Sacred Tantric Pleasure Courtesans

A Courtesan's Strongest Connection Technique

In a nutshell, Sacred Tantric pleasure is about postponing climax, and prolonging pleasure. It involves connecting on a deeper level, a connection of souls, and results in a more satisfying experience, both physically and psychologically. This is what we refer to when we discuss 'sacred healing' as being a part of a courtesan's experience and provision.

tantra-pleasure-modelTantric spiritual practices and rituals aim to bring about an inner realization of this truth, bringing freedom from ignorance and rebirth in the process. It seeks to connect on an almost divine level of sexual energy. Tantra seeks to contact and channel that energy within the human microcosm, in order to achieve deeper creativity, peace and freedom.

Long term connections are required to fully reach the heights of sacred Tantric pleasure, it is something worked on over time. One cannot achieve their Tantric pleasure potential in a few hours or with one appointment. It is an on-going connection that is heightened every time.

tantric-model-red-laceThose seeking liberation evade animalistic frictional orgasm, for a higher, deeper form of ecstasy. The couple participating in the ritual lock in a static embrace. Several sexual rituals are practiced. These involve elaborate and meticulous preparation and purification. The sexual act itself balances energies coursing within the emotional and mental channels in the subtle bodies of both participants. Each one's deeper energy is awakened and slow, deep arousal rises upwards within it. This eventually culminates in a state of 'samadhi', where the respective individual personalities and identities of the participants are completely dissolved in a unity of cosmic consciousness.

white-mask-model-tantraTantrics understand these acts on multiple levels. The male and female participants are conjoined physically, but beyond the physical, a subtle fusion of feminine and masculine energies takes place, resulting in a united energy field and a heightened connection to reach enlightenment. On an individual level, each participant experiences a fusion of one's own feminine and masculine forces. The buildup of sexual energy and tension, the build up of anticipation that this act creates, is intense.

When the participants finally can no longer take the suppression of built up energy, the climax is allowed to occur. But the build up is created with an intense energy exchange, with physical touch (affection, deep sensual Tantric massage), mental touch (exchanging thoughts) emotional touch (exchanging and discussing feelings, deep eye contact), and sexual touch (long, deeply intimate togetherness).

One can hold the sexual energy longer as one is more experienced. When one feels the intensity of the climax at the finale, one looks forward to holding longer and longer, experiencing deeper and deeper levels of sensual freedom and intense pleasure. While most people find as they practise, that 2-4 hours is more than ample, it is not uncommon for an experienced Tantric couple to remain in this condition for 6 or 8 hours, breathing in the sexual energy, connecting their souls, and pleasantly avoiding yet slowly building that incredible, phenomenal climax they know is coming.

stand-alone-tantra-modelDeep intimacy and incredible sex require devoted practise. Lots of eye contact; you are emotionally naked as well as physically. This builds self confidence and trust, as you let yourself be seen and accepted. Relax, your body will teach you how to enjoy sacred sex, if you slow down enough to listen to it. You're creating a universal love between you, not just racing to selfish orgasm. Don't just settle for basic sexual gratification - you can do so much better!

Many people spend their lives seeking the ultimate sexual feeling; they intuitively know incredible sex is there, they just have to find it - but as they sleep with person after person, seeking this ultimate high, or the short-lived orgasm, but are never really satisfied. They are missing the point that it is inside them the whole time.. Sacred sex is the key.

In Taoist sexuality writings they say, the woman is like water and the man is like fire. What normally happens is the water puts out the fire too quickly, the man is left exhausted and the woman is frustrated. They say there are in fact nine levels of a woman's orgasm, nine levels that she goes through before she's fully nourished sexually before her sexual spiritual energy is fully awakened. Most women have their first orgasm at level four; the man ejaculates and the other five levels are rarely reached.

As intelligent, conscious men, and as extraordinary lovers, you need to be able to make love as long as necessary to satisfy a woman, and at the same time reach higher orgasmic states yourself. For the gentlemen who is serious about the creativity of his sexuality, the intensity of his satisfaction, and the peaceful freedom of his soul from meaningless and potentially damaging encounters, he cannot go past the Sacred Tantric experience with a Mona Lisa Models™ courtesan.


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