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The Elite Sydney Companion GFE

GFE with elite Sydney companionHave you seen the letters GFE and wondered what this acronym means? What it has to do with an elite Sydney companion? The term GFE stands for the “girlfriend experience”, which comes with all the perks of having the perfect girlfriend, without the commitment. This trend has been gaining momentum in recent years due to its strong emotional connection and honest quality, but also because not everyone has the time to be constantly attached. The GFE is an experience in which you can share your joys in life, and your mutual passions, or perhaps your frustrations with someone who just gets you. Such an experience requires a companion who is genuinely interested in you, and having a good time with you. Besides romantic dinner dates by the water, your beautiful model could show you around Sydney, or be your date to that company event you need to impress at. Whatever the adventure, the special touches which the elite Sydney companion provides makes the girlfriend experience truly unforgettable.

Who is the GFE right for?

Just because you are a successful gentleman doesn't mean you no longer have emotions. Men also need romance to be not only emotionally but also physically satisfied. The GFE is for any gentleman who enjoys emotional intimacy, and wants a girlfriend with which to share a mutual wonderful moment it time, minus the commitment and silly arguments.  The GFE allows you to fulfill your basic human need for companionship while enjoying all Sydney has to offer. The trust and respect that comes from such an experience allows for a shame free intimate experience.


How to choose the right model companion?

Is she the right model for youChoosing the right model is crucial in a successful GFE. What kind of woman you have in mind, will drive the sort of girlfriend experience you will have. While physical matches are crucial, so too are a match in personality. Were you wanting a companion who was more bubbly, light hearted and not too serious? Possibly a lady who is more gentle with a sensual feminine touch to take the edge off after a busy day. Or maybe you were looking for someone with passion for life and success not unlike yourself. The more you get to know of your date, the more you will be amazed by your common interests and feelings. However, the quality which makes an elite companion rare and irresistible, is her willingness to listen, and get to know you and let you get to know her too.

How to keep the romance with your perfect woman?

Once you have found the perfect companion, it is important that you keep the romance by avoiding certain taboos. The kind of questions that ruin the mood instantly, are the kind that you would also not like to be asked. Questions such as, how much do you make? Do you have a boyfriend? Where do you live? Just remember you are both sharing an amazing moment in time, but keeping some things a mystery is more exciting. Another way to keep the romance, is to be discreet and prompt with paperwork. To do this, you can either have the exact amount in an envelope ready to go, or you can call ahead to arrange bank transfer or credit card payments. This will make your experience much less transactional, and once it is out of the way, you can start to get to know your lady as soon as possible!

Where can my elite escort take me?

It depends on where your adventure will take place. After a long day at work maybe you would like a nice warm seductive bubble bath with champagne and a massage. Or maybe your fantasy is to sit on the balcony and share your naughty secrets and dreams with a stunning beauty. Whatever the fantasy your date would love to join you on your adventure. Once you get to know her better, interstate and  international travel adventures are also possible. Why not invite your Sydney model to join you in the Caribbean for the weekend, or meet you for an international rendezvous to explore a foreign country together?

However, not all adventures are out of the bedroom, within the bedroom you can be transported straight to your fantasies. Whether it is a 7 deadly sins fantasy or if you want to be pampered by a French maid, you can enjoy your current fantasy and also explore new ones too.

Our pick for the perfect elite Sydney companion GFE


Celia Laurentis

Celia sensual high end modelA breathtaking beauty, Celia comes from a Greek and Irish heritage, with a sensual nature to match! Celia is a striking young seductress, with a gorgeous toned, tanned physique and with expressive eyes that will entice you. Highly educated and impeccably presented, this sexy young vixen is not only perfect company for events,

but also for the bedroom. Celia is the ultimate spoil, let her lavish you in attention with her soft sensual voice and magical touch. A stunning young model that you can lose yourself in. She really is the face that launched a thousand ships.


Georgina Newman

Georgina elite travel companionThe bubbliest, captivating angel you will never meet! Georgina is a stunning, tanned, busty young companion with gorgeous, glamorous looks. Georgina is a slave to wanderlust, travelling all over the world, her zest for life only compliments her polished looks. Georgina is very fit and toned with an extremely sexy physique. Impeccably presented from head to toe, she is very friendly, well-mannered and politely spoken. This Sydney native knows the best places to go for a most authentic exciting Sydney experience.