Some of the exciting package options available with the high class model escorts
and dynamic courtesan entertainers:

Tantric Pleasure

Our Tantric top model escorts provide 3 levels of intense energy exchange.

  • Sacred Tantric Pleasure - Starter Package - 3 hours.
    Be taught and practise Sacred Tantric Pleasure
    Your elite Tantric escort will entertain you and teach you the pleasure of the sacred Tantric connection. For more information on Sacred Tantric Pleasure, click here.
  • Sacred Tantric Pleasure - Intermediate - 4 hours.
    For the semi-experienced gentleman to practise Sacred Tantric Pleasure
    Your elite Tantric courtesan will entertain you and indulge with you in the more advanced pleasure of the sacred Tantric connection. For more information on Sacred Tantric Pleasure, click here.
  • Sacred Tantric Please - Advanced - 6 hours.
    For the Experienced gentleman to perfect your Sacred Tantric Pleasure
    Your elite Tantric courtesan will entertain you and indulge with you in very advanced pleasure techniques of the sacred Tantric connection. For more information on Sacred Tantric Pleasure, click here.

Clients are welcome to book as many additional hours as they wish, regardless of their experience in Sacred Tantric Pleasure, these are just packages created for convenience. An experienced Tantric Pleasure seeker will require a longer appointment than a less experienced one.


Executive Decision

One of our popular starter-packages. An elegant and enchanting evening date with your dream model. The Executive package has three tiers:

  • 2 hours (+ 30 minutes complimentary time-Supreme Levels only), for introduction and entertainment. Suited to the time poor, the novice or the dabbling Tantric gentleman, seeking a deeper connection with a more elite Tantric companion.
  • 3 hours (+ 1 hour complimentary time-Supreme Levels only), allowing you to spoil your date over dinner before taking your leisurely time to indulge one another and heighten your Tantric connection. Your option to extend the evening into additional hours/ overnight & breakfast is always your Executive Decision :-)
  • 5 hours (+ 2 hour complimentary time- Supreme Levels only), allowing you to not only spoil your date and yourself with a lovely dinner, but allowing you ample time to really thoroughly explore all the advanced entertainment options she has for you. Again, the option for extending your explorations til breakfast time is always there, so you can avoid the time issue, should your connection be unpleasant to break too soon. Play as long as you both like, snuggle up together to snooze. Then enjoy some morning delight before a restorative breakfast, with a gorgeous model in your bed! A Superb Decision ;-)

Why not enjoy all the city has to offer; fine dining, a romantic Harbourside stroll, then back to your suite to get to know your top model escort even better - the perfect date evening, and far more memorable than a quick visit to your hotel!


7 Deadly Sins

We all know how delicious it is to be naughty. Now we can offer the ultimate 'naughty night'. An intense, exciting package of ultimate indulgences, in all the things you really shouldn't - 5 hours.

Deluxe: A$4700   |   Luxury: A$6400   |  Supreme: A$8000   |  Ultimate: A$15,000
  • ENVY: 2 beautiful, sensual models, making you envy them as they pleasure each other, or envying each other of your attentions. They sensually spoil each other in exquisite lingerie & expensive lotions, then see which of them can get your undivided attention. Competition for your affections... it is most enjoyable... Do as you please.
  • GREED: Another model joins you, 3 beautiful, passionate women to cater to your every whim. Pure Greed. Erotic striptease, lingerie, body sauce, foreplay-dice, honey and ice -You greedy boy!
  • GLUTTONY: Food, pleasure, luxurious lotions and potions; stuff yourself with pleasures, like strawberries and cream, honey, chocolate sauce, fruit and all the nutritious, natural juices.. Be fed grapes & paint your gorgeous model's body with edible paint - more indulgence than the average bear...
  • VANITY: Mirrors and adoration. This is a winning combination that makes this part of the package particularly enjoyable, and allows both you and the model to indulge in the human flaw of vanity. Watch yourself or each other doing naughty things in the mirror.
  • SLOTH: Sit, relax in your bath or on your bed; Be the Sultan serviced completely by your favourite harem girl. Your Mona Lisa Models™ goddess will be the ultimate maid escort, in every way, whether rubbing your feet or feeding you. Your wish is her command.
  • RAGE: Obey your seductress during this period, or she may punish you! Gentle domination. Stunning leather outfits, velvet and fur restraints, oils, candles, soft tails whip, possible blindfold inclusion; Sensory deprivation is the best way to enhance other senses... A good spanking should get you back in line, peasant.
  • LUST: Ahh, the most luscious and tempting of all the sins. Indulge in your deepest passionate desires, there is no holding back or inhibitions here. Total passion, abandonment and teenage lust. Pure Sensual Indulgence.
Charlie's Angels

Think you can handle three models all to yourself? Or will they be handling you? The Charlie's Angels fantasy is for the gentleman who loves to be enveloped at every turn by the sweet, creamy, female smells of a woman at every side.

