What is a Courtesan exactly?

Definition of an elite courtesan, as well as how they differ from regular high class escorts.

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This page may seem daunting, but is worth the read if you want to know the difference between a
Sacred Tantric Courtesan and a regular high class Sydney escort, and what you can expect from your courtesan escort.

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Dictionary Definition of a Courtesan: "A skilled and socially adept provider of sexual intimacy, erotic companionship, and sacred healing, particularly when highly compensated and respected, for example in a court or high society setting."

A modern day Tantric Courtesan, in addition to being a talented entertainer, is a skilled and socially adept provider of Tantric sensuality, companionship, and sacred healing. See details on the Sacred Tantric Connection here.

Detailed Outline:
Modern-Day Courtesans are above all DISCREET. Anyone claiming to be a 'high class escort' or Tantric courtesan or Geisha entertainer etc, then giving interviews to papers and magazines, or disclosing information about their clientele is not high class, but an escort who got lucky; no VIP client will risk spending time with a 'big-mouth'. The modern-day courtesan understands the importance of absolute confidentiality. And compared to a regular high class escort, the Courtesan is the more educated, stylish, youthful, physically beautiful and talented.

A true "Cortigiana Onesta" (honest/ high-end courtesan) is someone who is more beautiful inside than she is outside, regardless of how beautiful she might be physically. She is often unaware of the extent of her outer beauty, and is more concerned with bringing kindness, pleasure and happiness into people's lives, not living off an ego, or putting others down to make herself look better. She is a whole, wise woman, confident in herself, who brings inspiration, serenity and integrity, not corruption, bitterness and slander.

She also chooses to be a sacred pleasure provider and sensual healer, selecting her clientele carefully. She is not someone who 'has' to do things she does not enjoy, in order to pay her bills, to support her family or drug habit, or to make ends meet. A MODERN DAY COURTESAN IS NOT A PROSTITUTE. She is highly selective as to with whom she spends her time, as opposed to being a "public cavity" for anyone who can pay.. She will absolutely decline an appointment with someone she is not respected by. She provides a higher quality experience than the regular Sydney escort date or a sex-based girlfriend experience.

A sacred courtesan truly is reserved for the most selective and refined gentleman. She invests extensively in her art; from her designer presentation and immaculate beauty & fitness, to her classes in deportment and etiquette, wine and art appreciation, in addition to her excellent schooling & pedigreed breeding. She invests in music knowledge and dance abilities; she will usually speak several languages fluently, play at least one instrument, be generally well travelled and have the ability to put on such erotic entertainment shows as you might expect from a professional cabaret or talented burlesque show. It is all leading to the ultimate anticipation, the Sacred Tantric Experience.

This talent comes from excellent breeding, extensive training, rehearsal and practise to perfect her seductive mental pleasure and erotic physical performances. The stages of training include the initial introduction to the industry, training in many areas, and accompanying her more proficient Sydney courtesan sisters to their appointments and engagements, to watch and learn how to undertake the experience.

Whether a Sydney courtesan escort or a Melbourne courtesan escort, The elite courtesan is dynamic, unforgettable. She is more than the average pretty & intelligent companion. She is a consummate entertainer, and considers herself a sacred entertainer & healer, whether sensual desires enter her appointments or not. This is a confident, prudent and sensual woman who understands she has a lot to give, and derives immense pleasure from giving; she is an inherently passionate being. She derives unique pleasure from knowing she has made a positive difference in her gentleman's life, and been able to connect with him to a level that elevates his own enlightenment. The fee she is paid is simply the cherry on top; she is less concerned with the money so much as the mutual joy and quality of sacred pleasure that can be achieved, mentally emotionally & physically.

She is someone who is extremely vigilant in her care of herself. She understands her body is the housing for her beautiful soul, her 'sacred temple', and deserves the very best treatment. She does not degrade herself or disparage her body by taking illicit drugs or getting rolling drunk every weekend. She is someone with a healthy mind, who consciously eats well, exercises regularly, and makes intelligent, prudent choices about where she goes, whom she allows to socialize with her and what she subjects her body/ skin/ mind to. She strives to make her appearance match the beauty within, rather than the other way around...

She is careful to speak beautifully, both enunciating well and addressing subjects tactfully, articulately expressing herself in a wide vocabulary, with little or no obscenities. She leaves that for the occasional dirty talk to tease you in private! She carefully selects her clothing, preferring an understated, discreet, classic look, with sleek, smooth lines. She would never be called 'tasteless' or 'tacky' in her attire, as she knows the difference between elegantly sexy and trashy. Skirts are appealingly fitted, but not too short; above the knee but never higher - another reason why this level of service is best suited to younger women; at a certain age, a woman of quality realizes she can no longer look graceful and tasteful in a skirt above her knees, regardless of how well she has preserved her figure... mutton dressed as lamb is never dignified. There is certainly a place in society for mature ladies in erotic services and entertainment, but a sacred courtesan level is retained exclusively for the youthful. (Ironic, as the more life experience a woman possesses, the more talented she becomes, but que sera, sera!)

