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Our models' fees are for their TIME, these are the fees for a personal appearance. What you choose to do together is entirely between the model, and you as a polite gentleman, to discuss & decide.

This is why we have an introduction period, so the courtesan can tailor your appointment to suit your needs. WE DO NOT PROVIDE JUST SEX. You can find this basic 'service' for a much lower fee elsewhere. It is foolish to pay these prices for physical pleasure only. Although who are we to say what someone else's time is worth..? The model can request whatever fee she feels is justified for her time, and a gentleman is always happy to defer to a lady's preference (within reason).

We laugh when someone has a problem paying "this much" for "sex"; it means they have entirely missed the point of a courtesan, where her sexuality may or may not enter the equation.. He's being very presumptuous to assume he is going to get that close to her. That may only be extended to a gentleman she feels she has built a beautiful connection with. These prices, whilst often replicated by sex-only escort services, are for a very exclusive entertainment experience and a sacred healing connection, not just for pretty company and uncomplicated sex...

Considering the models' career levels, their deportment and breeding, and the maintenance they invest into themselves to constantly maintain and improve on their already elite status and look, and of course their ability to provide whatever is required to relax, pamper and entertain her gentleman friend mentally, emotionally and physically, we feel the models' fees are well proportioned.

Considering a celebrity will often charge $50,000-$300,000+ just for a few hours' appearance and posing for a few photos, time spent with our models is reasonably priced - for the gentleman who understands quality. Those who don't are very politely invited to utilize another company.

For model-type girls providing uncomplicated sexual entertainment only, please try an escort agency like Crown Escorts or Royalty Escorts.

The difference in our models' fees pertain to her education, sophistication, glamour, fitness, confidence levels, life experience, erotic technique, career status, etc etc. Many things are taken into consideration before a model's final fee is decided. It is an overall quality package. We do not request some of the highest professional fees in the world for nothing :-)


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