Sexual Health and Personal Hygiene

Sydney escorts: sexual health, safety procedures and hygiene


Hygiene is extremely important to us. Maintaining the health and safety of the models and our clients is a very high priority for everyone at Mona Lisa Models™. Health certificates are required to be presented to the office from the models every 3 weeks, from an approved clinic. All experiences offered at Mona Lisa Models™ are expected to be 100% safe, to further maintain this quality of hygiene and health.

Models of this calibre are concerned with their health and would never jeopardize their futures by taking risks with their own health, be it sexually or otherwise. Our models are drug free and genuinely high quality; our clientele may rest assured there is no risk of negative repercussions when our safety procedures are followed.

** Many other companies encourage unprotected oral sex. Many, many diseases are transferable through unprotected oral sex. This is irresponsible, appalling behaviour is never provided by a genuinely high class lady. Our exclusive clientele is always so grateful to know their time with our models will never result in any nasty surprises... For sexually active individuals in society, read
information on 'natural' oral sex here.





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