Your Journey as New Girls Recruit Begins, and We Intend it to be Splendid

As we welcome new girls recruit in our team of models, we do not expect perfection upfront, or possess striking physical beauty - we appreciate the natural exquisiteness of your style and aura, within reasonable standards. We believe that a more sophisticated, modest lady earns our clients’ preference, but we would definitely invite you for a face-to-face discreet interview to assess your personal options.

This model category is similar to just like any other profession - just with minimal workload. You can rest assured that we operate in a 100% secure environment. We have experienced drivers to escort safely our models to their engagements and professional security staff in extravagant vehicles to accompany them. Thus, there’s no reason for you to feel unsafe or alone in any way.

What sets a part-time escort apart from a courtesan novice is the higher earning potential, given your willingness to invest in your self and improve on your work which will allow you to benefit from it both on a personal and professional level. Being an escort can be like being a TAFE educated individual, the same way a courtesan could be compared to a professional with a university degree. Both have the same output, though yield distinctively higher wage and level of recognition.


Our New Girls Recruit Are Never Forced into Doing Anything Against their Will or Have their Safety Compromised

Security at the agency is paramountOur new girls recruit will never be obliged to share sexual intimacy with any of our staff or management. There is no undressing required during the interview, the same way that we will not expect you to be clad in revealing and indecent clothing - we actually want you to carry yourself in a professional way. You also don’t have to worry about being involved in illicit drugs or any prohibited substances during any of your engagements with our clients, and we also do not accept bookings from indecent gentlemen seeking our services. In general, you will not be drawn into providing unprotected and unsafe practices or anything you are not comfortable doing. Violence is not tolerated in our company and we pride ourselves with amiable and supportive coordinators. There would be no chance of encountering any insolent or ill-mannered work colleagues, and your clients have also been carefully screened to make sure you will not incur any harm or danger. We provide an extensive training to make you successful in your job - we won’t leave you to yourself with no clear idea of what is expected from you. It’s a sad fact that most of the above are common mistreatment experienced by models in traditional escort companies. Here at Mona Lisa Models® however, we provide utmost support to our models to allow them to enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle, which in turn makes them appear naturally glowing and stunningly attractive. Rest assured we will not appoint you in any engagement until you have gained full confidence and feel and look your best self. You will be amused with how affectionate and helpful we are with our models. Everything you will need to succeed as a model courtesan will be provided to improve your way of living and increase your earning potential. We have established Mona Lisa Models with the goal of creating a supportive work environment for refined and quality women wherein they can make a good living sans all the unfavorable practices in the adult entertainment industry.


A Positive Work Environment and Exciting Experiences Await Our New Companions

New girls recruit for high class modelsWe are confident to claim that the luxurious perks we can provide to our models are hard to match. Being a part of the adult dating scene has never been convenient and enjoyable, like you would find in Mona Lisa Models®. You will be far from being a regular, underpaid escort - we will make you thrive to become an elite, classy courtesan. (You can find out more here on what kind of courtesan we will educate you to be.) This also equates to us being able to deliver a dating experience with a high quality to our valued clientele, setting us apart from other short-term companionship service providers. You don’t have to worry about how to properly perform a kiss or other sensual acts of affection, we will fully cover all aspects of your position. Indeed, you will most likely need to gain knowledge on these things, but the level of entertainment you are expected to provide will be more comfortable as compared to what our more experienced models will be able to deliver. Rest assured that we will only arrange your bookings with trusted, regular gentlemen clients throughout your apprenticeship, so there is nothing you will do that is unanticipated. All it takes is practice and you will flourish in your craft after some time. Essentially, your main goal is to make every dating experience a delightful one to encourage repeat clients who would want to spend time with you again in the future. We are confident that you will be able to quickly adapt and thrive in your art and be promoted to higher levels at your own stride, just like any professional would in a corporate setting.


We Only Cater to the Most Elite and High Profile Clients

High class introduction servicesOver the years, we have attracted and retained a choice clientele - all of whom are decent, refined, well-mannered gentlemen and business individuals who know how to treat a woman with the appropriate demeanor and always exude a respectful character. You are expected to be comfortable being around a decent man who will give you nothing but a queen-like treatment. You should be able to take delight in his company whole-heartedly, and also be able to promote a fun, relaxing girlfriend experience so you can mutually benefit from the encounter. There may be no need for eroticism at all, as some of our clients only require elegant companions for social undertakings. On the other hand, some gentlemen would solely request for private, sensual time with no social requirement. We will train you with striptease movements which you can confidently perform while slowly taking off your clothing in front of your date, thereby stimulating an erotic atmosphere and awakening his senses. It will always be a tasteful and safe experience for both parties. Your role is to tickle his fantasies in a way that you’re most comfortable, and in time you will be an expert on this art with your extensive training and valuable experience. You’ll find that it’s really not as complicated as you imagine and you’ll be surprised with how gentle and affectionate our clients actually are with our models.


Contact Our Elite Agency and You Might Just Become One of our Choicest Models

We foster a "family" environment at The Agency where we look after each member’s well-being with sincerity. You will not be forced to continue with this type of work if after a few engagements, you feel uncomfortable. Only women who genuinely find delight in sensuality and luxury of spending time with elite gentlemen will thrive in this industry. But if you are curious to give it a try, we encourage you to apply! Read more information about our models Q&A here or reach out to us now if you’re ready to take on this exciting opportunity by completing the recruitment form

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