Frequently Asked Travel Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about elite international travel companions

How do I select a model escort to join me?

Our models are available online to view, however you are very welcome to place a call at your convenience (within our business hours) to one of our friendly booking co-ordinators, who will discuss your needs and requirements with you. Should you require more than one model, we can assist. Additional information is available via email.


Will I be happy with the standard?

We have a world renowned name for providing top quality every time. Our courtesan models do not rush in & out, or behave with the nonchalant attitude that some other higher priced ladies do. These are first class courtesans in every way. We encourage you to make your booking, you will be delighted and amazed at the standard, not just in looks, but in presence and personality also. We have a 100% guarantee of quality - if the model who arrives is not as stunning and charming as we have promised, you are entitled to swap with a different model, at no cost (minus any transport costs).

This rarely if ever happens, as our consultation is thorough, and our standards extremely high. We cater regularly to movie stars, political vips and even royalty, all of whom return for the elite quality provided exclusively. Our secret is our tutoring & support system, bringing out the best in our carefully selected models. (If you have met with the model previously, and request her international company, this guarantee does not apply; you have made an informed choice!) Similarly, if you have asked a co-ordinator or model to select another model for you, guarantees do not apply, as you have taken the selection out of your own hands and relinquished your say; please see our disclaimer.) Rest assured we are very selective. 100% of the time, if you are a gentleman, she will be a princess.


What are the minimum travel/ visiting times?

The minimum hours are as follows:

  • -Within the model's local city, 2 hour minimum (small transport fee $30-$80)
  • -Within her greater Metropolitan area, 3 hour minimum (small transport fee $30-$80)
  • -Within her country, (outside metro area) 4-6 hours minimum (flat transport fee of $400 or less)
  • -Within her continental area (eg asia, europe, americas, pacific oceania etc), 12 hours minimum (plus flight cost)
  • -International, 24 hours minimum (plus flight cost)

Further fees are available upon application.

A deposit is required before a booking of 4 hours or more can be confirmed. We accept all major credit cards, as well as cash in AUD$, USD$, EURO€ & GBP£


What is a full day - 24 hours?

Yes - 24 hours. Within the model's country, time starts when she arrives with you, and ends around the time she arrives at the airport for her return. For international appointments, we always try to allow maximum time; the agency pays travel time one way, (time starts when the model arrives with you), and we ask the gentleman to be flexible with the return time. (i.e she will be at the airport within the last hours of her appointment, unless you decide to extend your appointment together).

For this reason, we try to arrange to have a direct return flight from her location where possible.
You can pay for extra days if it comes to that, but it's best to reserve the model for the time you intend to keep her so she can meet any future obligations. If you do wish to extend your time, please let us know as soon as you know you'd like to do that, to allow us to efficiently manage the model's schedule.


How do I know she can come to my city?

Contact us to confirm this. Our models fly all around the country and around the globe. Most of our models have passports, and travel extensively, but all of them enjoy an exciting flight out of their location to any major city. The advantage of Australian models is that they are level 1 passports, and can generally fly almost anywhere without the need for a pre-arranged visa. This also applies to our models on USA and UK passports.


How will I know if the model is available for the dates I want her?

Our models are available exclusively by appointment only. When you reserve her time and payment is received, we clear her schedule and prepare her to fly to meet you. If she is not available, then we can discuss a 2nd option with you. We always have a wonderful selection of sensational model courtesans to select from as your ideal Sydney travel companion or Melbourne travel companion. We also have elite travel companions from Europe and international travel companion models to select from. Just ask us


How will the airline ticket be arranged?

After we have received your payment, we then purchase the ticket. Models' names are never given to clients, no matter what. If you cannot make your deposit, we're afraid you cannot book a Mona Lisa Models™ courtesan. Cancellation after the ticket is purchased will result in the loss of said airfare, and your funds held in credit for future use. The company does not provide refunds, but we of course give credit for funds received. (Disclaimer)


Can I make special requests?

All reasonable requests are considered. Our models are sweet, fun and accommodating. After the deposit is received, we will call you and get instructions. Eg. Often a client is on business in a different city and wants the model to fly to his next destination and be in the hotel when he arrives. Nice welcoming surprise :-)


What is the best way to pay?

Cash is always king for local appointments, but we also accept major credit cards with a small additional surcharge and valid photo ID (passport). For international appointments (model traveling to another continent), bank transfer is required to our discreet billing company account, and is safer for all concerned.

Funds must be received at least 2 days before the model departs, however we do prefer more notice where possible. If funds are not yet received, your model may not arrive when you planned, so please ensure you leave plenty of time.. Flights are not purchased until funds are received, so please do plan ahead if you have certain dates in mind.


How do I know I'm getting the best travel companion courtesan for me?

