Why Elite Gentlemen Should Only Deal with an Agency Grounded on Trust and Reputation


In this fast-paced modern era that has embraced technology more than ever, it could be difficult to find a high-end introduction agency which is built on trust and reputation. If you are a distinguished entrepreneur or a wealthy businessman with an image to protect, you know how important it is to only deal with authentic service providers, much more when it comes to escort introduction agencies. After all, you did not work your way to live the high life you are enjoying right now, only to stain your character or risk your privacy to some random traditional agencies.

We’re not talking about mediocre services here, only first-rate companionship for the most elite and opulent gentlemen and business individuals. Gentlemen can look forward to meeting professional and sophisticated models who know their craft in the most discreet way. Our elite escort services are well-known by our valued clients to be one of the most superb as we only cater to notable gentlemen who can afford the premium luxury dating services we offer. We reserve the right to decline entertaining inquiries from any client who exudes disrespect and uses obscene language to maintain the kind of reputation we have established over the years.

When you reach out to us, you’ll find everything we do is inspired with excellence - from the look and feel of our website, the choice selection of courtesan models gallery, the professional way you are greeted and attended to by our coordinator you speak with, to the actual face-to-face encounter with our beautiful and alluring women. We have been in the industry for more than 25 years and we definitely have not been here that long for nothing. Over the years, we continuously find ways to improve our services to grow our large list of esteemed clientele. In return, we continue to providing high standard services to our loyal clients. In fact, we don’t have to resort to the hard-selling type of marketing our company, as our services already speak for themselves through word-of-mouth. We make sure our badge of excellence and quality are eminent in each and every transaction we make with each client who are worthy and able to avail of our upscale introduction and companionship services.


We Have Earned our Clients’ Trust and Reputation is the Backbone of our Business


Trust and Reputation of the agencyAs with any type of business, it won’t flourish until you have built a sense of trust and reputation which your clients can rely on to entice them from availing your services. A gentleman can easily avail companionship and select any random model with the wide selection of matchmaking service providers out there, but if he wants to put quality in the equation, how does he come up with the finest choice? He would start to look for client feedback and make a good read about how reliable an agency is. Most especially for gentlemen with refined taste and could afford high class companionship, he wouldn’t mind spending more than the average if that would mean he could be assured of a super dating experience that he rightfully deserves.

You can find only the finest and most elite women in our models gallery. Not only will you be fascinated by their beauty and physical prowess, you will also be amused with their high intellect and eloquence. Our models go through a stringent and thorough screening process for us to build a premium team of exquisite women with the perfect blend of elegance and sophistication - with only the elite and affluent gentlemen in mind. These ladies have invested in themselves to improve their overall image and hone their social skills. We have provided them adequate training and personality development so they could aptly and be the perfect companions for notable business individuals and wealthy gentlemen. They also do not make themselves available to a lot of clients within a short period of time as they also maintain certain standards when it comes to accepting engagements. This way, they preserve their femininity and keep their privacy intact as well. With their natural charm and aptitude on the dating scene, our models are able to attend any event or occasion comfortably giving you the ultimate girlfriend experience. Expect them to meet you in time at your agreed place and donned in a suitable and attractive clothing that fit tastefully while keeping it in class. Then catch your breath as she gives you a warm, inviting smile only to highlight her lovely face. Admire her more as you start to exchange thought-provoking conversations because yes, she is a well-rounded woman who knows how to keep things interesting and romantic just the way you want it. Her time and focus is all yours during the entire encounter, and she will definitely will not disappoint whether you want to explore things to do around the city or keep her company in a more private and sensual setting. She is the kind of woman who will make your interests as her topmost priority, but only when you also exude a courteous demeanor and respect for her at all times because she knows her worth and value.


An Elite Agency who Only Trusts Worthy Gentlemen to Keep a Good Reputation


As much as we want to hire only the finest women to be part of our elite team of models, we also make sure that we only deal with the most well-mannered clients who would like to avail of our services. Under no circumstance do we tolerate any misconduct from any gentleman who reach out to us for inquiries. Sending of offensive images and use of obscene and indecent language in any form of communication is also prohibited. Some would also tend to brag about their erotic capabilities and create an uncomfortable conversation with our coordinator, but allow us to remind you that these are not acceptable conduct here at Mona Lisa Models®. We always remind callers to spare us from these unacceptable acts of malice and nasty dealings because we will simply not hesitate to refuse making any transaction with them. Simply put, our elite and professional courtesans do not deserve such treatment, so we halt any disrespectful and lewd behavior right from the first instance of contact with any of our staff. The last thing we want to happen is to compromise our reputation and image that we have kept at par with international standards over the last two decades and counting. If you are a gentleman who is only after short-term engagement and by-the-our services, you are most likely mistaken to seek our services and we recommend that you move on to other agencies who offer such. Ours is a high class introduction and companionship agency which only caters to gentlemen who could afford such luxury and top quality services. We would know from the first instance of contacting us for consultation if you are the kind of client who meets our standards and is worthy to meet any of our beautiful and elite models. Most of our valued clients are no less than distinguished celebrities, notable entrepreneurs or high profile business individuals and we can tell how well-mannered they are with the way they communicate with us.


Only Authentic Model Images and Exquisite Dates For High Profile Gentlemen


Safety and Privacy as a PriorityTake it from our clients’ feedback - we are certainly not like traditional by-the-hour agencies who are most likely displaying images of women which are far different than the actual ladies they send out to meet their clients for mediocre services. When you check our website and view our models gallery, all model images you see are photos of actual women who are part of our choicest models here at Mona Lisa Models. If you already get fascinated just by looking at their photos on the website (which is exactly how we intend them to do), expect them to captivate you even more when you get a chance to meet them in person. We maintain our high level of integrity in the way we do business and we will keep it that way for years to come. Our goal for every client who will successfully close to deal with us is to earn their trust and turn them into return clients who are more than happy to leave us excellent feedback to serve as testimonies from which other potential clients can rely on to gauge our reputation in the industry. Moreover, these five-star ratings serve as our reward and motivate us even more to continuously provide excellence and superior dating experiences to more clients around the world.


100% Safety and Privacy is our Promise to our Clients and Models


Our long years of existence in the dating scene have equipped us with knowledge and expertise to secure the safety and privacy of both our models and valued clients. After all, these are the most important factors that any elite individual seeking or providing companionship services is concerned the most about. Our models are assured that each client whom we would want to introduce them to has gone through a very strict screening process. Moreover, we would only accept engagements booked in luxury hotels or upscale restaurants, along with having security staff accompany you and on standby whom our ladies can easily reach out to in case of any emergency situation (which we are proud to say that they are in fact have not been utilized in any occasion up to this writing). Our contact numbers are also available 24/7 as an alternative resource because we virtually accompany our ladies in every dating encounter. As for our gentlemen clients, we also make sure that only the finest models are available for booking for all your companionship needs. All our gorgeous ladies are exclusive employees to Mona Lisa Models® and you can rest assured that they are not women whose photos you have probably seen in other dating sites. They are discreet and professional in every way, equipped with the proper training and development to make the perfect dates for whatever occasion you want them to accompany you to. Our lovely models are sophisticated, elite and well-rounded women who will respect your privacy at all times. They will not, in any way, interfere with any personal dealings or calls you might have during the engagement, nor ask you of any personal questions about your personal life. They know their limits when it comes to keeping up with the high life you are accustomed to, and will always be discreet at all times. You will never have to worry about them divulging your character to anyone outside the agency as they well know how much we value your privacy by keeping your personal information confidential at all times. For further information please contact us so we can find your perfect match tonight.

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