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High Class Escorts Seek Refined Gentlemen Only

the perfect matchWhat do high class escorts expect from gentlemen? How do they define the ideal gentleman who wants a date? It may be surprising to some men that elite escorts are very particular about who they are willing to date. The word "escort" may give some people the wrong idea, making them think the woman will agree to be a companion for just anyone. That is far from the truth. A woman who has earned the right to be called high class or elite has expectations about the gentlemen they accept into their lives. For example, he should have refined manners, good hygiene and a good attitude. The gentleman will also respect the escort, realizing she is a beautiful, accomplished woman who is very selective about the dates she accepts.

Some gentlemen are under the impression that escorts of every caliber are willing to date any man who flashes money or is handsome. That is simply not true. The elite model is a courtesan who has clear ideas about the art of dating, and she is not interested in accompanying any man who does not understand the importance of being respectful and appreciative of her career and talents or who thinks his wealth is all the matters. The ideal gentlemen may or may not be considered handsome by general standards of what is considered good looks. She is not interested in how handsome a man is but rather how well he takes care of himself. Does he dress neatly and appropriately? Is he hygienic?

The elite courtesan is an authentic woman who is not a 'street-walker, nor does she accept multiple dates in a short time period. She carefully chooses who she is willing to spend time with. Once on a date, the gentlemen gets her total attention. She is not thinking about the next date or taking advantage of the gentleman any way she can. Instead, she is focused on being a beautiful companion who helps her date enjoy an unforgettable experience. It is the kind of date that all men and women want, but the escorts who are high class have developed a sixth sense about gentlemen and will turn down a man she believes cannot live up to her high standards. She is not arrogant or spoiled. She is particular about spending her time with quality gentlemen.

Suitable Gentlemen for High Class Escorts

well dressed manEach of the high class escorts has made a mental list of what she expects in a gentleman. The suitable gentleman is wealthy, but understands that wealth does not make up for crassness or lack of values. A gentleman may be distinguished, but even that does not mean he has manners in private or will respect the courtesan. Many men behave well in public but are rude in their personal lives. Many times, it is wealth that makes people forget the importance of maintaining an appreciation for people in general. The suitable gentleman will use his wealth to ensure his date with the courtesan is enjoyable and memorable. He may take her out to eat at one of the finest white-tablecloth restaurants or to a social event. The gentleman will consult with his chosen date to let her know his plans to make sure she is interested or to ask if she has other suggestions.

The ideal gentleman is an appreciative person. He appreciates the escort's intelligence, refinement, and sophistication. The gentlemen also appreciates the fact the woman that he is interested in spending time with is a woman who could choose any man as a companion. He appreciates her style, her physical perfection, her ability to carry on conversations on a variety of topics, and her high quality. He appreciates women in general as unique people who are capable of evoking great pleasure with a giving spirit. The ideal gentleman approaches each encounter as a real date and puts forth his best effort to impress the escort just like he would on any date with a woman.

Picture of a Perfect Gentleman in the Elite Escort's Mind

If you could read the escort's mind and see her thoughts, what picture would emerge? It is of a gentleman who has taken great care to prepare for his date. He is dressed stylishly for the occasion in high quality men's clothing. The man has clearly strived to make himself appealing to her in anticipation of an enjoyable time together. To ensure she is attracted to him, he has fastidiously attended to his hygiene and paid attention to the details, like combed hair, cologne, and polished shoes. The gentleman is clearly impressed with his companion, readily noticing that she too has taken the time to ensure she is a picture of stunning beauty. The effort the gentleman and the lady put into preparing for the date reflect a desire to please each other.

Picture of the Wrong Kind of Man

bad manners guyWith an understanding of the ideal gentleman, it is easy to describe the kind of man who will not convince a courtesan to meet him. He will call the agency and be disrespectful, saying things like "I need some kinky sex" or "Anyone will do." This shows a complete lack of understanding of the high quality of the elite model. Should he manage to fool a woman and get a date, he will have a terrible appearance and show he is not concerned about hygiene. The wrong kind of man is rude, not interested in taking his companion out, and unwilling to consider her feelings. Some men are abusive or willing to tell anyone who will listen about his experience with an escort. It should be understood up front that a gentleman who misrepresents himself when making a date and behaves in this manner will probably see the model leaving during the date and will certainly be blackmarked at the agency and unable to arrange future dates. High quality courtesans are not interested in spending time with a man who does not appreciate or respect women.

Approach the Date Like She is Your Girlfriend

It may sound like the ideal gentleman has to be perfect, and that is not true. We all have some issues in our lives, but personal unhappiness or stress does not justify acting poorly while accompanied by a high quality companion. The best approach is to think of the escort as a new girlfriend you want to impress. Be on your best behavior and look your best, and you will be rewarded with the attentions of a woman who some would describe as an earthly goddess.


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