Reasons Women Decide to Become Elite Escorts

Why women become elite escortsA common questions many people have is this: Why do young women choose to become one of the elite escorts? Some people tend to look at these women with critical and judgmental eyes. Yet, you would probably be very surprised to discover that some of these women are someone's girlfriend or wife, and are treated with the utmost love and respect. Perhaps you tell yourself that the women in your life would never become escorts and have never been one. Yet, the courtesans have the same qualities you admire in the women in your life. They are educated, intelligent, enjoy doing a variety of things, and successful. High end escorts are women who have chosen to be companions because they enjoy the company of gentlemen of distinction and wealth and see this work as filled with opportunities to enjoy life in general, whether dining out at a local white tablecloth restaurant or traveling as a companion.

It is important to understand the difference between the profession of high-end escorts versus the women who accept multiple dates over a short period of time. An elite courtesan is as perfect as a woman can get. She loves the latest fashions, has developed a personal style that reflects her personality, and is exceptionally beautiful. One of her favorite things to do is to meet new people, so that is one reason she has developed a career as a high class escort. Her other favorite thing to do is enjoy a local venue, like a restaurant, nightclub, theater, or museum. If she is a travel companion, she is always ready to savor new sights and sounds. One of the many reasons the young woman has become an elite escort is so she can meet VIPs, high level business people, celebrities, and others with social standing. Mona Lisa Models™ is careful to match each woman with a compatible gentlemen to ensure she can meet his specific needs.

Before assuming you have no friends or family members who have chosen to be escorts, stop and think of the fact that the qualities you find so attractive in these women are the same qualities your loved ones possess. She is dedicated to her career, works hard to ensue she always looks her best, and is ambitious. There is no way to differentiate the successful high class escort from other women who are beautiful and successful. The model does accept a fee, and some people think that makes her different. Once again, the reality is that women who are truly elite have spent considerable time and money reaching such a high class level. The money enables her to accomplish goals in life. These goals may include finishing her education at a world-renowned university, expanding her travels to new locations, paying for model or art school, or starting a business. She simply does not have to settle for a small fee.

Unraveling the Mystery of Elite Escorts

Mysterious CompanionsThere is an air of mystery about elite escorts because people have not taken the time to understand their perspectives. People wonder why they have chosen to become classy courtesans and assume they are not "decent women". It is sad because they are truly wonderful women. To dispel the misconceptions, gentlemen must be willing to take the time to understand the escorts who offer companionship and excitement. As mentioned, money does play a role, but ultimately the women want financial independence and enough money saved to pursue their end goals of starting a business or traveling. There are escorts who are already wealthy, and continue to be elite models because they love the companionship of refined gentlemen. But some ladies are in college, and the fees they charge are paying the expensive tuition and fees at universities. There are also women who want to buy real estate to secure their future or to live in an expensive locations where they can pursue goals.

The women who reach courtesan status have so many excellent qualities. Their perspective is this, "I will be an excellent companion who offers beauty, interesting conversation, and intimacy because I so enjoy the company of quality gentlemen." She has put forth enormous effort to enhance her appearance as a natural beauty, enjoys having fun, likes meeting new people, and is not willing to settle for less than the best treatment from men. For this reason, our Agency carefully screens the gentleman's etiquette to ensure he understands that his perspective about high quality women is correct. Then we carefully match the most suitable lady with the most suitable gentleman.

High Class Escorts are Never Lacking Invitations

High class escorts never lack for invitations. Do you know why? It is not just because they are beautiful. It is because they are beautiful and exciting. Gentlemen are proud to have such a woman accompany him to elite business or social events, the finest restaurant, or a members-only nightclub. The woman is desirable, beautiful, and fun loving. She is everything a gentleman wants, so she gets more invitations than she can handle. That makes her extremely selective. When a courtesan agrees to an encounter with a refined gentleman, she has decided he will likely be an exciting and adventurous man. Many of the models have already traveled the world, and they all appreciate and regularly experience luxury. Some are pursuing a luxury lifestyle and enjoy spending time with gentlemen who can deliver great experiences.

All About Enjoying Life!

Model posing for Elite Escorts One of the issues with dating is that many men do not treat women with respect. The highest quality women enjoy dating gentlemen who do show respect and are sincerely interested in having a good time without all the emotional ties. A respectful gentleman is polite, realizes he must earn the escort's attention, and appreciates the attention she lavishes on him. He wants to impress his date, letting her know in many ways that he wants to have a good time but without degrading her. Escorts who honestly appreciate the gentlemen they decide to date, and are honest about their desire to please him, are the most exciting women. The woman does not want a long-term relationship or a commitment. She wants to enjoy life to its fullest. If anything develops as a result of meeting a man, then well and good. However, there is no intent nor desire on her part to date refined gentlemen to "find a husband."

Choose Your Agency Carefully

As an elite escort agency, we offer the companionship of beautiful and intelligent women who make ideal companions. We take care to screen the women who join our agency to ensure she is sophisticated, cultured, educated, refined, stylish, and has the right attitude about escort dating. The women in our gallery of beauties love working for our agency and bring the best they have to offer. Gentlemen we allow to date our beautiful models are special people and deserving of a date with a high class escort. Could a gentleman ask for more than spending time with an attentive, stunningly gorgeous, and adventurous woman?

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