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Dear gentlemen and ladies, this is our model reviews page, here you can share your experience with our models and our agency also, you can share your feedback and give us your permission to publish it.

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Model Review for Louisa Brannan ~ monalisaaddict 12.2017


Model Review for Juliet Fratelli ~ Simon 12.2017

Juliet is just as sweet as she is sexy. I was very impressed with her overall service and look. Physically she was very breathtaking indeed. Natural blonde hair, smooth and glowing complexion and beautiful bright eyes. Her bust was fairly large and not enhanced which I enjoyed immensely. Her personality was confident, warm, bubbly and outgoing which is just what I like. I find that I am more on the shy and introverted side so when I spend time with escorts I always prefer that they are fun and extroverted so it brings that side out in me. We had lots of fun at our appointment and I will definitely be booking her again soon.

Model Review for Jana L'Amour ~ Rick 12.2017

I had a booking with Sophia last night and it was INCREDIBLE! I mean absolutely mind blowing! I don't think I have ever had a service that good before. I have been booking models for over 10 years now but I have never had one like this. She was quite raunchy and so experienced! But at the same time she was really young an innocent. Everything she did blew me away (no pun intended!). I think she just must be one of those rare finds like a unicorn! I also think that you really get what you pay for and there is 100% a reason she goes out at an elite level. She is worth every penny! 1 hour is not long enough though, to get the full experience you need at least 2 hours that way she can show you all her tricks :-)

Model Review for Kelli Pearson ~ Cory A 12.2017

Cory here just wanting to say thank you to the lovely Kelli for a great evening. I asked for a down to earth, confident and genuine model and that I got. Kelli you are one of a kind love - there is definitely something in the water in this side of town! Not sure when I will be over the border again but will definitely look into it sooner now that's for sure. Thanks to the two receptionists that recommended you as well... Rockstars. Hope everyone is well. Speak to you all very soon hopefully. Cory

Model Review for Evelyn Chernikov ~ Mat W 11.2017

Evelyn is such a beautiful old soul. I was told she was well-traveled, loved her music and film and loved to dance. I booked an overnight booking so we could have time to talk about all these things as well. No regrets at all... Evelyn should definitely be on a higher level, but no complaints here. I would still see her even if she was on a higher level. She is more than meets the eye so I will have to see her again. I've loved getting to know her in that short time. I was nervous about booking 12 hours because I wasn't sure if I was socially equipped enough to entertain such a beautiful woman for that long, but she was great. Nerves were gone in a few minutes and I look forward to seeing her again.

Model Review for Salima Hoffman ~ Rick 11.2017

I just wanted to write a quick review about my experience with Salima. She was such awesome company. I had such an incredible time with her. She is absolutely smoking hot! With bright blue eyes and super blonde hair she is just my type of girl. I loved that she was really organised for our appointment. There was no time to waste. As soon as she got there she got straight down to business to make sure that the appointment was tailored to me and I got exactly what I wanted. I usually don't spend this kind of money on Escorts but now that I have I can honestly say it was worth every penny.

Model Review for Lana Ellington ~ Tony 11.2017

Lana is one of the cutest models I have ever seen. Really I was in awe when I met her. She's really young and sexy and has curves in all the right places if you know what I mean! Her personality was super easy going and fun! I probably should also mention that even though she was young she still had quite a mature personality which was refreshing. We started the night off with drinks and dinner at the hotel bar and then went back to the room for some "fun". She had some really great tricks in the bedroom i'd never seen before! I will definitely be booking Lana again!

Model Review for Mia White ~ Damien E 11.2017

Hi MonaLisa team, Damien here. Just a quick and simple thank you for your recommendation. I spoke to two of your coordinators at about three or four different occasions as I was very nervous about seeing somebody for the first time in a very long time, but I am glad that I did. Mia is so pleasant, so mature for her age, but also the perfect amount of fun that I needed for my night this evening. She made me feel so at ease, the nerves disappeared almost straight away. She exceeded my expectations. Please pass my feedback to management. Thanking you again for a wonderful experience. You all definitely left an impression and I can safely say I will be calling again soon. Take Care Damien

Model Review for Fabienne Marks ~ Gio 11.2017

I could not speak more highly of Fabienne. She was simply and utterly breathtaking. From the moment I met her at the restaurant to the moment we parted ways she was outstanding! I don't think I have ever met a high class model escort that was as poised, intelligent, sophisticated and beautiful as Fabienne! She was dressed to perfection with admirable designer clothes and accessories, perfectly applied makeup and professionally styled hair. Her manner was delightful and her cheeky humor made our date a fun experience. If I had to rate Fabienne out of 10 I would give her 100! I must also mention that it was an absolute pleasure booking with Mona Lisa Models. They are professional and polite and certainly have the best escorts around.