Imagine the options - three sets of hands on your body, three mouths pleasuring you, two pleasuring each other as you watch and are pleasured by another, one parades around in her leather outfit ordering you to do as she commands with the other two models..

Thighs and breasts and legs entwined, sweet breath and full lips and bodies with a light sweat... the possibilities are endless, aren't they...?


Geisha Pamper

The Geisha fantasy, a Mona Lisa Models™ speciality, involves the model pampering you, serving and entertaining you like the Geisha in ancient Japan, but of course with an extra naughty twist...

She will make you tea or bring you your drink of preference, and allow you to drink from the cup she holds. She will dance for you, perhaps sing or impress you with some artistic talent, place candles around the bathroom, and help you into a warm bubble bath where she will massage you with oils, kiss you, wash your hair, brush your teeth, shave your face, feed you and let you drink champagne from her breasts.

This experience will generally be incorporated into the whole package, simply teasing you to your limit in preparation for the next part of her service... Although if you prefer an entire Geisha style appointment, we can arrange this also. The Geisha experience is not only very relaxing and pampering, it is also quite romantic and intimate.

The model will dry your fresh, clean body with a big, fluffy hotel towel, rub moisturizer all over your body, kissing you all over.

The geisha bath has many variations, but has the emphasis is on pampering relaxation, talented entertainment and pleasurable sensations. Indulge yourself..



Be pampered like a sultan for the evening!

  • 2 x $2000 level models overnight
  • Stretch Limousine from airport to hotel room, then to cocktails
  • Twin Double action, Food play, Geisha treatment
  • Spa bath massage & Tantric Pleasure pamper treatment
  • Blindfold fantasy, with cream & champagne surprise
  • Most other fantasies you can request
  • $18,000 overnight (usually $19,500 booked separately)

Our concierge can book your hotel suite for you also if required.


Be pampered like a celebrity for the evening!

  • 2 x $1200 models overnight
  • Limousine from airport to hotel room, then to cocktails
  • Bi-sexual Double Action, Food play, Geisha treatment
  • Spa bath oil massage & Tantric pamper treatment
  • Blindfold fantasy, with cream & champagne surprise
  • Most other fantasies you can request.
  • $14,000 overnight (usually $15,300 booked separately)

Our concierge can book your hotel suite for you also if required.


This package, aptly named after it's spoiling nature, involves the Mona Lisa Models™ courtesan giving you a taste of every erotic fantasy. You will get just enough of the experience to know if you like it and want more next time! The model will spend about 20 - 30 minutes on each fantasy throughout the 3-4 hours, and believe us, you will be smiling by the end of your session - this is the type of appointment where you just lay back and enjoy the show, be pleasured, entertained and relaxed all at once.

  • Introduction period
  • flirtation, seduction, striptease
  • sensual candlelight geisha bath
  • warm oil sensual massage/ erotic body slide
  • fantasy outfit roleplay
  • fantasy French
  • erotic food play
  • fantasy outfit roleplay
  • masturbation/ vibrator show
  • sensual intimacy

Pure Pampering TLC

  • $1000 - $1500 model for 6 hours
  • Limousine from airport to hotel room, and to dinner/cocktails
  • Peppermint foot, head and full body massage
  • Geisha treatment, total pampering & relaxation
  • Blindfold pamper, stimulating sensations
  • Slow, sensual arousal and prolonged Tantric pleasure
  • $5000 (usually $5300-$5800 booked separately
  • $1000 level model for 12 hours
  • Mystery location - we spirit you away somewhere! (Within NSW, 5 star accommodations, limousine conveyance)
  • Pampering Geisha treatment, total relaxation
  • Blindfold fantasy, roleplay and erotic striptease
  • Masturbation show and oil body slide massage
  • Slow, sensual arousal and prolonged Tantric pleasaure
  • $6000 - pre-bookings essential.

