Experience Twice the Fun and Excitement with Sensuous Lesbian Doubles


They say women are not a simple stroll in a park, but who could best understand them than women as well? Hence, we offer unique lesbian doubles experience for our special female clients with refined taste for the same gender eroticism. But we don’t limit their services to female clients only as we acknowledge adventurous gentlemen who may want twice the excitement. 

Needless to say, the dating scene has evolved from traditional to extraordinary. In the past, women are expected to meet the opposite sex, and vice versa, and that’s just the norm. Nothing more, nothing less. Through the years, not only has technology and culture have been shaped differently, so do people’s preferences in all aspects of life and that includes relationships and dating. 


Our existence in the dating industry for more than two decades has allowed us to tap different target markets and we have seen the unique needs of our diverse clientele. Thus, we have created different service offerings to cater to their distinct needs and preferences. Female clients who appreciate the same sex encounters and gentlemen who are seeking twice the thrill and fun will surely find our lesbian model companions worth a try.


A Superb Threesome Encounter with our Classy Lesbian Doubles


Lesbian double for sensual experienceAre you a sensual woman or an adventurous gentleman looking for a heightened erotic experience with tempting and gorgeous lesbian doubles as private entertainers? You will never go wrong when you meet our gorgeous models who are skilled at providing sensual pleasure and exciting eroticism to adventure-seeking clients. Nothing can be more erotic than having two equally alluring women fulfill your sexual fantasies and desires. Just let them know how you want to spend the time with them over a getting-to-know intimate conversation so they know exactly how they can best entertain you at your preferred setting. Their skills and experiences will amuse you as they bring you a sensual but classy entertainment you will never forget. And they are women themselves so it’s not surprising why they know how to best entice and tickle a woman’s senses. 

Or perhaps you’re a gentleman who have somehow gotten enough of dating a single model, and has currently developed a fantasy for experiencing a threesome encounter with two beautiful and fascinating women? Look no further as Mona Lisa Models® has a very unique selection of bisexual female companions. We have passionate lesbian models who are experts in pleasing women and teasing their gentlemen with an erotic and sensual performance. Imagine the scent of warm, female flesh clad in lacy lingerie. Go ahead and spoil yourself - you deserve it. 


Passionate Lesbian Doubles to Offer a Leisurely Experience


Other traditional escort agencies might be able to accommodate sudden bookings to their clients, but that’s not how we match our models with clients here at Mona Lisa Models®. We believe that a truly delightful encounter cannot be achieved with short-term appointments with a single model, how much more would it be possible with two sensual women who are willing to fulfill your sensual fantasies? Excellence is our guarantee, so mediocre services are not our deal. Let our Sydney bisexual escorts know how exactly you want to be pleasured or entertained but do so with appropriate respect and consideration every time. They would be more than willing to accommodate your specific requests, only if they feel treated fairly and not as mechanical dolls whom you can play with however you like. Take time to connect with them emotionally before the actual act so she can best address your needs and fulfill your desires, slowly but certainly on point.


Luxuriate in a Relaxing Escapade with Sensual Women


Looking for an extraordinary way to calm down your senses? Our bisexual escorts will definitely assure that you can unwind in their company and destress in an erotic way. Feel your stress washed away and relax your mind and spirit while being entertained and pleasured in ways you may never have thought possible. Bask in the comforting seduction of two lovely women taking turns in pampering you with their soft caresses or indulge your senses with a view of their sensual striptease.


A Lavish Experience Awaiting to Unfold


Ready to indulge in a superb encounter? Contact us regarding the lesbian doubles appointment so we can schedule your time with some of the finest lesbian entertainers who will meet you at your preferred location and date. Just kindly make sure to let us know your preferences for both of the models, so we can best address your needs. If there’s a specific event you want them to join you in, or certain activities you have in mind, let us know during the consultation so we can inform the models well in advance and allow them to prepare for an erotic and fun adventure ahead. 

All information and appointment details are strictly confidential at all times.

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