Model Review for Sophia Morello ~ Francis E 11.2017

Sophia, Sophia... What a beautiful model. Thank you for showing me the beautiful sights of the city the other night. It was hard to take my eyes off you but you made the perfect tour guide. I was very spoilt! Thinking about moving to Aussie soon with all these gorgeous women there. MLM team, thank you all very much. I hope Sophia had a great time as well. Please tell her that I had a wonderful time and my apologies for not having more time. I will see her again very soon - Francis.

Model Review for Dakota Evans ~ Nick 11.2017

Dakota was such a fantastic model. I don't usually take the time to write reviews for anything but I just had such an amazing time with Dakota I felt compelled to. She was a really fun, down to earth Aussie girl. I have booked models with other agencies and found them to be a reserved and cold but this wasn't my experience at all with Mona Lisa Models and Dakota. She made me feel really comfortable and like I had known her for years. Physically she is really beautiful. She told me she does LOTS of yoga and I could tell by he fit physique - she was also quite flexible ;-). I would love to see Dakota sometime soon again. The only thing I would change about the appointment is that I wish it went for longer.

Model Review for Alana Abatti ~ Rod C. 11.2017

I am submitting a review for the model Alana Abatti because I was so incredibly pleased by her service and attention to detail. I am not usually the type of person to submit a review however, I felt it was necessary in this instance because I am so found of Miss Abatti and I want other to know about her exceptional service. From the minute I saw her I was taken aback at how smart, sophisticated and beautiful she looked. She was perfectly manicured, hair professionally styled with a sexy yet tasteful cocktail dress on. She looked like a million dollars! That probably would have been enough to make me satisfied but she continued to surprise me with her outstanding service. I could tell she was very experienced and knew exactly what to do to please me! I will most certainly be booking the services of Miss Abatti in the very near future only this time for much longer!

Model Review for Alana Abatti ~ Nick Tes. 11.2017

I had an amazing time last night with Alana. She was so accommodating and very creative. I also would like to say thank you to the lovely coordinator Elise who organised such a lovely date for me. I will definitely call again. Thanks Mona Lisa

Model Review for Georgina Newman ~ Trevor B. 11.2017

Georgina Newman is unbelievable! She is one of the most beautiful high class model escorts I have ever booked with! I would describe her as incredibly young and fresh! She is Australian and has the most beautiful porcelain complexion and nice toned young body. She has such a natural beauty she doesn't even need to wear much make-up which is exactly how I like my high class model escorts! Also, she told me she used to be a dancer and I could tell by her flexibility which made the appointment all the more fun :-)

Model Review for Anessa Elkin ~ Paul L 11.2017

I would describe Anessa as the cute girl next door type. I love that innocent and sweet looking girl that really has a naughty side that's Anessa for sure. She had lots of vibrators and outfits which she brought with her and made our time together super fun! She put on a number of different raunchy shows for me and we got to enjoy a hot steamy shower together. I originally booked her only for 2 hours but we were having so much fun I extended another 4 hours. The nice coordinator told me next time I should just book her upfront as its more economical. If you are thinking about booking Anessa make sure you book a package upfront! Trust me you will want to spend more than just 2 hours with her lol!

Model Review for Sheridan Brennan ~ Luca C 11.2017

Hello MLM team, Just wanted to pass on my thank you to you and Sheridan, of course. What an amazing companion. The receptionist matched me up to someone I feel like I have known for a long time... We had a great connection and the chemistry was more than what I expected. I will be traveling to Sydney and Melbourne a lot more once I make the move over to be closer to business. Work trips have never been this memorable and fun. Thank you so very much again and I cannot wait to meet more of your beautiful ladies in the future. I will be in touch. Luca

Model Review for Salima Hoffman ~ Angelo 11.2017

I could not help but take the time to tell you that if interested in booking a model at Mona Lisa Models then Salima is definitely an experience not to pass up. My time with Salima was exciting and she had me mesmerized from the moment she walked in the door. Salima is completely natural and her body is something that you must explore. Salima has a very cheeky alluring side to her, she is playful and a delight - she had me at complete ease the whole time I was in her presence. Truly captivating I would highly recommend her if you are lucky enough to secure time with her. You just never know what surprises she has in store. Cannot wait to see her again.