The fresh courtesan's quality attire is graceful, fitted but not tight, in muted, non-offensive shades. Patterns are kept simple and to a minimum, whilst her jewelry, make up and scent are tastefully light, unobtrusive. Shoes are firm, well heeled, closed toe stilettos of medium height, nothing clacky or strappy, which might draw public attention to her. A clean, immaculate, natural, wholesome image is her aim. She will usually bring more erotic heels and outfits with her to change into throughout her entertainments, but her public image is clean cut, lady-like & very discreet. Her beauty is protected and guarded, and her erotic side is only for the viewing pleasure of the selected gentlemen in her life, again reinforcing her exclusivity.

She is, ironically, a rather moral woman, who sets her boundaries and cannot be 'bought'. Any woman who agrees to do 'extra' things she would not normally do, or which she knows will hurt others or go against her friends or principles, for mere money, does not possess the class of a luxury courtesan (or the integrity of a decent human..!) The sacred courtesan is a woman of integrity, intelligence and honesty. She is a true businesswoman, entertainer and spiritual guide, and she understands the way her business works. She is a woman of responsibility, and likes to do the 'right thing' where possible, preferring to be thought of in the best possible light by all who know her. A naturally pure-hearted person is best suited to Sacred Tantric courtesan provision.

She does not see bringing entertainment, company and sacred pleasure to a man in need of affection and enlightenment as 'wrong'. She has nothing to hide, although she prizes privacy and discretion highly. She is a 'stand-up' individual in lay terms, who would never demean herself or her reputation by allowing herself to become greedy, or by becoming a humiliated play-thing who will do almost anything for money. This is the saddest position a woman can ever put herself in, and a well bred young lady would never dream of subjecting herself to it. Creating packages for longer periods of mutual enjoyment and heightened sacred healing is one thing, but accepting offers of extra money for things she would not usually do is out of the question, and the gentleman offering this would not be permitted into her presence again. A good rule of thumb for a courtesan is; If she wouldn't do it for free, just for the fun of it, then she won't do it for mere money.

The scared courtesan understands her reputation and image depends upon her conduct and behaviour at all times. She does not behave like a lady when she is entertaining, and then relax into carelessness when she is not entertaining. She is aware of the fact that how she lives in her daily life is reflected in her overall look, presentation, attitude and demeanor. She is someone who lives well and behaves appropriately continually to all, not just in the eyes of those she is trying to impress. She is genuinely enlightened, in her desire to assist others reach enlightenment. She is humbly aware she is human; not perfect, but beautifully flawed and always striving to be the best she can be. She is a genuinely elite, quality woman of high standards in all aspects, at all times. A woman like this has too much class to ever make anyone feel uncomfortable. Much like the late Princess Diana, she will be quietly confident, gracious, and comfortable to converse politely with everyone from Diplomats & celebrities, to her local store owner & personal maid. She would never do anything to embarrass or hurt another individual for selfish, proud or greedy reasons. She is in fact usually more concerned for others' comforts than her own, thus entirely unselfish, whilst maintaining her own healthy level of self respect and self esteem. She understands her position in the universal force.

Whilst onlookers and alleged competition might try to raise their fees in order to pass themselves off as the same, one cannot fake class or sacred energy, and they are soon discovered by the genuinely elite gentlemen to be frauds. The men with more money than knowledge, (to be empathized with), might utilize the imposters' services, but it may be a rather unfulfilling, sad and degrading service for all involved if he is expecting true sacred courtesan experience. Since the true Sacred Courtesan is more sensually and professionally talented, of higher quality overall, and with her genuine affections, company & sacred healing connection in demand, her fee will of course be higher. However it is a token, a joke between her and her generous client, simply to extract the genuinely successful, deserving gentlemen from the crowds of men who want her. Her gentleman pays his fee to gain her favour, a gift of good faith toward his ability to please her. Questioning the price she requests or trying to bargain a "deal" is a tactless act that is below him. A knowledgeable man with experience can always tell the difference between a true sacred courtesan and an imposter - even with a good actress, those subtle differences are impossible to hide, especially when the 'sacred healing' part begins!

