The Art and Style of Elite Escorts

Brianna is an International elite escortThere are a lot of myths about the elite escort that have developed over the years. Some people believe she is merely an expensively dressed woman who is willing to "rent" herself out by the hour. It is not true. There is a myth that elite escorts are not very intelligent or only call themselves elite so they can charge more. The truth is far from the myths. A true elite escort is a companion who has worked very hard to develop her personal strengths, beauty and style. She is a courtesan who brings interesting companionship to her dates with gentlemen of influence and distinction. She is beautiful, educated, refined, reliable, physically fit, polished, personable, and desirable. You can learn the art and style of the successful elite courtesan, but it requires a willingness to improve yourself from head to toe and on the inside and outside.

If you want to become a companion who attracts gentlemen of distinction, you must think in terms of perfecting your personal style in every way possible. Escort women who reach elite status are natural beauties who only supplement, but never cover up, their beauty with artfully applied makeup. It is fresh looking beauty that is most attractive to gentlemen of distinction. However, do not get the wrong impression. There are some gentlemen who prefer to date a woman closer to his age. Many escorts are in their twenties, but some are in their thirties and still have youthful and fresh looking beauty. That is one of the advantages of being a classic beauty who takes care of herself with careful attention to her physical appearance and fitness.

What is classic beauty? It is not based on the color of a woman's skin or hair. Courtesans include all races and ethnicities, so they have a variety of coloring. It is the condition of the skin and hair that matters. A flawless complexion and healthy hair are just two elements of beauty. Beauty is found in her fit body, friendly facial expressions, and an inner glow that cannot be contained. She is a happy person who enjoys being a companion, and that happiness enhances her beauty. If you aspire to become an elite courtesan, then carefully assess your best personal qualities, and consider ways to enhance them without losing your freshness.

The Elite Escort Takes Care of Her Health

The health of womenMuch of the natural glow that makes an elite escort so gorgeous comes from the great care she takes with her health and well-being, and she is physically fit and healthy. Most of the women follow stringent exercise programs and healthy eating plans. Some hire personal trainers to maximize the results of their exercise regimens. You can develop your own plan, but it is important to religiously adhere to maintaining fitness. It is also crucial to maintain excellent hygiene for obvious reasons. However, the escort who achieves elite status has perfected her hygiene routine, as much as she perfected her exercise regimen, to suit her body and needs.

This means you need to develop and follow fitness and hygiene plans, along with perfecting your grooming. Grooming includes keeping your hair styled, your fingernails and toenails polished, your eyebrows shaped, and so on. No detail is left unattended. At the same time, you will develop your own fashion style, but it should be elegant and classy. Many elite courtesans get advice from fashion consultants about the high-quality fashion styles and color of clothing that best showcase their figures and beauty. Elite escorts have different heights and body shapes, and what works for one person may not work for another. It is also important to know how to dress appropriately for the date, no matter whether it is an outdoor excursion or a candlelight dinner.

Achieving Elite Status as a Courtesan Means Attending to Details

The picture is still not complete because behavior matters. If you want to achieve elite status as an escort, you must know how to act at highbrow events or in sophisticated venues. Your dates with affluent gentlemen will often require attending special events, business and social occasions, the theater or other classical performances, or dining at a city's finest restaurants. You need to have impeccable manners and know proper etiquette. Just like some women choose to consult with a fashion expert, there are women who complete courses in etiquette and deportment. The stylish escort also has a stimulating intellect which is what makes her able to talk to anyone she meets, from royalty to business people. Your intellect must be supplemented by taking advantage of your quality as a 'people person.'

Graciousness and Humility Blended with Confidence

Brianna posing in black lingerie Graciousness and humility are two qualities most high class successful escorts possess. She is kind, patient, and genuinely likes diverse people. She is not narcissistic, self-absorbed, or think she deserves special treatment. This is one reason she is able to attend any event and easily mingle with people from all walks of life. You must have a positive outlook on life in general. People who are upbeat and believe life is good are not complainers. A gentleman and his friends or associates have no interest in being around a woman who persistently complains or thinks she is self-important. Humility does not mean being shy or withdrawn. It means having a loving and appreciative persona, while still being your 'own woman' who is confident, unique, pleasant to be around, and desirable. The courtesans who understand this are the ones their gentlemen friends request as companions over and over again. You must be a woman who people want to spend time with because you project a balance of respectfulness and excitement.

Personal Qualities Separate Ordinary from Elite

What will really make you stand out and convince people you truly are deserving of being called elite? Besides your personality, style, and social graces, courtesans called elite are intellectual without being stuffy, adventurous without being foolish, and sensual without being crass. As you can see, women who achieve elite status are natural adventuresses. They like meeting new people, exploring new personalities, and enjoy surprises. As an elite escort, you can look forward to new experiences with excitement. You must be ready to let your personality shine and to have fun with your companion. Remember that he has chosen to spend time with you because you seemed like the kind of woman he believed he could connect with on many levels. As an elite courtesan, you offer something very special as a woman who is exceptionally beautiful, confident, poised, stylish, personable, and sexy. You are the kind of woman that gentlemen of distinction want to accompany because you are an authentic person. You are a high class escort and not a brief encounter. If you do what is necessary to become an elite courtesan, you can expect to have a wonderful date at some of the nicest places or elite social events in your location. You may even get invited to accompany a gentleman on a trip. The woman who is not elite physically and in terms of behavior and appearance, based on the description just provided, will not remain long with Mona Lisa Models agency offering elite companions.

We are always interested in meeting high potential women who can fulfill the requirements to become an elite companion. It is an excellent lifestyle that brings financial success, enjoyment, and the excitement of meeting and spending time with affluent gentlemen. Women from around the world are encouraged to apply here.

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