Model Review for Prue Giovanni ~ Matt Simons 11.2017

I just had my first experience booking with an Escort Agency. I am so pleased I chose to book with Mona Lisa Models. My appointment was with Prue Giovanni and the service was exceptional. I could tell from the moment I met Prue that she really enjoys the work she does, it was written all over her face. I found her to be even more beautiful than her photographs on the Mona Lisa website. I will definitely book her again and would recommend her to anyone who is wanting an experienced escort who genuinely enjoys her work and knows exactly what she is doing!

Model Review for Patrice Malcom ~ Joseph A 11.2017

I was matched with Patrice by one of your coordinators last week. I was very nervous as it was my first time using your agency and I've had some disappointing experiences at other places in the past, but I was very impressed here. Patrice is beautiful - soft features, pretty lips, eyes, but better yet, a young and intelligent lady. I could've spent a lot more time with her if work hadn't taken up the rest of my afternoon. I'm due in town again soon and I'll be sure to book more time this time. See you soon Patrice. Joe A

Model Review for Alicia De Lava ~ Nick 11.2017

Alicia is incredible. She has one of the best bodies I have ever seen. It is very obvious that she likes to take really good care of herself. I could tell that she works out regularly and eats a healthy diet. Her skin was nice, her eyes clear and hair shiny. Apart from that her service was also exceptional. One of the best escort experiences I have had in a long time! I look forward to seeing some of the other models at Mona Lisa.

Model Review for Maria Levy ~ Gav M 11.2017

I am writing to review my experience with the model Maria Levy. Maria is a cheeky and flirtatious model with incredibly good looks. She is fresh faced with a clean complexion and beautiful sparkling eyes. Her demeanor was one of warmth and enthusiasm. Her service was exceptional. Very professional and clean. We had a 3hour appointment which was a great amount of time to enjoy dinner at the hotel and some private and more personal time in the room. I very much enjoyed using the services of Mona Lisa Models and will definitely book with them again.

Model Review for Sophia Morello ~ Edward B.W. 11.2017

I recently had an appointment with Miss Sophia Morello. She was absolutely outstanding! I could not speak more highly of her incredible service and polished presentation! When I booked Miss Morello I requested many things such as she wear black lingerie and suspenders with a well fitted red cocktail dress. To my surprise she turned up in exactly that outfit! It appeared that nothing I asked for was too much. I have never had such incredible service from an escort agency or high class model escort. I look forward to using the services of Mona Lisa Models and seeing Miss Morello again in the future.

Model Review for Cooper Daniels ~ Barry 10.2017

Cooper is a blue eyed babe - she will capture you and put you under her spell the moment you look into her sea blue eyes. Sweet and alluring and mysterious she is like a present that surprises you as you unwrap her layer by layer - I suggest doing a package with her as you will not want her to leave. Young, fresh and sensual she is someone that you will not forget too soon.

Model Review for Veronica Dre ~ Gary 10.2017

I had the pleasure of spending time with this lovely beauty. Very in tune and passionate to my needs. Amazing body and very well educated. Veronica has an easy air about her that allowed me to relax and enjoy my time with her on a very intimate level. Veronica is also very sexy and likes to take charge so I could just let her lead me to absolute pleasure. We had a great time sipping champagne and getting up to all things naughty. If you are interested in a hot, sex model Veronica is a great choice. Make sure you save all your energy your going to need it.

Model Review for Heather Zachary ~ Paul S. 10.2017

This was my first time booking with an agency and to be honest I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. The receptionist I spoke to put my mind at ease and ended up suggesting that for my "first time" I book with Heather. I was a little worried because she was one of the more expensive models but the receptionist ensured me that I wouldn't be disappointed and it was for my birthday after all! Well all I can say is that I wasn't disappointed AT ALL! I actually ended up extending my time with Heather because I loved her company so much! A big thanks to the receptionist who suggested Heather - you were spot on! Definitely booking her again!

