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Acclaimed as an international entertainment services provider, Mona Lisa Models® was established with the goal to provide first-class coquettish escort services to notable gentlemen and individuals seeking premium companionship and dating experiences - not the mediocre, by-the-hour type of services. We exist not for "easy money", but to nurture long-term business relationships exclusively with selected clients in the high society. We have maintained a good reputation in providing only the finest, in all aspects of our business. Our choice models are only exclusively catering to a carefully selected list of high-profile clients, and we are continuously growing our clientele as we meet new gentlemen and individuals who exude the same demeanor and profile.

Mona Lisa Models® (which is also often referred to as MonaLisa) was founded in 1991 and initiated its operations in Europe, specifically in Italy. The company later on expanded its presence in Sydney, Australia in 1995. As we continued to establish a good reputation in the industry with the high quality of services we provide, we have seen a spike in demand and decided to branch out further in other countries. At first, only those who knew the right contacts were able to tap Mona Lisa Models® to avail of premium dating and courtesan escort services. We only utilized client referrals or word of mouth strategy to increase our market share and make our business known, to stay true to our brand promise of exclusivity and discretion to our selected clientele. When we finally launched our website, it was then that we gained worldwide distinction. But even after earning recognition across the globe, we still preserve the privacy of our clients (like how we became known) on top of maintaining a top-rated name in the industry. 

Our company has always been linked to being exclusive and very selective, and you will know what we mean when you get to meet one of our elite model escorts. You can look forward to enjoying the good reputation we have been commended for over the years - incorporating exquisite companionship and excellent dating encounters. Our dedication to 100% high quality and five-star satisfaction ratings from our clients are testimonials to how well we uphold our standards and ensure that our clients are pleased with every appointment they make with Mona Lisa Models®. Our goal is to always deliver nothing less than "exceptional" services. We encourage you to make a reservation with one of our models soon and allow us to turn your night or a weekend getaway to a memorable one. We are confident you will thank us for it as soon as you decide to choose us.

The Real "Courtesan" Defined - How Her Exquisite Escort Services Will Make Affluent Gentlemen Desire for More

Mona Lisa Models® does not utilize any kind of cheap publicity to make our escort services known, as we are steadfast on our commitment to the privacy and security - these are what make our models and gentlemen stay loyal to the services we offer. Our courtesans are not the type of women who are always in a haste, nor possess an arrogant character, similar to what other highly-paid models might be. All our staff have been trained to be high class service providers all throughout their engagements.  (Click here to know more about how elite courtesans differ from high class escorts.) We motivate our high-end courtesans to consider this opportunity as a profession, no matter how long they want to stay with us. As a matter of fact, this is a source of secondary income for most of our Sydney escorts and they sincerely provide companionship for their own personal pleasure. Our models are not on a shifting schedule who desperately wait for last minute bookings but are rather booked far ahead and by appointment only. On some occasions, we can confirm their availability even on short notices, but this is still subject to the models’ schedules and happens only by chance. Indeed, we do have courtesans who do this on a full-time basis, but again, they fulfill their sessions out of enjoyment of luxury experiences and interesting acquaintances. A full-time escort, on the other hand, get introduced to far less clients, and provide a higher level of service. But one thing is common for all our models – they are not being paid just for sexual intimacy.