For the romantics - A perfect old fashioned date. Either 2.5 hours for the price of 2 hours, or 4.5 hours for the price of 4 hours - candlelight, dinner, bubble bath and champagne seduction - simple pleasure for the chivalrous hedonists, and those who still believe in love at first sight.

9 & ½ Weeks

FOOD PLAY: Inspired by the very erotic 80's movie "Nine and a ½ Weeks", starring Kim Basinger & Mickey Rourke. Watch the movie, replicate the fun! Never tried the pleasures of bringing food into your eroticism? Not the comforting pleasure of buttery toast and soup in bed on a cold day, but juice-dripping, squelching, creamy foods for eating from a tight, fit body.

Taste and texture are closely related to other sensual pleasures. Imagine the pleasure of licking mango juice from the firm, tanned belly of one of our sensual models... Catching the dribble of fruit as it trickles down her flesh to her most intimate parts - can you catch it before it disappears?....Watch her full, flushed mouth as she takes a strawberry into it. Her luscious lips as she puts her tongue out to slowly, lazily taste the drizzle of honey you left there... One of our most popular packages, and definitely one of the most erotic. You can't get bored with this!

The most enjoyable part of the food fantasy is when you incorporate it into other fantasies, like the bi-double. Have your main with one, and dessert with the other! Culinary delights indeed...



This is a mixture of sensations, where the Mona Lisa Models™ courtesan will lay you face down allowing warm oil to softly trickle over your body. She will massage you firmly to smooth out the day's stress, from the tight muscles in your neck and shoulders to your nerve-rich feet. She will soften her strokes to finger-tickle you, then tickle you with a feather tickler, to create a softer sensation, which really raises the goosebumps! She will then use different sensations to massage you, and turn you over to face her.

The model will continue to create different sensations, maybe using ice, maybe licking off delicious body sauce, finally massaging you with her body, maybe touching herself against you while you watch, breast-massaging you with slippery flesh against slippery flesh. She may squeeze oil all over herself, sensually and slowly rubbing it into her torso & breasts, then perform a seductive body slide. She may choose to incorporate the fantasy french during this stage, mixing her talents to your benefit! The emphasis is on sensations to seduce and tease you. Try it tonight!


French Fantasy

Fantasy French is the name we give to the oral version of the massage fantasy. The Mona Lisa Models™ courtesan will start by pampering you with her warm lips and mouth. She will use different sensations such as mint body lotion, ice, warm water and other secret ingredients, to increase your pleasure by alternating sensation - the model will breathe out close to your skin to create a warm sensation, then blow softly from a small distance to create a cool sensation.

These techniques have been around since the dawn of time, but were definitely perfected by the Orientals, and the Indians with their Kama Sutra. There are a million different secret techniques and sensations available with which to experiment. We tutor our models fully to ensure her knowledge and technique are superior. If sensual pleasure enters the appointment, you can be assured that our models are professional pleasure artists, not indifferent or un-skilled. Try it asap!



Striptease has little to do with sex or pornography, it is an erotic artform, and to watch a practiced woman perform is a true visual and physical pleasure.

Striptease is a celebration of female beauty and sensuality for the pleasure of the viewer. However striptease can be performed in ways other than the choreographed dance we see at some of the better erotica stripper and burlesque shows. Sometimes she will add a theme, such as a bellydance theme during her striptease. Sometimes it can be just as erotic to watch a lady very slowly remove her clothes when she thinks you're not watching, or removing her clothing piece by piece as she holds a perfectly normal conversation, and you struggle to keep your mind on her words as she deliberately draws attention to her body with her hands, suddenly asking if you like what you're seeing...

The strip tease is best just coming to a finalè as room service arrives with the champagne, strawberries and cream. It's normally a good idea if your Mona Lisa model slips immodestly dressed into a robe and answers the door for you, as it may be a little embarrassing for you to stand up at this stage.... If the bell boy had only been here a few minutes before...If he knew what she has on under the robe.... Enjoy!



Mona Lisa Models™ girls are famous for their erotic vibrator shows. Your model will settle you somewhere comfortable, position herself somewhere where the view is best, (in fact this experience is often incorporated into the striptease, and you will no doubt already be settled in for the ride!), then proceed to rub her golden vibrator all over her body, arousing her senses and showing you how she loves to be pleasured.

She will lather herself in oil, rubbing it into her breasts and body, then begin to touch herself, either using the vibrator or her fingers while she plays with the vibrator to visually pleasure you. She will at some stage shift positions and continue with her back to you so you can view her pleasure from behind.