Model Review for Veronica Dre ~ Mark 10.2017

I had the pleasure of spending time with this lovely beauty. Very in tune and passionate to my needs. Amazing body and very well educated. Veronica has an easy air about her that allowed me to relax and enjoy my time with her on a very intimate level. Veronica is also very sexy and likes to take charge so I could just let her lead me to absolute pleasure. We had a great time sipping champagne and getting up to all things naughty. If you are interested in a hot, sex model Veronica is a great choice. Make sure you save all your energy your going to need it.

Model Review for Tyler Ramsay ~ Pete 10.2017

Tyler was super sexy and cute! She's young - only 20 - but really know what she is doing! She has a really fit, tight and toned body and nice supple breasts. You can tell by her figure that she enjoys working out and taking care of herself. On our date she wore a really tight sexy black dress which was a real turn on. Plus when we got back to the hotel room she had a bag FULL of all these toys and games! We had so much fun! I ended up extending my time with her all through the night! Tyler was one of the best escorts I have ever been with hands down. I will definitely book her again but next time I will book a package upfront as the Mona Lisa Agency has good discounted rates if you book multiple hours upfront!

Model Review for Celeste Logan ~ chas Sutton 07.2017


Model Review for Cooper Daniels ~ Jason 06.2017

Cooper Daniels is my all time favourite model at Mona Lisa Models. She is so bubbly, fun and outgoing! Our personalities are perfect match. Every time I book her we always have such a great time. I think I have seen her on at least 6 or 7 different occasions and I never feel the need to book another girl because she just has it all - the looks, the body - THE SERVICE! OMG this girl really knows what she is doing! I also have a soft spot for blonde and busty so she really is my ideal women. Can't get better than Cooper Daniels! If you're looking for a model who will absolutely knock your socks off - she is the girl!

Model Review for Anya Paulson ~ Terry N 05.2017

Anja is incredibly sweet and attentive. Thank you very much for your recommendations. I enjoyed my time with all three models. I don't have anything bad to say at all about any of them, but Anja was by far my favourite companion in this trip. We talked music, the arts, outdoors, travel... I'm thinking of booking her in Melbourne too in a couple of weekends. Business as always first, but just wanted to say thanks for now. Terry

Model Review for Salima Hoffman ~ C Marker 05.2017

Not quite sure what to write here to do justice to this beautiful woman. I'm mainly leaving this here hoping she will see it and be reminded again of how much fun we had that evening. I told the co-ordinator I just needed a companion for the night to take my mind off work, she gave me so much more than that - she gave me this beauty. Just amazing.

Model Review for Mia White ~ JC 05.2017

Something is definitely in the water in Sydney. This was my first time I have booked with your agency. I haven't had great experiences in the past at other places but I was promised by your coordinator 'a very special girl'. That I got for sure. Mia is incredibly sweet and made my Sydney visit that much more enjoyable. Looking forward to a next time

Model Review for Melodie James ~ Ken C 05.2017

Pocket-sized beauty who could have entertained me for hours. I wish I was in town for longer so we could have spent more time together, but there is always next time. Just wanted to say a simple thank you to management for this one. Melodie is one of the most interesting women I have ever seen, and definitely one of the most beautiful. Jackpot choice. Thank you to the coordinators too for your help. I will be in touch! Ken

Model Review for Cora Connelly ~ R Kite 05.2017

Dear management at MLM, Thank you very much for bringing me Cora. What a special girl... This is the third time I have seen her and she just keeps surprising me each time. I don't expect her to stay at this rate - but wouldn't be surprised if she is promoted soon! Just wanted to type a short message up to say thanks to this amazing beauty, the coordinators and management. Great job across the company. It's been a great pleasure. Will certainly be in touch soon. R. Kite

Model Review for Willow Murphy ~ Dan B 05.2017

Willow you are a star. Love your energy, spirit, passion, enthusiasm... Body! And to the agency, I extend the other thank you...very much! I really needed somebody special after the week I had. Cheers to the coordinators who recommended this sunshine. I will be in town next month and have my eyes on a special package ! Countdown is on :) Speak soon

Model Review for Fabienne Marks ~ Ricardo G 05.2017

I booked with your agency for the first time yesterday. A friend of mine had spoken a few good words and I thought I would treat myself after the Cinco de Mayo celebrations. I had no idea what to expect - I only went by the coordinator's description which felt a little crazy at the time, but I was feeling lucky. She recommended a few models and said Fabienne was her top pick of the three for me. Now that I'm on the website and seeing Fabienne's profile photos, all I have to say to clients that have not met her yet is - she is better in person! And also a very sweet girl beyond the sexy exterior. Very impressed. Thank you to all - it was a Happy Cinco de Mayo for me!

