Six ways to impress your Sydney Companion

How to behave with a modelBooking a Sydney Companion isn't just about what she can do for you, (although she will blow your mind), but rather what you can do to make her have an incredible experience as well. This is what will make her want to give herself to you and fulfill all of your fantasies.

Here at Mona Lisa Models we have come up with our favourite 6 ways to impress your Sydney Companion.

Champagne on ice

Being able to offer your date a beverage when she walks in the door proves to be an excellent ice breaker (pun intended). Taking the time to sip on some bubbles and get to know each other shows her that you are a true gentleman wanting a genuine experience. This is a fantastic way to give her an incredible first impression and, for you both to relax and have a little bit of fun. Just make sure you have some water on hand so neither of you are tempted to get too tipsy as this will dampen the fun :)

Compliment your Sydney Companion

Every woman loves to be adored and complimented. It sounds simple enough yet so many gentlemen forget this important step. Because men are visual creatures they tend to get carried away by the site of their lovely escort, rather than want to serenade her. Next time, upon meeting your ravishing date, rather than trying to jump straight to it, be sure to compliment her. You can start by telling her you think she has a nice smile or beautiful hair, you may even go as far as mentioning you like her outfit or handbag - every woman loves a man who has great attention to detail!

Man-scaping, prepare yourself

This one might be obvious but you'd be surprised how many men forget to groom themselves properly. Our ladies make sure they've shaved, waxed, plucked and lasered as should you - NO exceptions. We're not saying that you have to get your back waxed but some simple upkeep can go along way and is definitely appreciated. Make sure you are freshly shaved and always shower before your appointment, it doesn't matter if you did this morning, do it again! No one wants to kiss and undress a gentleman when you can still smell their lunch.

Payment for your companion organised and ready to go

Money on the red carpetPayment can be a delicate subject for both escorts and their clients. Your beautiful companion does not want to have to ask you for the money just as much as you don't want to draw attention to the fact you are paying for her time. The best way to get around this is to have the exact money ready to go. Simply leave it in an envelope on the table for her when she arrives. And please make sure the money is in notes, no one likes to count out coins for this type of thing - it can be a big turn off. Lastly, if you feel as though you would like to leave her a tip please do, it will go down well!

Plan your time for your appointment

If you are opting for an appointment longer than a couple of hours you need to plan your time accordingly. No one likes to go hungry and if you've booked your date overnight then you are expected to provide her with something to eat. This does not have to be a fancy dinner somewhere (although that is something that will definitely impress), it can be as simple as ordering some room service for you both to share. If you are ordering before she gets there, ring the agency and ask them if she has any allergies and what her preferred food and beverages are. This is what the coordinators do, it's their job to know all these little details and be able to assist you in these types of matters. Don't take a wild guess of what she would like, contact the agency!

Get to know your model better

Our last, but most definitely not least, tip for you is to get to know your beautiful lady. Yes, that's right, you do not have to go into this experience completely blind!  Go onto her profile and rather than just looking at her stunning pictures take a moment to read the description. You will be surprised at how much wonderful information is there. I can guarantee if you know your date has studied French and loves the outdoors she will be utterly impressed and in turn want to make you impressed just the same :)

So there you have it, Mona Lisa's 6 top tips for impressing your companion.

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