She may place the vibrator against her lips to show you how she can tease you... All fantasies have many variations, and the models may incorporate little or a lot of each in her service, depending on what she knows you like from your little chat in the beginning of the service. Use your imagination - our models are happy to experiment with your ideas.



Voyeur; (Vwah-yer) - "A person who obtains gratification from looking at the erotic actions or organs of others."  Most people have voyeur fantasies of some kind, whether they imagine someone is watching them, or they have the desire to sneak a look at others.

Voyeur fantasies can involve seeing someone's panties - or lack thereof - when they don't seem to know you're looking. It can involve a woman going about her business naked, knowing you are watching and enjoying. It can involve having someone else join you to simply watch you together, or allowing you to watch them together.

Mona Lisa models are very comfortable with themselves, and enjoy you watching them - in fact they will usually encourage it, and enjoy the effect they have on you. They will often wear no panties to your appointment and pretend not to notice as your eyes are glued to her, showing just a peek of what you may see more of soon - if you're a good boy...


Party Package

Get a few friends together and make a night of it. 3 or 4 boys and 3 or 4 girls = PARTY!!


Hedonist VIP Packages

You cant take it with you when you go... Make memories that will last the rest of your life! When you require a large group of elite courtesan models for your cruise or holiday, (or indeed that one special model to connect with), Mona Lisa Models™ can provide the necessary high quality in a fabulous package. Only the very finest international models are selected for these hedonism packages, where perfect physique and beauty are essential, and your every need is catered to, body and soul, by a willing, responsive beauty.

All conveyance and accommodation can be included and arranged by us, unless you prefer to send your jet or accommodate the models onboard a yacht. Simply send information about how many models you require (strictly 1 gentleman maximum per model, though one gentleman may enjoy as many models as he wishes), and as usual, we will attend to all details. We can even arrange to charter the jet or yacht for you if you don't have your own conveyance or assistant.

Instead of pot luck, enjoy the luxury of perfect disposition and elegance in every selection. We guarantee the quality of our models, and when it comes to elite arrangements, if you are an accepted client, all other experiences are second to none. Unlike most agencies who claim to 'carefully select' their staff, we genuinely hand select and extensively tutor our models to the highest degree for your ultimate satisfaction. We don't just provide pretty, empty shells. We provide elite, educated, intelligent, elegant, hygienic, discreet, beautiful, fresh, exclusive, warm-natured models.

Make your next vacation one you will never forget! Be pampered and catered to like never before.


TravelGold Packages

No Expense Spared For Your Comfort.

  • Complimentary Limousine Conveyance
  • Sensational "Champagne Surprise"
  • Overnight 5 Star Accommodation, &
  • A $1000 level Model's Exclusive Overnight Entertainment!

Go out and paint the town red, or keep her all to yourself..! Fully inclusive, just arrive and relax!

For 1 Night : $6000 -
For 2 Nights : $9900 -
For 3 Nights : $14,000 -
For 4 Nights : $17,000 -
For 5 Nights : $20,000 -
For 6 Nights : $24,000 -
For 7 Nights : $28,000 -

All Fees attract 10% tax and small surcharge for credit card use.
50% deposit required for all TravelGold packages


Naked Sushi Model

Spoil your business colleagues, make your next event unique and exciting, or simply indulge yourself! Known as "Nyotai Mori" in Japan, the 'naked sushi' feasts date back to ancient times, and are often offered in special hot spring resorts today, but are generally left off modern menus. The feast is usually offered to aficionados upon request only. Now it is available exclusively in your own home or hired venue with Mona Lisa Models™.


Your Fantasy

Tell us what you want, and who you'd like it to include, and we'll tailor-make a package for you. Just contact our friendly office co-ordinators!


