat, an upper crust or upscale party, a special event, travel to a destination or a business event, or a cozy romantic dinner for two. Our goal is to ensure our ladies bring the right characteristics, energy, skills and excitement to each encounter with gentlemen. Their inner and outer beauty is so captivating that clients often claim they were personally uplifted by the experience, proving that great beauty pleases much more than the beholder’s eyes.

Any successful gentlemen who wants to enjoy the company of an exotic woman can count on us to pair him with the ideal escort for the occasion. The shapely and sophisticated women represent a variety of cultures, ethnicities and races, meaning our lovely gentlemen can select a beautiful lady with the features considered personally most desirable. The diversity of our models reflects our desire to offer encounters to international clients.

International companions selected by Mona Lisa Models

Elite international escorts modelWho are these beautiful and caring women from Mona Lisa Models elite international escorts? They come from all walks of life. Some are artistic professionals while other are businesswomen. There are women who have traveled the world, bringing a cosmopolitan perspective, women who are college or university students, and women who have built careers as performers and artists. All are very talented, meaning they have depth of intellect as well as depth of beauty. Having such an elegant date for an elegant private or public occasion proves a gentleman has discerning taste in companionship. He also shows he appreciates the naturally stunning woman who is comfortable with her beauty and her intelligence.

Booking an elite companion means always having a sexy date for any purpose and never settling for uninspired dates with women. You remove all doubt and worry that the woman will not know how to behave, dress or hold appropriate conversation with a gentleman or others in attendance. Clients enjoy time savings because there is no calling back and forth to a woman and getting “maybe” or “no” or I’m busy” for an answer. Your date will dress in a way that showcases her curves and allure but is always appropriate for the occasion. You eliminate the stress of trying to meet someone on the internet and taking the chance the woman is not who she says she is. Our gentlemen know the exact amount for the booking because it is agreed to up front and can rest assured we go to great lengths to ensure complete privacy.

You are booking more than a date. You are arranging to enjoy a beautiful smile on a gorgeous face, accompanied by a magnificent body. You will know the woman is equally happy going on a long, quiet and seductive dinner date or traveling as a partner from one sophisticated city to another for as long as you desire. It is up to you as to the type of adventure you share with a stunning woman from our elite international selection. Do you have a fantasy, and does it involve a high class woman who makes Nefertiti, the beauty of ancient Egypt, or Helen of Troy, whose face launched a thousand shops, look ordinary? There is no reason to be unaccompanied at any time when sophisticated and lovely women are waiting.




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