Filmmakers and Film Enthusiasts Will Flood Brisbane for the 12th Asia Pacific Screen Awards


Brisbane, Australia – The Asia Pacific Screen Award (APSA), the most acclaimed award giving body in the industry of cinematic film, will hold its 12th annual event this 21st of November.

APSA recognises films that exhibit cultural diversity. It promotes filmmaking that are one-of-a-kind and of best cinematic quality. It nurtures international relationships and cultural sensitivity. APSA has already gone far beyond just simply distinguishing the best among the best. With this, it is honoured internationally on the way it brings people together from all over the world and inspires those in the film industry to do well.

Over the years, it continues to encourage filmmakers to produce films that have an exceptional story to tell and showcase their inherent cinematic diversity. This then gives every partaker an opportunity to be known globally and get the chance to co-produce films in a global setting.


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Asia Pacific Awards with Brisbane EscortsNearly 3,000 films from 70 countries have been featured in the competition and only one victor will be proclaimed in every category. Knowing the numerous entries that have been meticulously rated by the panel of judges, you’ve got a very slim chance of winning. But if you believe in your film, nothing else matters. The fact that your film has passed the criteria and be nominated in the globally-recognised award giving body is already a victory on the part of many filmmakers especially to those who are just starting out.

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