Erotic Suggestions

- Geisha bath with candlelight, beautiful music & champagne
- Have your partner slowly lick chocolate off your entire body
- Candlelight masturbation show, discover what the gold vibrator can do..
- Let your partner paint your erogenous zones with a small paintbrush and honey..
   while you're handcuffed & defenseless!
- Let your partner lick and tickle your testicles until you beg her for more
- Try enjoying oral pleasure with champagne - or a hot choc mint
- Enjoy the mastered art of oral pleasure with ice & hot water
- Have your partner slather herself with hot oil, then breast massage you - both sides
- Try asking your partner to hum while she fellates you. Skyrocket intensity
- Pressure on the perenium - between testicles & anus - highly increases sensation
- Be tantalized by a light spanking while handcuffed. More erotic than you think!
- Have a model in PVC rub all over your oiled body, squeaking and sliding
- Be a giver - massage your partner with her own vibrator, and watch her delight
- Have your partner wear no panties to dinner, play how-far-will-you-go...
- Enjoy mutual masturbation or pleasure in front of a mirror for double stimulation
- Have a stunning Mona Lisa Models™ courtesan chat you up & 'seduce you' in front
   of your friends
- Savour a GENUINE threesome.
- Discover the pleasure of the 'Spanish' position
- A trench coat with lingerie or nothing underneath - enough said.. (conditions apply)
- The model arrives at your hotel room before you. No hotel can welcome you like this..
- Handcuff your partner, ravage her with another bi-sexual model.
- Be handcuffed and have 2 or 3 models pleasuring you at once. Blissful torture!
- Be blindfolded and behold the delights that await your other senses.
- Allow yourself to be massaged with a deep, hot oil fingertip rub, then shiver as
   feathers gently tickle your cares away.
- Drizzle oil all over yourself and have your partner massage your sensitive, erogenous


Escort packages can include Sydney escorts and Melbourne escorts to accompany you and provide whatever fantasy takes your interest! One of the benefits of booking a package of time with your escort as opposed to just booking hour - by- hour means you not only receive a fantastic discounted 'package' rate, you also enjoy uninterrupted time with your companion, as she is not required to answer calls from her agency when your time is almost due. Further benefits will be outlined below. Every booking includes erotic striptease, kissing, genuine affection and fully inclusive attentions; plus much more, depending on what you desire!

For those seeking a general appointment, it is recommended to book 2-4 hours (depending on your own enjoyment of anticipation/ foreplay/ your own level of stamina/ sophistication etc). This allows a girlfriend-style date without interruptions - unhurried, sensual and relaxing. This also allows the model to enjoy herself as much as you - a courtesan's company is intended to be mutually enjoyable, after all... and a gentleman always defers to a lady's preference, within reason.

For the gentleman seeking a more intense experience, who wishes to be uninterrupted for longer (be it for social or personal reasons), or who require a longer term companion (eg travel companions), it is recommended to book anywhere from overnight (til breakfast) up to a weekend, a week, or even several months. This again allows for the best possible economical package to be arranged, as well as no interruptions throughout your appointment (save for the usual security contacts).

In addition to the fee package benefits, and uninterrupted time benefits, one can also benefit from packages created for your enjoyment in terms of service. Some of the exciting arrangements can include the Casablanca pack (2 hours for the price of 1.5hrs, or 4 hours for the price of 3.5hrs). This allows you time to enjoy a fine dining experience in Sydney or Melbourne (or the city of your choice). The executive package is the same arrangement, however all your time is spent alone in private ;-) Free time is always a pleasure for the models to provide when you are kind enough to indulge them in a lovely dining and dancing scene - or take their time to indulge her in a relaxing sensual massage and proper attention for pleasure :-)

The Treat and Spoiler packs are like 'samplers' for clients who are new to courtesan company. You can enjoy a little taste of all the different entertainments available, so you know what might be best for you to concentrate on next time! Some other ways to really spoil yourself include the Charlie's Angels deal (3 girls to spoil you - anything goes!), the 7 Deadly Sins session (1, then 2, then 3 models to pamper, arouse and tease you through all the 'seven deadly sins'), the Sultan and Celebrity packages, which are truly indulgent deals to thoroughly spoil you for the whole evening, luxurious indulgence indeed!

The Hedonist package is also extremely popular for the gentleman with a high financial limit, who seeks beautiful and attentive company throughout his vacation or business commitments. For the sensualist who seeks to incorporate food into his pleasures, we have the 9 & ½ Weeks combination, and the Nude Sushi Model option. You can create your own fantasy package, and we will incorporate it into a suitable budget for you. Get a couple of friends together, and create a party - 3 guys, 3 gorgeous model escorts, a few bottles of champagne - instant party! This is, if you want to share the 3 beauties, of course..!

We have romantic cruises, international ho /li/pbr / The Treat and Spoiler packs are like liday packages, holiday getaways and any other exciting arrangement your mind can concoct - whether long term, short term, sports related, mystery destinations, you name it. Whatever the excitement you seek with a Sydney Escort, a Melbourne escort or even a courtesan from Dubai, Singapore or France, we can accommodate your every need.

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