Erudite and Sophisticated Women Are Invited to our Models Recruitment


Are you an adventure-loving, elegantly beautiful and smart woman who loves socializing and enjoys interesting experiences? If so, we cordially invite you to join and be part of our models recruitment! If you possess the high standards we’re looking for in a model, you will get to enjoy the privilege of a luxury lifestyle as you will be entertaining only notable, high profile clients, both in the local and international dating scene. Perhaps, you might be one of those who have been earning an average income and would like to level up you compensation – fret not, as you can make 6x your weekly wage in just 3-4 dates a week, when you become part of our discreet, high class escort agency. Mona Lisa Models® has been established in 1991, and since then, we have gained the unwavering trust of our ever growing list of elite clients who rely on us for all their companionship needs, with a guarantee of security and privacy. Click Here if you are New to the Entertainment Industry.

Models recruitment process and interviewOur choice selection of women are among the finest, most erudite models you can meet in Land Down Under. We do not offer “party” appointments or any unprotected activities. For more details on unprotected oral sex, you may read on Here

Did you know - You're a Goddess?

So what qualities of a woman could well represent our high class agency? An elite courtesan role is only for the worthy ones - we expect excellent service quality at all times. We would only accept the finest women to be part of our team: with a pleasant character, cultured, natural charmer, and graceful demeanor. 

Your physical attributes spell half of your success to join our team of choice models. Ultimately, we require our models to possess a stunningly attractive face and a sophisticated and elegant style of carrying herself. In general, the types of look we are looking for could either be that of a Victoria’s Secret model, Willowy editorial or Playboy magazine model look, or a catwalk model girl. We want you to preserve your sexuality to your clients, and act as a normal, demure and well-mannered lady in public. You should be a natural charmer and affectionate to other people. We don’t prefer egotistical, pretentious ladies who speak highly of themselves and are disdainfully arrogant. A respectful and polite character is always welcome. You should also know how to preserve your dignity and should not be easily offended or take small things seriously. We are also looking for eloquence and fluency in the English language and knowledge of other foreign languages will be an advantage since our company operates in multiple countries across the globe. We frown at women staining their bodies with tattoos and piercings (except in the ears and navel). You should be someone who have a toned and fit body, with a balanced body weight which can be attributed to your healthy lifestyle. Similarly, you should be a woman who does not use any illicit substances or prohibited drugs. Similarly, smokers are not welcome as our valued clients rarely prefer the unpleasant smell of smoke from their dates.  We would most likely know even if you try to hide it from us when you apply as we are experts in determining this key element. It would be a plus if you have invested in a supplementary training for personality development as there would be less training needed from our side.


Our Models Recruitment Favors Dependable and Sanguine Women


Luxury expirience Another important quality we’re looking when we hold models recruitment casting is being reliable - make yourself available at a given time and date if you said so. Professionalism is key to being one of us, as we are servicing clients in the high society and most of them are professional entrepreneurs or in the business world. If we can’t count on your professionalism, we would not risk working with you so as not to destroy our reputation which we have built over the years.

You also need to be a generally cheerful woman who finds enjoyment in looking after other people’s well-being. An admirable confidence and self-assurance that is not brash and annoying always win our clients’ respect. Our models are expected to be intellectually conversant so they can carry on interesting exchange of thoughts with their dates. You should also be comfortable being touched or as part of your sensual capabilities. This way, you would be able to connect with your clients using a holistic approach - on a mental, emotional, and physical levels throughout the whole encounter. A “complete package” model has all the above-said qualities and is most likely to succeed in this profession. You see, it’s not enough that you look beautiful on the outside - our definition of a true courtesan has a deeper inclination on your character. If you have the beauty and personality we’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us and enjoy the privilege of living a luxury lifestyle here at Mona Lisa Models!


What Courtesan Aspirants Can Relish After Getting Past the Models Recruitment Stage


Since our establishment in 1991, we have earned a recognition of being an internationally acclaimed professional organization. We pride ourselves in fostering a supportive and highly secured environment wherein our elegant models could be introduced to elite, distinguished clients seeking high class companionship services. We maintain a choice selection of intelligent and posh women who are known by the premium quality of services they provide. We want our models to become the epitome of the elite dating industry. Working together with (as we prefer to call it rather than “employed”) our courtesans allows us to nurture transparency, security and support which other traditional agencies do not have. We believe that we have earned our premium clientele by upholding discretion and maintaining privacy, and that the protection and security we provide creates a safe environment and entices even more clients. As for our models, moving up to higher categories will enable them to increase their earnings and international experience.


Amiable and Supportive Management Who Will Help You Succeed


Always private and confidential At Mona Lisa Models®, you will never be forced to put up a “show” for the management just to gain a good impression. All our staff members are extremely friendly and good-natured so under no instance will you be bellowed at for any mistakes you might commit while working with us. Respect is clearly manifested in all aspects and an extensive training awaits all new models to help them succeed in the premium companionship.

Since the very beginning we have always followed our own DST success formula:

-Discretion and secrecy = top clientele

-Superb security & protection = safe environment and selective clients

-Top marketing and promotions = higher income


A Superb Working Environment for the Most Qualified Model Courtesans


As we aim to maintain high standards of quality within the company, we make sure that our models find enjoyment in every aspect of our organisation. We always strive to bring them a regular flow of workload and a chance to get introduced to new gentlemen clients on a regular basis depending on their own availability. Expert coordinators are always ready to arrange introductions professionally and only with a carefully chosen clientele. And did we mention the high earning potential? With the right diligence and dedication, you will live a comfortable life and enjoy financial freedom.

Read the rest of our website to get to know the company, and ensure your personality, presentation and passion levels are right. We work with you, & we want you to succeed.

You deserve the best, apply with our friendly office co-ordinators to join our elite team today. Thank you for taking the time to read our recruitment page. We look forward to meeting you, discussing your career options, and hopefully welcoming you aboard - Sydney, Melbourne & Interstate : 0416 16 88 69 - Or from outside Australia - +61 0416 16 88 69.


Warmest Regards,

- Mona Lisa Models® Management -

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**We DO NOT cater for short term model representation (ie a few weeks).

***We apologize for the low class companies copying our concepts and then providing nasty experiences... We are the premium choice, as you will find out for yourself.

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