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Female Model Lesbian Escorts for Women

Female lesbian escort girls and bi-sexual lesbians. Bisexual women for outcalls only and models for threesome companions


hot-bi-double-modelsAn intimate, softly sensual memory... experience the pleasure of a professional pleasure artist who loves women. She is dedicated to a mutually blissful experience. Her attention is focussed right on you. She smells sexy, she looks mouth watering. As she moves in to stroke your hair, your heart skips a beat.. don't deny yourself this beautiful experience.

All models who cater for lesbian experiences are genuinely attracted to women, and have experience with women. The atmosphere will not be awkward, tentative or nonchalant, yet you will be allowed to set the pace to suit your own desires.

** N.B - We trust you understand the service we provide is not a porn-party type, but a warm, sensual, mutually affectionate and healing experience; the models are not blow-up dolls or slaves to be ordered around. Hundreds of different positions or rough treatment is not conducive to a romantic, sensual atmosphere, and the model will terminate the appointment if she is not treated with the same respect and consideration as she gives. If you are 'saving up' your money to 'get your money's worth' with one of our models, please try elsewhere.

We also DO NOT accept clients looking to take drugs or looking for a 'party girl', if drugs are involved in the booking or offered to our models, the police will be called. We are adamant about not exposing our models to this unsavoury situation. If you need drugs to enjoy an experience, you are not suited to the experience...

Please call the booking co-ordinators to discuss your needs, and they will assist you in reserving the most suitable model for your needs. Please book ahead where possible, as models who specialize in sensual lesbian experiences are not available every day, and appreciate time to prepare for your engagement. We look forward to making you smile :-)


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