Keeping You Safe and Satisfied with Our Covid-19 Safe Escort Service

In the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is universally acknowledged that these unprecedented times truly made a huge impact on our lives, especially in terms of socialization. As a Covid-19 Safe Escort Service, we make sure that the health of both our clients and our elite escorts is our top priority. Rest assured that the quality of our services will not be compromised due to the current health crisis. We ensure your health by keeping our safety measures in line with the guidelines set by Australia’s Department of Health and with local government units.

All types of businesses and recreational activities, including our escort services, are hugely affected by the ongoing pandemic. While we are still open to offering our services, we also highly encourage the public to still focus on the ways to keep safe while availing our services, having fun, and doing your daily activities. Having these types of issues doesn't mean that we should stop doing what we love, but instead, it reminds us to do things with caution and with our health as a top priority.

Going out at these times increases health risks for us and the people around us. Always make sure to wear your face masks and face shields to protect yourself and the people you interact with. There are certain applications that are encouraged by the government to be used to identify and track people who were exposed to the coronavirus. This will lessen the chances for you to get sick, and increase the chances for you to enjoy and make the most of your time with our stunning and erotic escorts.


Have Fun and Stay Safe with Our Covid-19 Safe Escort Service

You might think that undergoing safety protocols would impede your experience and time with our gorgeous and sophisticated escorts, however, we assure you that this is to keep you and our escorts safe during these trying times. In line with our advocacy of practicing a Covid-19 Safe Escort Service, we strictly implement health and safety protocols to manage the risks in compliance with the guidelines mandated by the Australian Department Of Health. But no worries, aside from the safety, we can also vouch that the quality of experience you'll be getting will be remarkable. Why skip the fun when you can have both safety and erotic intimacy?


How To Stay Safe and Relish Your Experience with Our Covid-19 Escort Service?

We do our best in providing You the highest quality of service possible. And to do this, we have implemented safety protocols and procedures for the welfare of both parties. We conduct regular temperature checks for our models and practice this before introducing our models and our passionate gentlemen to each other. We only allow our models to meet one new gentleman per week. We also restrict our gentlemen from meeting escorts that come from high-risk areas. This is to lessen the chances of health risks for you and the model. This also gives you a chance to make the most out of your time with our models and get to know each other better. You might want to go to a secluded place, just the two of you, have drinks, engage in meaningful conversations, and get intimate with each other.


Availing the Real Girlfriend Experience

We curate beautiful connections! The good thing about allowing only one gentleman per model in a week is you get to have the most out of the real girlfriend experience; making it more exclusive, intimate, genuine, relaxed, and you get to know each other more! You can rebook the same model multiple times during that week without any other client seeing them, which is actually what most of our clients do and prefer. Tempting right? She is exclusively yours during that week!

We only cast the best ladies that meet our highest standards in providing quality escort services. Our gorgeous, high-class, and sophisticated models possessing finely sculpted hour-glass bodies are perfect for satisfying your sweet, intimate, and erotic cravings. These gorgeous ladies are skilled and can surely ride with your bed fantasies, adventures under the sheets, and passionate explorations. Our escorts are versatile and flexible when it comes to adapting to your preferences in a girlfriend. They are intellectuals who can drive simple conversations into meaningful ones.


Get to Know Us and Our Services

Explore Australia and its beautiful corners along with the beauty of our escorts. We exist to create and give you the best experience you could ever wish for. Give us a call and turn your dreams into a reality as you bathe in the view of the city sprinkled with lights during night time and explore intimate connections with our sensual and attractive escorts.

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