An Exceptional Elite Introduction Escort Agency to Give You the Opportunity to Meet Affluent Gentlemen

So what does it take to be part of our elite Introduction escort agency? Before we unveil answers to some frequently-asked questions from escort applicants, first and foremost, we would like to make clear that we are not the traditional escort agency like what is commonly known to the public. We don’t offer cheap and short services here. Any agency that considers itself elite and offers cheap, by-the-hour visits is not to be called so. They are merely providing physical services and just trying to promote a good image. On the other hand, we are a quality-based company offering Introduction and travel companionship services. We have purposely set our fees to a certain standard to attract only suitable gentlemen who are cultured and refined. Though we introduce our company as a provider of “escorts” and “courtesans”, our definition of these words are far from what is perceived by the modern society. Other gentlemen might look for brief encounters inclusive of physical services, expecting to meet women donning indecent clothing, but that’s just not we are about or ask you to be. If you want to connect with refined and well-mannered gentlemen, you have come to the right place so read on to know more about how you can be part of our team.

Q: What are the requirements to be considered for this position?

elite Introduction escort agencyA: The first thing you should check is the Recruitment page on our website. We are looking for women who are at their optimum health, and do not indulge in excessive drinking or prohibited drugs. You need to be able to pull off any event held in five-star hotels and upscale restaurants (we expect that you are knowledgeable about proper table manners and dining etiquette as well as appropriate business decorum, among others.) Preferably, you have invested in supplementary classes about social manners and personality development. You should be able to adapt to changing situations with ease and be well-versed to speak with people eloquently. We also need you to be able to express yourself passionately towards your clients, as you would to a real-life partner. You should possess a naturally welcoming attitude, always well-presented, and thoughtful at all times. You should be confident with your physique, be 20-35, elegantly posh, and modest, and should not relay any information about your clients to anyone who is not part of the agency.

Q: Should I pay for anything upfront?

A: There are no compulsory registration fees, unless you prefer to improve your apparel, portfolio or overall image. Any expenses you would incur would only be related to make your image portfolio up-to-date. You may need to undergo a new photoshoot, unless you already have freshly-taken, unedited and high-resolution photos which would suffice to be put as content to our website. If your existing photos have been displayed on other websites, we will require you to replace them as well as we don’t want gentlemen to identify you as someone whom they already seen in other sites – they would most likely not be interested to meeting you if that’s the case, anyway. Our aim is to help you earn, not spend money for working for us. We might suggest some simple upgrades in your looks to make you look more appealing to our clients (perhaps a new hairstyle which would be more fitting to the shape of your face), but the choice is still yours to make.

Q: Do you require a certain number of hours for my availability?

A: Your availability would totally be your call. Understandably, the more hours you can make yourself available, the higher you can earn. However, the last thing we want is for you to be exhausted. The company’s success is built on teamwork, so mutual trust is crucial to make it work. We could provide more details on this when you undergo formal training with us.

Mutually-Enjoyable Experiences Await When You Work with an Elite Introduction Escort Agency

At this point, you already have a grasp of what we’re looking for in women. Now, we want to give you more details of how rewarding this opportunity would be and why you should not miss being considered to be part of an elite Introduction escort agency.

Q: Why would Mona Lisa Models® be worth working for?

