Gentlemen’s Guide on Selecting Elite Escorts who Will Provide Entertainment Services at their Level of Comfort

First and foremost, before you can go through selecting elite escorts, we suggest that you read through and understand what a true courtesan is, for you to be able to grasp how the quality she provides differs from that of a regular or independent escort from a random traditional escort agency. Feel free to click here for more information.

After you understand the kind of quality we always aim and maintain to provide our valued clients, we will walk you through on how you should select the most suitable entertainer or companion; there are no two models who are exactly the same, and different characters of varying levels of quality fits some, and others not much. Moreover, our very amiable coordinators are always on stand-by on the phone to address all your concerns and queries and thereby assist you in choosing the most suitable models to provide you with private entertainment services. They know all of our models too well, so they can definitely endorse the perfect one for you after a careful consultation.

Kindly note that we do not encourage our clients to select the most expensive courtesan to you, rather, we are more interested in recommending the model who we think can best provide for your needs and match your preferences. During the consultation process, we are focused on all the little details you provide us to make sure we clearly understand what you are looking for, so we can in turn suggest the most relevant and appropriate model for you.


Selecting Elite Escorts Made Easy with our Expert Matchmaking Experience

Selecting elite escortsAll our models undergo extensive training in the level of service they provide our clients, so we can make sure that they are ready to address your most secret desires. Please take note that when selecting elite escorts, whoever we recommend is a woman who has her own personality when we first met her, and we only trained her in terms of her aptitude for offering companionship services, but her unique character is kept intact. We do not have mechanical models here who we control to turn them into whoever we want them to be. What we provide them is encouragement and sincere support to bring out the best in them and let them release their natural charm and passion for this art, with the addition of honing their skills in providing quality companionship services. Our high rate of return clients can attest to this and we take much pride in that.

For Mona Lisa Models®, what matters most to us is to create a match - which means choosing a model who matches your refined taste as we believe this is an indispensable factor when our goal is to create a mutually delightful rendezvous. Your booking coordinator plays a crucial on this part, as she is the one who has adequate knowledge about all the models’ characters, but she also needs your input about your specific likings. We always tell our clients about our 100% guarantee of quality, though we can honestly tell you it is almost never utilized due to the accuracy of our matchmaking. An effective selection process would define the difference between an outstanding and a mediocre experience, so we encourage you to be very open (but courteous, please) with the coordinator, as she is accountable to make sure you will be offered with the most appropriate companion. (Please view our Contact page here). Read on as we have put together some scenarios to give you an idea of what may happen in the actual encounter if the selection process was not followed carefully.


Unpleasant Experiences May Transpire as a Result of a Heedless Process when Selecting Your Date

Unpleasant experience with the wrong choiceThe last thing we want to happen is to give both our clients and our models an unenjoyable experience. Below are some examples.


Scenario 1:

A client could possibly be overwhelmed by a highly sophisticated model (and the model, in return would be most likely feel uninterested or uncomfortable with the client as well). He is advised to stay within a level he would be most at ease with and should book a model who is a level or two lower, with whom he can be more of himself, the next time he contacts us. As such, he could be more relaxed and find delight in each other’s company, enjoy a deeper sense of connection and have an excellent experience, overall; as opposed to trying to be at a level where he still needs to adjust to the model for whom he has spent quite a fortune to begin with. He won’t be able to receive his money’s worth, the same way the model wouldn’t enjoy his company if they’re not a perfect match for each other. A gentleman can move up his selection of model level at his own pace, whenever he feels ready and more confident. As in life in general, it is always best to stay within reasonable limits, whether on a physical, emotional or financial level. You don’t need to invest more money for a higher level of model if you are also not certain how to connect or spend time with her. It is more likely that you would just not enjoy a pleasant encounter, but rather, get trapped in an inconvenient and uncomfortable situation, to say the least. This is exactly the opposite of what we aim to provide our valued clients, which is why we categorized our models into different levels. All women are not equal and that’s a fact. A gentleman would know the quality of service a model can offer, after a personal experience with her. Our entry-level ladies can meet minimum requirements for entertainment and companionship services, and they are continuously improving themselves with adequate guidance from us, while aiming to move up to a higher level as they progress. There are some models though who are comfortable and choose to stay in the deluxe level companions. Other models would continue to invest more in themselves and would be able to be worthy of a higher rank and a trial promotion, over a certain period of time. Unquestionably, the higher her level, the higher her value is. If you are a new client with no experience yet on adult entertainment or could have chosen less carefully the first time you booked one of our models, we are here to guide you further. Please note as well that this kind of service may not be for everyone. If you are a client who only seeks sexual intimacy for hours, with no consideration whatsoever for seduction or foreplay for your chosen escort, we’re afraid we’re not the right agency to get in touch with. We’ve always believed there is much more to a sensual encounter than the actual physical connection itself, but if you are not able to appreciate the beauty of it yet, please do not contact us until such time you already do. It is unfortunate how some gentlemen are already of age by the time he realizes how wonderful it is to connect with women in a deeper sense of the word, and it’s just unfortunate how some don’t even get to experience as they are too engrossed with physical contact. If you desire to experience this wonderful connection, allow yourself to be open when you meet one of our sensual escorts, instead of manipulating the entire encounter and controlling her the way you would a regular by-the-hour escort girl. You will miss the chance to discover a new kind of eroticism and you may even risk having the model terminate the appointment with such unpleasant manner. As such, we would suggest that you meet another model who is more aptly suited to your comfort level, with whom you can build more intimacy and bond, or alternatively, depending on your needs, we may even recommend that you seek the services of a professional therapist.