You will see from the employment section of our website that we have stringent hiring policies in place so as to entice more professional and high-end models as opposed to what other companies may hire in general. The higher rates of our models also signify that they function on a higher standard, which makes them worthy of their value. The experience they can create is definitely far from average - it’s simply extraordinary. They add a more personal touch and deeper emotional connection to every engagement, and this is proven by the high rate of return clients and the superb feedback we receive from them. We train our models for the quality of service they provide, but we do not alter anything about their personal character as we always motivate them to be the best version of themselves. Mona Lisa Models® only provides the kind of support they need to bring out the best in them and encourage them to exude their natural charm and desire to enjoy life at its finest. The experience we always aim to offer our clients is not something structured or pre-set, it’s always as naturally pleasing and enjoyable as possible. We have the finest selection of model escorts and classy courtesans in all aspects – beauty, character and sensual attitude. They have been extensively trained to provide only five-star entertainment and expert eroticism. Whether you prefer a tantric, sensual experience or an amorous, seductive girlfriend encounter, you can expect that our models will surely sweep you off your feet. You can have them as companion in local or international travels, escort to social undertakings, sensual masseuse for a calming and stimulating massage session or a dynamic and erotic entertainer in a private session. Erotic entertainment would mean sensual performances (please see more detailed information here) to make sure a fun-filled and exciting evening. Early reservation for this is suggested as this is a highly-sought-after service from our models. Other traditional escort agencies might hire average models with no strict preferences on their skills – and that’s just not how we do business. The higher rates of our models only represent their elegance, good education, class, skills, life experiences, and overall personality. Indeed, we consider many factors before we set each of our models’ rate. New models undergo a trial stage wherein she will be assessed by looking at her clients’ feedback and discernment by the management. A model can move up to higher levels by her confidence and self-esteem plus a specific extra special trait we would be able to see in her. She must exude excellence in all areas including Composure, Presentation, Appreciation of Arts, Attire, and Aptitude in Pleasure and Entertainment.

Personality is Key to Qualify as a High Class Escort to Provide Elite Services

Ultimately, the quality we’re looking for in an elite courtesan-escort is how more beautiful her personality is than her physical attributes. Each of our models possess a unique personality – we never change their character; we only hone their skills. We look for sociable types of women who exude compassion and natural charm. They are encouraged to act like a real-life partner or girlfriend rather than a paid escort. The type of model we are after loves adventure, lively, optimistic, and enjoyable to be with. Someone who can create a fun, romantic atmosphere, and help them unwind and calm their mind and body, is the ideal sophisticated companion we want our notable gentlemen or couples to have - high-class and elite in every way.

High Class Models Who Are Stunningly Beautiful and Admirably Cultured

It’s quite easy to discern a natural beauty from a seemingly made-up figurine. We do have in-house hair and makeup experts, but how well our models take care of their skin is entirely their responsibility and is part of their training. In time, they should be able to look their best in their own without any professional aid. We also make sure they undergo medical diagnosis every 3 weeks to maintain their tiptop hygiene and overall health. They also must abide by a specific dress policy, including preselected corset and lingerie essentials, expertly-curated high-heeled shoes, corporate clothing and evening attire – all of which are designer labels. We also encourage all our models to maintain a fit body, a balanced way of eating and a generally healthy lifestyle as we understand how important a strong body is when it comes to providing entertainment services. We condemn the use of illicit drugs like what other agencies are known for, and we would never tolerate these acts in any way. We also pride ourselves in having models who have good education and strong-minded. They are adaptive to any high-class events and can comfortably carry on intelligent conversations. We only accept models who have upper-middle class background or above, so they naturally possess the class we’re looking for in the first place. She is elegant and tasteful in all her ways and in whatever five-star environment she is in. She speaks impeccable English with a lovely accent so she can speak eloquently with our elite clients and blend in flawlessly with people in the high society.

Sensually Capable Courtesans to Create a Memorable Encounter

A true courtesan who can represent Mona Lisa Models® perfectly is one who is confident with her physical prowess and has natural aptitude for sensual intimacy. We are not accepting women who are only short term-oriented and just seeking hurried encounters for the sake of money. Only models who can bring pure enjoyment and find personal pleasure in making our clients feel better in their company are the ones we deal with and allow to be part of our team here at Mona Lisa Models®. These women have the ability to connect with their gentlemen at a deeper level and have genuine warmth and concern for their well-being and emotional needs, thus resulting to an exquisite and outstanding companionship experience. Our main goal is to provide our valued clients with stimulating entertainment and sensual experiences in such a way that they would desire coming back for more. Checking our Gentleman's Guide here will equip you with the necessary knowledge on how to behave aptly when in the company of our beautiful models, if you are a new client who would want to experience an encounter with elite women. You can contact us here with any questions or if you would like to invite any of our beautiful models for an amazing experience.

Your personal information is strictly confidential as always.

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