A: To be a part of our choicest models would already be a big accomplishment. We pride ourselves with an unrivaled international reputation known for professionalism and security. High profile individuals including VIPs, CEOs, celebrities, lawyers, doctors, among other dignified gentlemen have us in mind as a trusted provider of excellent services. Word-of-mouth marketing has always been our advantage, and we have always maintained a high percentage of return callers which only prove how satisfied our clients are. The success of our business could be attributed to our high level of professionalism, genuineness and reliability. It is our commitment to provide superior dating experiences to both our prized models and valued clients. It is worthy to note that Mona Lisa Models® is an internationally-registered trademark and is a prominent and respected name in the high society. That being said, our image is also a representation of you, because when our clients reach out to us, they are affirmed that they will get to meet only the finest and most sophisticated women across the globe. You can try to make your own research about other agencies out there. A word of caution, though – you will probably find a lot of organizations who consider themselves first-rate and experts in the industry, but a deeper investigation will show you how they maltreat their models or compromise their safety and security. In any company you will consider working for, their reputation should always be the first things you should always check, along with the length of existence of their billing company, the upfront charges they require from you, and to a “lesser extent”, how well they rank in search results. (We consider the search results to be of lesser importance because some companies might be more aggressive in their digital marketing efforts, but high-end agencies entice more clients through reputation building which cannot be defined by top ranks in search engines). It would be best if you could have a dialogue with other ladies who have worked with those agencies so they could give you an actual overview of the quality and nature of the services they offer. The rule of thumb is that if they offer hourly-based encounters, then we suggest you stay away from connecting with those agencies (unless that’s what you’re looking for.) On a general note, agencies offering on-call services are not quality-based. You may find that their website content may seem as good and appealing as other high-end agencies, but you’ll know from contacting them what they really are and what kind of services they really offer. Promises or rewards that seem too good to be true, fixed hours of availability or hard-selling efforts are apparent warning signs. Unfortunately, some people do not care much about your well-being and will use you to their advantage, so try to take caution as much as possible so you would not fall into their trap. You should know your worth as a woman and do not deserve mistreatment of any kind. When you work for a high class company like Mona Lisa Models®, you are assured that we will look safeguard your security and you will maintain your self-respect as you will not have to tolerate unpleasant calls or get yourself into perilous circumstances.

Q: How do you make my security guaranteed?

Security and safety of the modelsA: We can assure you that we have built a very secure environment for our models. First and foremost, we have a thorough screening process in place for all our clients by only entertaining engagements booked in 5-star residencies (hotels, resorts, etc.) and making sure you have security staff on standby so you can ask assistance when needed (which by the way has never been utilized). Moreover, you can always reach out to us by phone when you have a reserved engagement with a client. Yes, we make sure we are virtually with you in every appointment you have. Antonia also accompanies her ladies on trips so you’re indeed not alone on this. It’s teamwork and that is how it would always be.

Our reputation is also your guarantee. We make sure that we are safeguarding your security by keeping your identity, photos and content material discreet. When you disconnect from our agency, we also destroy all your records and personal details. You can rest assured that we don’t keep any records to our personal advantage or divulge your identity to anyone who is not part of our agency. We have been in this industry for years now and have had the privilege to work with distinguished individuals, but never have we been reported to violate any of our clients’ privacy policy, and we will never do that in the years to come. We intend no harm to anyone – both our models and our valued clients.

How to Apply as an Elite Escort for A High Class Companionship Agency

Now that you know the qualifications we are after and how we value our models’ security and privacy, we bet you would be interested about the application process here at Mona Lisa Models®.

Q: Why is an in-person interview required initially?

Interviewing models face to faceA: A respectable and trustworthy agency would always want to meet and assess their potential employees face-to-face, much more if they are aspiring elite courtesans. We treat our models like part of our family so we want to build camaraderie and establish a good and enjoyable working relationship. This also allows us to know our models on a deeper level so we can work with them smoothly and avoid any possible misinterpretation. We believe that when we recognize your strengths and preferences, we would be more able to match you with your ideal clientele. It is through consistent communication that mutual respect is achieved. Also, we cannot endorse your abilities and talent to potential clients if we don’t know you well, so we encourage frequent connection and open communication lines.

Q: Where are the interviews held?

A: It is Antonia’s personal choice to meet all her staff face-to-face. Mona Lisa Models® holds offices all over the Oceania, the Europe and the USA (Melbourne, Sydney, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong). Initially, a Skype interview will be scheduled. Afterwards, she will arrange to meet you for the next discreet in-person interview at a city that’s nearest to your location, most likely at a high-class coffee lounge, posh café or a five-star hotel to get to know you in private over a drink, wherein you can indulge in a relaxed conversation and entertain your queries not answered during the initial interview.