There is usually multiple potential options, and all would be most enjoyable companions. Be as descriptive as you can about your preferences in your initial email or phone call. We take you through a pretty thorough consultation, and can talk to you about a model most suited to your preferences.

Where possible, book your selected model for a night or a few hours, to see how your rapport is together. You might mention to her your intention to book her for a longer appointment, and ask her how she thinks she will enjoy your company for the intended time, and maybe what type of weather she prefers, etc. After all, a gentleman always considers a lady's opinion, and defers to her preference where possible ;-)

However since we do specialize in extremely talented and versatile models, it is very rare and unlikely for someone to not get along; they are very loving and caring souls. Once we take you through the consultation, you can pretty much rest assured the model who will join you will be a phenomenally wonderful choice, who makes your time with her sensational. We're not exactly world renowned for nothing :-)


What if the model and I don't 'click' with each other?

You must call the agency immediately if you feel there is a problem, to discuss your options. Within the first 24-48 hrs, (depending upon the length, location etc of the booking), we can normally arrange to swap the model for a more suitable one to join you instead. *Please see the first paragraph re conditions to this guarantee. If you wait until half way through the booking to inform us, or just before the end of the booking to decide you have a problem, we're afraid there is not a lot that can be done.

Models cater to their clientele to the best of their ability, and represent their agency as best they can. If you do not let her, or us, know that her efforts are inadequate, the model's time must still be paid for. Regardless of whether she is your ideal or not, she still makes great efforts to be what you need. You must take the initiative if you feel it is not going to work. Most people know within hours, and often minutes, whether there is a rapport or not. Again this is rare as our consultation is thorough.


What can I do to make sure my trip and appointment go smoothly?

You can start by making sure we have all information from you clearly when you email or call -- exact dates you want the model to arrive and depart, your full name, contact number and email, which model you would like to meet or the type of experience you'd like to have. (We take you through an extensive consultation to ensure your choice is appropriate; obviously the right match involves more than pointing at a photo on a website..)

We will also need your hotel room number once you check in, along with the surname you are registered under. Occasionally gentlemen will prefer the model to book the hotel room in her own name; in this case the additional accommodation fees must be included in the total fund transfer. We are very professional and discreet, and hope to have your repeat business, so we will organize things to operate as smoothly and comfortably as possible for you. Established in 1991, we're not exactly inexperienced or unknown :-)


What are my responsibilities?

Your responsibilities as a gentleman should be common sense, but to clear up any discrepancies; Your main obligations are to be a gentleman, and to keep the model in the lifestyle she is accustomed to, so she can cater for your needs appropriately. She will rarely ask for something she does not need. She must have five star accommodation, access to room service or western standard cafes & restaurants, phone access to our office at all times, and any material provisions required, such as correct clothing for change of weather should you move locations, hotel cars or her own hire car for conveyance, and her regular hairdresser/ beauty appointments etc. The model must also have her own room key, and have the freedom to come and go as she pleases. Some clients may find it is more comfortable for the model to have her own hotel room, that is an option for you to discuss together.

One would think this is common sense, but surprisingly there are clients who believe just paying for the model's time is enough... It's not. If you invite her as your guest, and she is kind enough to accommodate you, the hospitable thing to do is to keep her in the lifestyle she is accustomed to. If you feel you cannot afford this, you should book a lower-priced model, so you can properly afford to look after her without cutting unnecessary corners. That is your responsibility. Do not try to squeeze into your budget, it is quite tasteless. Treat your courtesan how you would appreciate being treated, if you were a guest of someone in another place. We encourage you to read through the GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE, which again is mostly common knowledge, but will ensure you do your part to make the experience a pleasant one for both of you!


What if things are not to my liking?

If at any time you feel you are not happy about something, talk openly with your courtesan; she is human, and will respond to normal, mature communication. If you can talk like two mature adults, things can usually be sorted out. And talk about it as soon as you notice it, don't wait for it to become a big issue. Address your issues immediately and politely. She will respond.

People do have differences, being human, and if you are involved in a long booking, you must both be aware of each other's comfort and space, and be considerate towards each other - again, fairly obvious, but not for some... mutual consideration and compromise is required for any relationship. Your model will not generally confront you with minor issues, as she is a gracious lady. She will do her best to make things go smoothly, overlook difficulties, and represent the agency to the best of her ability.

If your chat together does not clear things, you should call the agency immediately to calmly discuss the situation, and consider your options. (Contact us here)


Please send me a full photo of the model escorts?

Not only for privacy reasons do we usually not distribute photos in general, but also for obvious security measures. Most models travel often and would like to continue travelling, anonymously. Not only that, but our VIP clientele do not wish to be identified in public as being with a known courtesan, whose unprotected photographs have found their way onto the internet... the photographs we have online are the only ones available. Some models show their faces, some don't. It's a personal preference and we do not apply pressure in either direction.