Model Review for Heather Zachary ~ Mark T 05.2017

Thank you Heather for a memorable birthday treat. I only saw you for one night but that was all I needed to make the week! Happy birthday boy indeed. You looked just as beautiful as the last time. Love your personality and your wit - just as sharp! If not sharper. Challenge accepted. See you next time :) MT

Model Review for Sienna Crane ~ K Fields 04.2017

All I can say is Sienna Crane is definitely my favourite model. I have met many beautiful women at other agencies, but Sienna sets a bar. I don't see her often, but when I do, she always makes it a memorable time. If I had more money I would keep extending haha. Sienna, you're a star :)

Model Review for Hayley Minsk ~ Warren S 04.2017

I had another amazing date with Hayley this week. She's incredibly bubbly and exactly the type of energy I like in my company. I've seen a few ladies from MLM before but Hayley stands out. I first met her in June last year when I was in Sydney - I'm from the US. The coordinator said she would not disappoint - and she didn't! She looks just as beautiful in person. Everything about her is inviting. I told the coordinator to tell management that Hayley should be promoted, then jokingly took it back realizing that that would mean I would be more out of pocket next time I'm in the country! Definitely worth it. - WS

Model Review for Victoria Arcane ~ Nicholas A 04.2017

I prebooked to see Victoria for the Easter long weekend. What a lovely model. Delicate features, fit but feminine body, and intelligent mind. I have used your agency many times before but have never met one as interesting as Victoria. I'm always a bit hesitant spending this much, and I still hesitate! But now I have met a couple of models on each of the different levels, I can see why others are at a higher rate in your agency. Victoria is doing everything right. If anybody out there needs a good Sydney tour guide, she is great for this too. We spent the long weekend seeing sites and time flew by. It is one Easter break to beat for sure. Thanks

Model Review for Michelle Godsee ~ Jason S 04.2017

Michelle is fantastic. I first met her last November and have booked her each time I've been in town. I can only ever book an hour because of my work schedule, but she makes it an hour to remember each time. I'd describe her as well-traveled, elegant, educated and extremely sexy. I always spend so much of our time talking because she has an attractive mind as well as a body. The receptionists always have a few more options for me each time I call, and all look and sound lovely, but it's hard to beat this beauty! Thanks Michelle. Jason

Model Review for Patrice Malcom ~ Evan G 04.2017

I call this agency each time I go into Sydney and Melbourne for work. I told the coordinator on shift that the most important thing for me was a beautiful face. You have to put your trust in the coordinator when it comes to this because of the blurred faces on their profiles, but I haven't been disappointed yet. Patrice is stunning. I met her last week for the first time because the model I usually see was on holidays. I'm usually quite nervous but she is as easygoing as they get. She's a classic beauty, very sweet personality, and has that quick wit that I love in company. Time flew by and I ended up extending, which I hadn't done before. Usually I stick to a time but she was definitely worth it. I was tired at the conference the next morning but in the best way.

Model Review for Abigail St. Luc ~ Tony G 04.2017

I had the pleasure of meeting with Abigail last night, she is so hot. We had a great time. Thank you again ml, i will be back next month. Tony x

Model Review for Cooper Daniels ~ Anton 03.2017

I've been a regular client of the Mona Lisa agency for about 6 years, and in the time that I've been calling them I've experienced ups and downs, but mostly ups. The downs would be when one of the girls calls in sick, which I guess the agency can't control, but they have always done their best to make it up to me, and I've met the other girl another time. I've always found the receptionists to be quite competent, honest and friendly. The models I've always found to be exceptional. Sometimes the girls (or 'models', as they call them) are way above others I've met, other times they are not necessarily better than anywhere else in how they look. The difference I've found here is that I never come across one of those girls who is out partying a lot or who has a casual personality like they don't care. They are all really nice good girls, friendly and interested in me, and they seem to be really happy with their work, not doing it to pay something. Like I never felt like they were watching the time, or like they were uncomfortable, they all seem to be well spoken, clean, great looking, smart, the whole nine yards. I sent back one girl once who was new and I didn't feel like she was really into it, I dont think she lasted there. And another one I sent back once because I just found her a little too shy and quiet, and I like someone I can click with mentally, who's confident. Incidentally I met the girl Cooper mentioned by someone else here, and while she was admittedly a bit more relaxed than some of the other girls I'd met, but she was still elegant and quite intelligent. I just think she was a more down to earth nature, but she was beautifully dressed in a posh suit and what she lacked in "social polish", she made up for in enthusiasm so I couldn't help but like and appreciate her. Thats a lot of girls in 6 years and I feel like I'm qualified to review them objectively as one of the best overall agencies in Sydney, if you're like me and you need more than just a pretty face. They seem to pick their staff pretty well.

