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We hire talented seduction artists and aspiring new model courtesans. Are you making $100,000 - $300,000 per annum? - WE DELIVER.


A Warm Welcome to Mona Lisa Models™

With us, your high standards will be rewarded with access to entertaining the most elite VIP clientele, both locally and internationally. If you're tired of struggling to earn an average wage, you might consider a confidential position with our elite, highly discreet courtesan agency, where you can make 6x your weekly wage, in 3-4 evenings a week. In operation since 1991, we have access to a loyal clientele other agencies can only dream of - and our discretion and security is second to none.

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- Did you know you're a Goddess?

Our models are the most elite, hygienic models available in Australia. We do not provide for 'party' bookings or any unprotected services

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What Models our High Class Agency is Looking for.

beautiful-mona-lisa-modelOur clientele expects superb quality every time, and we take immense pride in our ability to provide that - an elite courtesan position is not for everyone. Only the most exceptional individuals will succeed: well bred, with the warmest nature, highest morals, reliability, integrity, feminine grace and a humble, kind soul.

Beautiful face - 50% of your success is in your look - but only 50% :-)
Immaculate grooming & discreet, tasteful presentation - (understated, fresh & naturally beautiful - not over- painted, too brash or contrived. Your sexuality is strictly only for your lovers. In public you dress and behave as an absolute lady, with old-fashioned manners and appealing coy chastity.)
Extremely warm, personable, approachable nature. No arrogance. (you should be more beautiful inside than outside. No prima donnas or divas. Be self aware, not self involved)
Respectful, gracious, professional conduct, no matter what - (You must be able to maintain your dignity and never sweat the small things. No drama queens.)
Perfect elocution (& fluent English)
Articulate expression (speaking other languages is a bonus.)
Strictly no tattoos
No piercings (except navel and ears)
Very fit, toned body, healthy and wholesome lifestyle. No substance abuse or unsavoury behaviour will be tolerated.
Drug free, drug free, drug free. We're very experienced, don't even bother. It's not tolerated. Ever. Reliability and substance abuse do not go hand in hand.
Balanced weight (not overweight or underweight)
Non smokers preferred (clients rarely enjoy the stinky smoke smell, and most expect/ request non-smokers)
Finishing/ deportment school is a bonus
The general look that works here: Willowy editorial/ catwalk model/ Victorias Secret look, or Maxim/ Sports Illustrated/ Playboy
    commercial look.
Reliable - (sorry to be harsh, but don't even bother applying if you're not going to be available when you say. Proper professionalism
    applies to this career, the same as any other industry. If you don't take pride in your work and your reputation, we won't work with
Confidence and common sense intelligence - but not cocky. You will be entertaining some of the top clients in the world. You
    need to be able to maintain intelligent conversation on any subject, flirt with your clients, 'get' their jokes, and generally charm them
    & connect with them, on top of any entertainment. A courtesan connects on every level, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically.
Genuine enjoyment of people, giving and receiving pleasure, wide personal space boundaries. If you don't like to be
    touched, or you're not a very 'sensual' person or confident in your sexuality, even if you are intelligent and charming and drop dead
    gorgeous, you cannot perform as a courtesan. A top courtesan is the 'Whole Package', and this includes ALL of the above. If you
    don't have it, you cant try to sell it, and you cant fake it either. This is a professional art, not easy pocket money ;-)

Not all high class courtesans are actual models - it takes a lot more substance than just good looks to be a highly paid companion - If you know you have a special something, chances are you may be welcome at Mona Lisa Models™, and have the opportunity to live the lifestyle you've only dreamed of!


What our Elite Model Agency Offers.

new elite model recruiting informationAn established and internationally renowned professional company since 1991, We provide a highly secure, supportive, professional environment in which to introduce approachable, intelligent, feminine model-beauties to carefully selected, refined VIP clients. We always welcome suitable new additions to our 'family'. We create professional, ultra-elite courtesans who will always be the 'top model' anywhere they work. There is nowhere else in the world that can provide the income, security, support and luxury life that Mona Lisa Models™ does. With us, you are at the pinnacle of the elite entertainment industry. You are encouraged to research around.

Our courtesan models are not 'employed' by us, nor do they work 'for' us; we prefer to phrase it as working together. Mona Lisa Models™ provides the direct honesty, support and security that other agencies simply do not provide.

Discretion and secrecy = top clientele
Superb security & protection = safe environment and better clients
Top marketing and promotion = higher income

- NEVER undress or 'perform' for male management
- Never be yelled at for simple mistakes
- Never be pressured to be involved with illegal drugs
- Never be pressured to perform unprotected, unsafe services
- Constant flow of selected new and regular clients - no freaks!
- Superb working conditions
- High standards always maintained.
- Full training provided
- Respect and genuine care
- Luxurious surroundings
- Polite, professional security chauffeurs
- Experienced, calm booking co-ordinators
- Relaxed supportive management
- A carefully selected clientele
- Prompt, reliable, honest payment
- Fun, friendly, drug-free atmosphere
- Highest fees in the world
- Absolute discretion and confidentiality Forever


Buy all the things you want, drive a new car, live in a beautiful home or buy your own home. Drink fine champagne in five star hotels and aboard luxury yachts, entertaining affluent, cultured clients. Luxuriate in financial freedom.

Read the rest of our website to get to know the company, and ensure your personality, presentation and passion levels are right. We work with you, & we want you to succeed.

We DO NOT cater for short term model representation (ie a few weeks).

You deserve the best, apply with our friendly office co-ordinators to join our elite team today. Thank you for taking the time to read our recruitment page. We look forward to meeting you, discussing your career options, and hopefully welcoming you aboard - Sydney, Melbourne & Interstate : 0416 16 88 69 - Or from outside Australia - +61 0416 16 88 69.


Warmest Regards,
- Mona Lisa Models™ Management -


***We apologize for the low class companies copying our concepts and then providing
nasty experiences... We are the premium choice, as you will find out for yourself.***


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