Can I get a reference or review from other clients?

Sorry no, we cannot do that. Each client's privacy is as important to us as our models' own, and yours. Would you like random people calling your private numbers, asking about how your experience was with such & such a model..? Our clientele are not adolescents who need to discuss such things. It is degrading, unsophisticated and quite unnecessary to "kiss and tell".

Our terms are: 'discretion assured and expected - always.' Our name for excellence is well known worldwide. There is no need for references and tasteless reviews. We offer quality and excellence every time, and we hold ourselves strictly to that ultimate standard. We do have some general anonymous feedback for you to assess the general tone of our clientele's responses; these are genuine emails from genuine clients. Click here to view.


Do your high class models speak any other languages?

It really depends which city you're booking from. Obviously the European models tend to speak more languages than the Australian or USA models. Some models speak a little of another language or two, others are fluent in one or several languages - please specify if you need fluent language speaking models.


How do I know when I make my deposit, that the model will show up?

Mona Lisa Models ™ is a professional, premium company with a board of directors, established in 1991. We are not a silly little escort service that opened yesterday, operated from the sitting room of some ex-client or ex-escort, like many average services. Initially, we would never send a brand new model to an international appointment to represent the company. Only established, trusted models in whom we are confident can receive the privilege of representing us outside of local city bookings.

It is in the model's interest to show up and be on time, as she is jeopardizing a lot here; it is a prestigious and lucrative position to hold, being a courtesan with Mona Lisa Models™. We monitor the models' standards and are quite aware of every model's strengths and weaknesses. It is in our interest to make sure she arrives, too. We always hope that our clientele wish to meet our models again. This is our business, and we are an established and highly reputable international escort agency.

Our head office is in Sydney Australia, and we have been operating and fulfilling desires successfully for a long time, with a huge regular return clientele. We strive for excellence on every level. When you send a deposit, you will receive the company of an elite, premium courtesan companion (barring your cancellation of the appointment). We deliver on our promises.


What do the models do and don't do?

If you need to ask this, you have misunderstood the point of the high class courtesan service. If "what you get" is what is important to you, as opposed to a mutually enjoyable connection and special date experience, then please look elsewhere. A fully inclusive high class entertainment service is just that. These well bred young ladies are not red light specials, please don't treat the service as such.

For the less enlightened, click here for an outline of some of our models' potential entertainments, and click here for the difference between an escort and an elite courtesan. Treat your model as you would a girlfriend. Do you ask your date or girlfriend "so what will I 'get' tonight?" ? No! Then don't treat your elegant Mona Lisa Models™ girlfriend any differently. She is your professional girlfriend, and has the same feelings and self-respect as any beautiful, accomplished woman does.


Can I meet the model first?

You are welcome to meet the model first - just book her in her local city for a few hours, or book her for the minimum time where you are. Our models' time is valuable and has a fee attached. Please respect that and afford her the same professional courtesy you expect from your clients in your own industry. This is a business. A pleasurable one, but a business nonetheless.


I'm a bit short of funds, can I pay the balance when the courtesan arrives?

All expenses must be paid for in advance. Respectfully, please give us a call when your financial difficulties are over.


Can I get to know the model by phone or email first?

Please visit one of the cyber-sex chat services around, or an online dating site. Our models are not at liberty to give you free time. They have their own lives and careers outside of their courtesan apprenticeship, be it modeling, acting, or their own chosen industry. We almost never have cancelled appointments. There are no disappointments at Mona Lisa Models™. Your original consultation prevents this, so be as clear as possible.

As an upper-society gentleman, you should understand the quality we are providing. We also have a highly trusted name and reputation worldwide. Regardless of the odd hater writing fake bad reviews about us here and there! :-)  We're here to assist you and introduce you as proper members of society. A gentleman would always prefer a face-to-face meeting to make his decision. And he would always behave nobly by not expecting a model to prepare herself and dress beautifully without financial compendsation.


Your fees are much higher than the average, how can you justify that?

Because do not have 'average' models on offer! Nor do they offer an 'average' experience :-)  Please browse through the rest of our website - view our models here and click on the 'services' navigation link above. Read through what separates courtesans from general escorts, and how to select high class model escorts.

If you are looking for genuinely high quality, the fee is justified. If you are looking for a simple sex service, we invite you to try elsewhere. Those who seek true quality in life understand that the fee is irrelevant when it comes to creating special memories. If you are only interested in the price, skimping for yourself, or saving up to afford 'a classy girl', you will be better off elsewhere, please. We cater for those to whom price is secondary to quality.


How do I get started in making an appointment?

View the models' profiles, then contact us by phone or email to discuss your needs and preferences (see the contact page above). We look forward to assisting you in creating a very special & memorable experience.


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