Presentation of Elite Courtesans

What to expect when a high end escort arrives to you.

Presentation of high class courtesans and elite escorts from Mona Lisa Models escort agency

Mona Lisa Models™ staff are presented on the website in lingerie and swimwear to show their body type, skin tone etc, and hopefully a little of the personality of the model in her pose. However the presentation of our models in person is very strict, we do not send trashy or casual looking models to meet with you..

We have two types of presentation to suit your preference, outside of specific attire requests; Mona Lisa Models™ representatives are presented either in a fitted business suit, corporate but feminine, with subtle sexiness, or a floor length designer evening gown with elbow gloves and an elegant wrap, for elegant evenings and social occasions. Of course perfect grooming is standard for all appointments; An elegant designer cocktail dress can be worn as an alternative if requested.

Natural looking make up and shining, clean hair are imperative. Models are instructed to wear closed-toe heels, not strappy little clacky numbers which attract unwanted attention (as much as we love them!). Underneath the suit or evening gown, models must wear full French corsetry. (Exquisite corset or bustier, with lace top stockings & suspenders) Matching bra and knickers with stay-ups is not acceptable here, even if it is La Perla, it's just a little too 'ordinary', and we strive for exceptional, not just good.

Having said that, the models will always bring different outfits & shoes with them to change into if necessary throughout her appointment, the initial presentation is just for introduction and seduce-you value. They will usually bring much higher, raunchier heels to wear throughout her entertainment session, and certainly more risquè lingerie and clothing. You may request certain outfits or pieces, and we will always do our best to provide your preference, within reason.

This is not to say that every escort from any other company who arrives in a suit or an evening gown is necessarily of elite standard; the outer attire is very easy to replicate. We are simply clarifying our guarantee that your courtesan will be appropriately attired and not showing a lot of flesh or looking 'obvious', in addition to her graceful and tasteful demeanor & conduct. In addition,she will wear/ bring approriate high end lingerie and attire with which to tease and spoil you!


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