Q: Can I have my own photos displayed on your website?

A: As we would like to maintain a certain level of sophistication and quality for our website, we would require you to provide us with professionally-taken images and video only. This is also for the benefit of your private members. If we find your existing photos apt and suit our requirements, then yes, we could gladly use those as part of your private profile. Otherwise, we can endorse local photographers who have worked with our models previously and understands just how we would like the output to look like. We normally want your profile to be updated once a year, or whenever you have made some changes on your physical appearance. Rest assured that only approved members of the agency have access to your photos and video, and they are kept in a secure location not accessible to anyone outside our company. It’s your choice if you want to show your face, but ideally, our recommendation is to keep your identity as private as possible as our clientele would prefer to make your engagement with them discreet at all times.

Our Elite Models Are Fairly Compensated for their Precious Time with Refined Gentlemen

All the fine details about being part of Mona Lisa Models® do not end there. Read on to find out how well our models are compensated for their excellent services.

Q: How much of the booking time will I be compensated?

A: The entire appointment will be paid for by the client. You are charging him for your time so that’s what he will fully pay for – from your transport to initially meet him, the time you spend with him during the encounter, up to your transport going back home. However, please note that only the travel expenses will be covered, not the travel time itself. But if you consider the profitable income you will earn from every engagement, you will surely not be bother about it. We believe it should always be a healthy give and take process.

Q: Am I required to accept international appointments?

A: Not at all as we never want our models to do anything you're not happy doing so. However, who can resist going to an international vacation with all expenses paid? But if you have other personal matters to attend to, issues with visa processing or anything that would hinder you from saying yes to a possible engagement, you just have to tell us honestly and we’ll find another model to take your place accordingly.

Q: Is there an average number of appointments that I can look forward to on a monthly basis?

A: That’s actually not how we work in this industry. We intend to arrange your engagements intermittently, not frequently. Generally, your schedule will change depending on the market demand. If we have a lot of reservation requests, it would still be up to you how much work you are willing to accept. It’s just a matter of maintaining your high standards of quality and availability that will help you earn more bookings and repeat dating engagements. We’re not encouraging our models to have fully-booked schedules. Most women who know their worth would prefer to have less appointments with less clients but at a higher rate which also translates to more meaningful experiences. Similarly, our valued clients also prefer to be introduced to an elite model whom he can share an authentic encounter, rather than spend time with a woman who seems too experienced and tends to forget that she is being compensated for her precious time.

Your Privacy is Secured When You Work for our High Class Agency

Privacy for models represented by the agencyNo need to worry about your privacy and security as we certainly got that covered.

Q: How discreet could this work be?

A: We value your privacy just how we treat our clients’ confidentiality. We will provide you the information of your client prior to meeting them in person, so in case you know them and do not want to be introduced to them, we will respect your decision. We take all measures to ensure your safety, and during training, we will also teach you how you could protect yourself. Since our business was established, we never had models who have been revealed as working for us.

Q: Am I allowed to decline an appointment?

A: Of course, you have the right to. If by any chance, you don’t feel comfortable in the company of your client, you can courteously decline to pursue the engagement. This also gives the client a chance to meet someone else who would enjoy his company and would want to spend time with him. However, this rarely happens as most of our clients are very pleasant and we can say that our matchmaking skills are on a very high level.

Q: Where will I get to meet my client?

A: We make sure that we only accept appointments made in deluxe hotels or restaurants and only those that can be pre-booked. All business transactions we make are only with clients in famous locations in the city. Since we cater to only the finest clients, if he cannot afford a luxurious setting, then he wouldn’t be worthy of your time as well. We have kept this policy in place for years to ensure a safe atmosphere in which to set the initial introduction and also give you and the client a mutually comfortable experience. From there, you will discuss where to head to next – be it a private event or a business-related engagement.

If all these perks interest you, feel free to fill out the application form below and we look forward to meeting you!

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