Scenario 2:

A client may have an upscale lifestyle, high level of education, and specific refined preferences on a woman he wants to meet. He may only feel comfortable conversing with someone who can keep up with intelligent conversations or who has completed a certain level of education or has been through finishing schools and possesses a specific level of sophistication which he finds interesting. He may be looking for someone who had the opportunity to travel to different countries if he prefers to communicate about various cultures, or someone who can speak multiple languages, or perhaps one who is very skilled in sensual intimacy. If a client with these requirements is new to availing adult entertainment services, and has selected a deluxe model as he only looked at her physical beauty, he would most likely be disappointed because she would appear too amateur for his interests and would not be able to mentally connect with him or fulfill his needs in general. A lot of scenarios can take place, but ultimately, a client needs to understand that we have segregated our models into different categories for a purpose. If you intend to save up on costs, you would only end up not enjoying what you paid for at all, as your expectations for personal fulfillment, relaxation and intimacy would most likely not be met, the same way the model would not find enjoyment in spending time with you if she sees that she cannot fulfill your needs throughout the encounter, if she stays. The result would be you spending more as you would contact us again to book another more appropriate companion. On the other hand, if you had chosen carefully in the first instance, you would have received your money’s worth and can enjoy the night in peace and contentment, rather than be hassled with the inconvenience of trying to have someone else accompany you for the evening. Our pro tip: do it right the first time - you would do it for yourself anyway.


A Superb Experience Awaits Gentlemen Who Don’t Only Consider Physical Beauty, Rather, the Whole Package

We call that the perfect matchHere at Mona Lisa Models®, we define beauty well apart from the outer appearance. Indeed, it’s a factor that men would look at, but a totally exquisite encounter should not only be based on looks. You should inform our coordinator of your preferences in a woman’s personality (is she soft-spoken, affectionate, romantic, or is she more of sociable, stylish, and witty?), your choice of entertainment style (is she submissive and sensual, or more assertive and confident?), your preferred level of education (is she more of a down-to-earth woman or an elegant lady?) Would the model be more comfortable watching a football game or watching an opera? Let our coordinator know your preference in life experience as well (how well-travelled or if she speaks other languages). You may also be interested to know how well-educated the model is, or if she is a professional model by profession or more of a woman who also owns a business outside the entertainment industry. After knowing such qualities, only then should you be specific on your preferences in looks - level of presentation, hair color, complexion, bust size, height, among others. If these appear too overwhelming for you, we think you’re looking for more of a regular escort you could easily find in a traditional agency, not a real courtesan. If you cannot set aside some time to carefully select an appropriate companion, we could only assume you won’t have the luxury of providing your date a kind on experience she would also find delight in. It always takes two to create a mutually enjoyable encounter that is zealous, sensual and nourishing. And you play a crucial role. You should work together with our model to create a truly memorable, pleasurable, and satisfying encounter that you will both find mutually enjoyable. Our coordinators have undergone extensive training and are continuously being assessed for performance to make them experts in matchmaking skills. When they ask you regarding the kind of experience you prefer, or what preference on looks you have on a model, please be as specific as possible, to allow her to assess your personality as accurate as she can and in turn, recommend the best and most apt companion who would give an experience with utmost quality. Under very rare circumstances will they be unable to comprehend your needs (human as they also are). Whether you are a new or returning client, just kindly let us know if at any point, we have not met your expectations. You are dealing with humans after all, so please allow some room for variance, the same way we also treat you with respect and understanding at all times.


Kind and Honest Feedback on our Models and Services are Always Appreciated

If you have any feedback you want to share about our model regarding something that made you unhappy in any way, please do not hesitate to let us know. If it’s something that is personality-related, please feel free to contact our coordinator so she can arrange for a replacement the soonest time possible, and also saving the model her time and effort trying to please you, and just feel upset that she can’t at that instance. They would certainly feel it when you’re not relishing the experience, just as how you can also feel if she’s not really enjoying your company as well. However, we encourage you not to insult her in any way, just simply let her know that she is not the kind of woman you expected to meet, and you would just choose to cancel the engagement for your mutual benefit. All our models are gracious enough to understand the situation and respect your decision to select another companion. They would rather concede to a co-model to give you the kind of experience you deserve, than to see you dissatisfied with her services. There could be many reasons behind your dissatisfaction, which could include having missed some of the parts of the consultation process, and for us to be able to recommend a more suitable model, we need your cooperation to be firm and precise enough so we can re-assess your needs and preferences. We request for a courteous demeanor still, during the reconsulting process, so we can provide you with the quality of model you are really looking for to spend time with. This may be a disappointing moment, but we count on your patience and understanding so we can achieve a positive result. Our goal is to always give you a positive customer experience, so we would like to hear any feedback or comments you may have about us, no matter how unpleasant it may seem, so we can address it immediately. Even though our models are exclusively booked and a replacement on short notice may be a challenge, we would try our very best to be able to arrange another booking. We can cater to last-minute model invitations in a few occasions, but this is subject to a model’s schedule and availability. Overall, a proper appointment or booking should be made by interested clients. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, we are here to assist you in any way we can.

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