Generally the gentlemen who have achieved such financial success are those who have the charm and sophistication to match her own, the desire for sacred connection and spiritual enlightenment, and the knowledge of women, to properly appreciate and thoroughly enjoy all the different entertainments of his chosen female. He would not embarrass or insult her with the pouncing of an inexperienced youth, ignoring her exquisite attire, her intoxicating scent, and the efforts she has gone to, to seduce him. He will be a gentleman at all times, as they both respect the mutual unspoken laws of tasteful togetherness. He would never verbally insult her or physically abuse her, nor expect her to do things she would not normally do. He is a true gentleman, seeking to provide as much as he receives, as sacred healing and connections tend to automatically do. He does not treat her like a blow up doll, a purchased item or a trained monkey, nor would he refuse her the freedom to entertain him at her leisure. He is certainly not seeking a "quick release" situation!

Within Sacred Tantric Intimacy, there is a special connection, and emotional touch that occurs between the courtesan and her chosen client. They rarely spend small amounts of time together when they connect. They enhance each others' lives, and when they are together it is almost like Romeo and Juliet re-connecting, high school young-at-hearts stealing away together to experience a little more romance. There is a certain level of 'love' built between them. It is not a 'service' situation, so much as an affectionate, sacred human bond that is formed between them, blending the masculine and the feminine.

A Courtesan client is never looking for an hour to enjoy company, 'services' or simple, meaningless sex. He is searching for that sacred connection, needing to be refilled and enhanced emotionally, lifted spiritually to a heightened and prolonged level of pleasure. Just as hundreds of different positions within any intimacy period is not conducive to a sensually healing encounter, so a different model every time, or short bursts of 'service' is not conducive to these special, sacred connections. A client seeking a sacred courtesan connection may meet different models, to find the one best suited to his needs, or maintain a relationship with several models, to further the sacred connection they have established. True intimacy and sensual healing or growth is rarely achieved with multitudes of different sexual partners, or brief encounters with them. There is a market for these kinds of individuals, such as brothels and regular escort agencies, but it is not the sacred Courtesan's clientele.

A gentleman will always defer to a lady's preference within reason; As any intelligent man knows, when a quality woman is happy, her gentleman is kept very happy! A client may often find himself falling in love with her, but needs to remember this is not real love - this is why he pays for her company. We are providing the illusion, the fantasy of perfection, and the kind of love built between them is a temporary one, a sacred spiritual one, and not sustainable in daily life. He pays for her eternally good mood and her ability to enhance his enlightenment with each session together.

There is a reason why she is his fantasy woman, and why that ends when they become too close on the reality plane. It's a fine line. A sacred courtesan is rarely in a position to want to be 'rescued' anyway, as she has chosen and prefers this life for now - her dynamic spirit is due to the freedom she enjoys in her current lifestyle. Most importantly, she enjoys and needs the time she has to herself, to refresh her soul and remain exclusive to her accepted gentlemen. Try catching a free butterfly and keeping it in a cage - it doesn't stay vibrant for long... The elite, sacred courtesan may settle down in time, but only when she is ready, and rarely with a man who has paid her for her time in the past. Theirs is a respected, caring business relationship and spiritual love, and nothing more. They may genuinely care for each other, in fact they should, but a life together is usually impractical.

This unique client selection practice is what keeps the sacred courtesan exclusive to her elite gentlemen. The woman who is available to almost anyone just to get as much money as possible, soon sadly loses her exclusivity and is no longer considered an option for the elite gentleman, who understands the difference. Like minded, high quality people are brought together at Mona Lisa Models™, where the price is not so important as the perfect match and these continual high quality, sacred experiences, a step above the typical.

The difference in any successful relationship, be it part time or full time, is giving or taking. When both are giving, for the pleasure they receive from their partner's joy, without expecting anything in return but knowing they have brought pleasure to another; this is successful. This is Tantra.

When both are taking, in it for what they can get from the other, there is only pain, disappointment and bitterness in their future. When one is giving and one is taking, if the giver is happy to never receive, it can work, but anyone with any self respect would never stay in a relationship of this nature, it is unhealthy. A natural and healthy connection is where both are giving, therefore they both receive by default, and enjoy the additional pleasure of giving.

Quality Sacred Courtesans are luxurious, powerful women, and having gentlemen pay for her company and entertainment is something that builds more confidence and self esteem. But having the honour of connecting with him on a deeper level is something money cannot buy or affect. Seduction as a professional has a quality that one just can't experience in personal relationships. It is a quality that is very erotic for both men and women. When you add the extra element of Sacred Tantric Intimacy, a whole other world of satisfaction is opened to you.

If you are seeking a deeper, more intense healing experience or sacred connection, a courtesan experience may be more suited to you than an uncomplicated high class escort session. Contact us now to discuss your needs.
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