Model Review for Chantelle Braxton ~ Sahil 03.2017

Chantelle is a charismatic, intelligent, beautiful model... I met her a couple of nights ago when I was in Sydney for business. My work friend met another, but I was very happy with this recommendation. The receptionist said she is very sweet, she is! I booked for a few hours and have no regrets. Very beautiful girl with also great mind. I will see her again when I will be in Sydney.

Model Review for Megan Lafont ~ George 03.2017

Having used quite a few different agencies, I was very happy with the refreshing change that is Mona Lisa. Their girls are down to earth and not snobby, they enjoy spending time with me and most of all, the agency is very professional to deal with. Megan who arrived was the one from the photos and she was very naughty I have to say, but I’ve always been the type of man who likes a naughty woman!

Model Review for Alina Benez ~ Paul 03.2017

I met this beautiful girl last week. Fresh face, great body, loads of personality and confident in her own skin. She is young, but she knows what she's doing. I booked for great service, but what I got was great company too. This is the second time I've used this agency now and they have not let me down. Looking forward to the next meet with Alina. Paul

Model Review for Celia Laurentis ~ Jonathan 03.2017

I called this company a couple of days ago while I was in Sydney for a seminar and wanted some company. I had to call the office girl twice to get her to call me back, maybe she was busy (I suppose that's not a bad sign), but I did feel like she forgot me. But once the courtesan arrived I kind of forgave the agency I can see why their so busy. I met Celia and she was really cute, amazing body and skin. She was really confident and friendly, and she was everything I would expect from the office girl's description. We had a fantastic time, it turned out we had a lot in common, so the night went off without a hitch in the end. All those questions the office asked me paid off. I was very impressed with the service and apart from the overworked office receptionist, I would definitely call again. The attention to details by them was worth it. Thanks to Celia too.

Model Review for Natalie Harris ~ Gently West 03.2017

I met Natalie a couple of weeks ago when I came up to Sydney for work. A friend and colleague of mine had told me about a few agencies he'd used in the last year or so and I thought I'd take a look at the MLM website at least. To be honest, the site is overwhelming. I didn't get to reading all of the content, so just phoned and spoke to the receptionist instead. I wasn't able to commit the first night, but the second time I phoned and got a different receptionist, I got a feel that they were not all about money. I told them I couldn't spend that much, but they still worked with me to find somebody special for me to make my Sydney visit memorable. Both receptionists had their recommendations and each mentioned Natalie. I thought that was a good sign and booked to see her for an hour. She was exactly how the receptionists described her, and even prettier than her photos. Cheekier than I expected! But no complaints there! But I was most surprised by the connection. Special girl. Definitely made my Sydney visit more interesting! I'll definitely book her next time I'm in town.

Model Review for Alicia De Lava ~ TJ 02.2017

Very good service, happy with model. Will book again. TJ

Model Review for Georgina Newman ~ Sam 01.2017

Good service and hot girls. I called for a last minute appointment on mona lisa models as the other agency I called fell through and they were wonderful. Great receptionists who explained the process and guided me to a few lovely girls, in fact, I’ve called with more notice on two occasions and they were able to organise a fantastic fantasy for me. Will definitely be a regular here.

Model Review for Sara Goldman ~ Simon 12.2016

Fun and enjoyable experience. I met with Sara Tuesday last week, and she was incredible. She looked after me, gave me a massage and a very sensual oil show! She is an amazing kisser and so much fun.

Model Review for Nicole Capella ~ CarltonB 12.2016

Highly recommend Nicole- my new favourite, really impressed with her service, catered to all my needs, will definitely rebook this gorgeous girl

Model Review for Paige Nelson ~ Thomas 11.2016

All I can say is- Wow!!!! What a beautiful & talented woman - and so genuine! Looking forward to spending more time with her :)