Deep Within the Philosophy of an Elite Escort Agency


The presence of the right person can cure the inevitable forlorn of solitude. There are various advantages in spending time alone but there are times when having someone by your side to share the memories with feels right and comforting. It is the philosophy of the elite escort agency to bring people together to create delightful moments and to forge unforgettable connections. It is so significant for our companionship company to deliver high-quality of service to our clients through the provision of extraordinary international companions.  We make it a point to impart wonderful travel experiences while having an alluring and erudite lady by our client’s side. Mona Lisa Models® also prioritizes bringing happiness and satisfaction that our hard-working gentlemen deserve.

High standard every timeTo deliver a high class companionship has always been the objective of the Agency. We supremely believe that our clients deserve nothing less than an upscale and fine quality of services. This is why our company encourages ambiance of openness and friendship between our wonderful companions and noble gentlemen. We want our clients to feel comfortable and at the same time feel excited about the flow of the entire journey. We ensure that our companions, who have undergone the meticulous recruiting process, are not only delightful to look at but also engaging to talk with. Since our escorts are known for being clever, be prepared to be challenged with authentic conversations and deep exchange of thoughts. Unlike general call girls who work full time as escorts, the ladies that our clients will meet are professionals in their own fields. Their elegance and beauty are the perfect indications that their companionship cannot be availed by just anyone. These ladies are cultured to act accordingly in luxurious occasions and to treat all people with proper manners. Who can resist an alluring lady with her sophisticated aura and great intellect?

To maintain the high level of quality service of our company, there are certain processes that we imply for the best interest of everyone. To ensure the provision of a positive experience for our clients, our high class companions have undertaken careful selection process. We have set numerous standards that they have to comply with before having the opportunity to be one of the prospective candidates. However, the value of service that our companions can provide is not our only consideration. To ensure our escorts’ safety and confidentiality, the prospective clients are also subject to the meticulous screening process. It is definitely one of our objectives to maximize the positive effects of our matchmaking.


Philosophy of the Mona Lisa Models Agency: The Service


Maintaining the high class service of our company is crucial for the preservation of our business’ reputation. It is our prime concern to keep our promises to our clients. Within the past two decades of our business, we have always been prioritizing the deliverance of service that our elite clients deserve. It has been one of our objectives to create wonderful travel experiences for our noble gentlemen. Since one of our assurances is to provide an upscale companion for your trip, we make it a point to create a meticulous and delicate process of recruitment for our prospective escorts. As a prominent company, it is a philosophy of the elite escort agency to demand a high level of qualifications from aspiring international escorts with an exceptional level of service that we aim to provide.

High standard hiring processCandidates undergo a rigorous procedure of selection wherein only the best models are chosen. Applicants must be ironclad with the required standards and qualifications of our company. There is a long checklist of essential prerequisites that candidates must comply with. It is given that being naturally beautiful and voluptuous gives them an edge among the massive pool of competitors but the extraordinary physical attribute isn’t all that it takes.  One of the common misconceptions is that our agency only bases the potentials of the candidates depending on what we see. However, the candidates undergo the different set of examinations and interviews to test their mental ability. We make it a point to provide clever and confident women to challenge our high profile gentlemen with stimulating exchanges of thoughts and ideas when in a conversation.

Mona Lisa Models ® also ensures that our companions are flexible and adaptable so they can carry themselves in different situations that they might face along the journey. After meeting all the requirements and passing the rigorous hiring process, the favored models must undertake personal coaching and training to improve and nurture their skills towards excellence. This way, our companions will be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for all the fantastic adventures that she will surely experience with our gentlemen and elite couples.


Philosophy of the High Class Agency: The Travel Companions


Our international companionship agency aims to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of our clients but we also want to keep the welfare of our models. After all the obstacles they had faced after the rigorous recruitment procedure, it is our objective to provide them with all the luxurious benefits of being high class escorts. The Mona Lisa's women have the splendid opportunity of meeting high-profile gentlemen, celebrities and successful businessmen. We also prepare them for all the luxurious places and events they will encounter in numerous famous travel destinations while dating our elite clients. To maintain their overall safety and security, it is not only our models that undergo meticulous screening but also our prospective clients.

It is our concern to keep the safety, confidentiality, and privacy of our models. Our company also wants to make sure that all the rights of our models will be observed. If we notice any signs of unreliability and deceit from clients who want to avail our service, we will undoubtedly reject their requests.

Our companions are not forced to do anything they are not comfortable with and they are not coerced to attend an appointment that they don’t want to attend to. Thus, our company desires nothing but the best for both our clients and companions to experience.


Elegant Women for the Best Experiences


Philosophy of the Elite Escort AgencyForging unforgettable connections by bringing people together, this is our company’s utmost goal. We are looking forward to our upscale clients to develop delightful travel moments with an alluring and erudite companion by his side. Our company believes that creating lifetime memories is one of the prominent purposes of being alive. It is recommended for every individual to spend a downtime every once in a while after all the difficulties and challenges of work and business. Taking some exciting adventure is one of the leisure activities that experts vouch for.

Traveling to a new place with an alluring companion to share all the experiences with is definitely one of the best ways to reap all the benefits of being hard working. This is why our high-level companionship company makes it a point to maximize the positive extremes of our elite clients’ journeys. We ensure to provide extraordinary experience so our clients and companions can create travel memories that will last while accompanying each other.

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