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Intelligent, elegant, well-bred young ladies of distinction, providing dynamic and exciting VIP entertainment services.

The Mona Lisa Models™ Experience offers 6 options;

I.  The Tantric Courtesan Experience:
Model-in-red-tantraTantric courtesans enjoy an initial mental stimulation and romantic sensuality, with an option for dynamic, erotic entertainment. Then her speciality is sacred, extended Tantric pleasure... For the pleasure aficionados. Click here for more.
II.  The High Class Girlfriend Experience:
Romantic, affectionate, sensual company; regular, mainstream fun. The model will spend time with you in flirtatious, friendly conversation, & romantic seduction. Uncomplicated, mutually enjoyable togetherness. Click here for more.
III. The Couples Experience:
Our models catering for couples are genuinely bi-sexual and offer a healing, sensuous experience, not a 'porn party' atmosphere - Click here for more.
IV.  The Double Experience:
Double-models-experienceOur models catering for double fantasy experiences are genuinely bi-sexual, and offer an exciting, dynamic time to really sweep you off your feet. Don't be disappointed by a fake "show" - Click here for more.
V.  Social Occasions:
Mona Lisa Models™ are well bred and polite young ladies who can be trusted to conduct themselves with the utmost grace, elegance and discretion on any occasion. Should you require a date for a social occasion or event, or simply for an outing, we can definitely provide the perfect dream date to accompany you. Click here for more.
VI.  Travel Companions:
Our models are also available for international travel. We can offer different levels of companion, from a sweet new model who will find an exciting trip out of town enthralling & impressive, to a more experienced traveler and accomplished travel companion for those times when true class and practise count. Rest assured that either way, discretion, respect and appropriate conduct are always standard. Click here for more.

1. Our service is an elite courtesan experience and ultra-high class escort service, not a general escort agency or red-light service. We do not provide average experiences, hurried sessions or unsafe provisions.

2. Treat your model as you would a girlfriend. Do you ask your date or girlfriend "so what will I 'get' tonight?" ? No. Then don't treat your Mona Lisa Models™ date any differently.

3. NOT included in our services are: greek (anal), illegal activities, illicit substances, or any unprotected services. PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR THESE, your appointment will be terminated.
- Information on 'natural' oral pleasure here -



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