Essential Agency Terms and Conditions

This website is operated by Mona Lisa Models® Agency, and by using it, you are required to agree and be bounded to the terms and conditions of the agency, as well as the agency’s privacy policy. If you intend to register, use the site, or avail our agency’s services, you should read and accept the terms and conditions or otherwise, do not use our website or services.

Terms and conditions are available for members as well as new visitors to read once you visit our website. Be informed that the agency’s terms and conditions, and other notices shall be subjected to revisions or updates whenever deemed necessary. Terms and conditions are stated in English. Do not count on translation to different language to avoid lapses and inaccuracies.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you signify that you have never been imprisoned with charges of sexual harassment, felony, or other charges related to sexual offenses. You shall agree to abide by the agency's terms and conditions as long as you want to use our website or services. Any violation shall terminate your right to use any of our services.

Terms and Conditions for users’ Eligibility

This agency provides entertainment services for interested gentlemen. If you desire to be a member and access our services, you must be an individual of the legal age. By accessing our website and agree to the agency’s terms and conditions, you certify that you are already 18 years old or older. The site’s content and the agency’s services are not intended for minors. The agency shall not be held accountable for any problems, shall the minor users might cause when they decide to explore our site & use our services.

If the user of illegal age shall cause any problems to the agency by violating the terms and conditions, the agency shall take action and resolve the problem in legal terms.

Terms and Conditions regarding Refunds

By agreeing to the agency’s terms and conditions, you shall bear in mind that the agency shall not offer any refund. However, under the circumstances that the discrepancy is on the agency's side, we shall carefully investigate the matter and evaluate if a refund would be required. In conducting the investigation, the user is obliged to cooperate and provide the truly essential information needed.

Terms & Condition regarding the website’s contents

By accessing the site, you can find reviews and testimonials from several users who have already experienced our services. The agency certifies that all reviews and testimonials are accurate before being posted on the website. Users are not obliged by the agency to give reviews regarding the agency and their experience. However, if you desire to submit testimonials, you shall abide by the condition that anything you submit will become the agency's property. We shall have the right to revise any testimonials submitted without altering the general thought that the testimonial implies. We shall carefully study and filter the submitted testimonials before posting it on the site.

Terms and conditions for confidentiality & agency’s intellectual properties

In agreeing with the agency’s terms and condition, the user is assured that their confidentiality shall be protected. We shall guarantee every users’ rights and privacy. In addition to agreeing to the agency’s terms and conditions, you shall guarantee to protect the agency's privacy and rights as well. Any content of the website, such as images, logos designs, articles, written content material, graphics, protocols, html codes are all sole property and copyrighted by the agency. The use of the said properties is strictly prohibited without the consent of the agency.

Mona Lisa Models® provides high class services for the entertainment of every eligible 18+ gentleman or female individual who wishes to avail of our services. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you shall not use the agency’s site or services with any illegal intentions.

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